Sunday, October 3, 2010

Save $$, Stay Stylish!

It's one of the worst feelings in the world: finding a piece you absolutely can't live without and then looking at the price tag and...realizing you probably can't afford it. It can be really sad having to put that handbag back on the shelf or the sweater back on the rack because it's out of your price range. But you can get the same look...for less!
First off, the Ugg Coquette slipper. At first glance, it's cute--high quality sheepskin and a stylish plush collar, not to mention how warm and cozy they are. But they're $100. For almost half the price ($54), you can get the Bearpaw Loki slipper, which is just as (if not more) cute. The hickory suede color is my personal fave--the shade is just so rich-looking. These are also lined with sheepskin, and while they lack the Ugg name, they look nearly identical and hold up just as well. Why not spend that $46 dollars on something else?
Abercrombie &Fitch is one of my favorite stores. I would buy more things there if I could...but I can't, because they are too expensive for a college student like me (even when my parents chip in!) So I mostly have a few cheaper A&F items or ones that were clearanced. But Hollister, while expensive to some, is a much better option for me. Take the Hailey sweater ($150) from A&F. I don't think I would ever spend that much on a sweater until I'm an adult with a full-time job. Sure, it's pretty and it's 100% cashmere, but I can't afford to shell that much cash out for one piece. But HCo.'s El Morro sweater ($39.50) is much cheaper, and looks almost identical. It's a cotton/viscose/angora blend but I appreciate the price tag. I could spend that $110 on so much more!
I also appreciate how much Hollister saves me on coats and totes. The Classic Cali Tote ($19.50) in olive is practically the same as the Vintage Tote ($48) in green, except the difference in logos. Why would I pay $28 more for a tote that says 'Abercrombie'? I certainly wouldn't, when I could buy a cute top for that price difference! Hollister's Harbor Cove belted puffer jacket ($140) is a steal compared to A&F's Larissa belted puffer jacket ($200). Both coats are made of the exact same material; any smart shopper would know to go with the cheaper option. And it's not like Hollister's clothes are poorer quality, they're also a pretty well-respected brand. There are so many things you can get with that $60. And finally, the Fletcher Cove puffy vest ($59.89) is a better deal than the Addison puffy vest ($98). Similar colors, same look, better price. Save that $38 for a rainy day.
Now go out and be a savvy shopper!

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