Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Warrior Part 1

Here at college, I've been shocked to discover that many girls rarely dress up. They regularly wear sweats, gym shorts or a basic tee and jeans to class with their hair pulled up in a ponytail. For many people, comfort comes before style...but not me! I know I might be seen as 'high-maintenance' but I'm proud of that label. I don't mind waking up 2 hours before I have to leave for class to get ready. I sometimes pick out my outfits a week in advance if I know the weather forecast. I never go anywhere without my makeup done and real clothes on. Even on the weekends.
If you're not like me and have a harder time picturing yourself spending time doing your hair and choosing a cute outfit, try some of these tips for dressing on the weekends. This time, it's all about the study-and-hang-out weekend.
So you have a lazy afternoon or two ahead of you. Maybe you don't have any plans and are just gonna hang around your house with a friend or just be on Facebook all day. Or maybe you've got a killer essay that's due on Monday. Either way, you probably don't feel much like pulling on clothes other than the pjs you just slept in. You can still look like you put in some effort without really trying with this outfit: the AE Super Dark Destroyed Jegging ($49.50)--the great thing about jeggings are that they look like a polished pair of skinnies but feel more like a lived-in pair of leggings; Hollister's Ventura Beach V-neck tee ($15.50)--no matter which color you choose, the design will be adorable and you'll be speaking out for a good cause; the Boat Canyon zip-up hoodie ($29.89)--great if you get a little chilly and it looks cute, not bulky, layered over the tee; the AE Button Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50)--great for slipping into in case a friend stops by and wants to go for a walk. Don't forget the accessories! You can go simple on these, too, but make sure they stand out, like the AE Multichain Necklace ($19.50).
This weekend, step out of your cozy comfort zone and try an outfit that's cute and comfy!

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