Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Is The Season For Fashion

When it comes to fashion, my favorite season would have to be summer. I just adore all the cute sundresses, fun wedges, colorful handbags and interesting swimwear. However, fall comes in as a very close second.
Right now, I'm really looking forward to fall, because I have a bunch of clothes I bought in the last month or so that I've been dying to wear, but can't since it's like 90 degrees every day. Once September and October hit, then I can finally show off all my new pieces.
Here are a few items I don't currently own but am seriously drooling over:

American Eagle--I have a new obsession with moccasins. I'm inspired by native-looking clothing right now, because it's like the cold-weather version of boho (one of my favorite styles). I really love AE's Grosgrain Ribbon Moc ($29.95) in dark tan. It has that quintessential moccasin look, which I love, plus the ribbon adds an unexpected touch of girliness. I also love the AE Checked Square Scarf ($19.50) in purple (even though it's actually red!). I love my summer scarves, and this one has that look without being too lightweight, or bulky like knit winter scarves. The AE Rugby Stripe Poncho ($44.50) in raspberry heather is another must-have because of its casual, college-girl look (unfortunately, in only comes in sizes S-L so I'm not sure the small will fit, since I'm generally an XS). But the piece I love the most is the AE White Rubber Watch ($24.50). I'm not quite sure why it appeals to me so much, maybe just because it looks so modern and fresh.

Hollister--I MUST have the El Morro sweater ($39.50) in either pink or burgundy. It's a great fall staple for any closet, and would look great layered over a patterned tank or under a bomber-style jacket. I know it's almost fall, but I can't take my eyes off the Santa Margarita strapless dress ($39.50). I love any of the floral patterns, especially the blue floral, and I could totally pair it with my cropped denim jacket or my pink 3/4-sleeve cardigan. Flip-flops are a must for me (unless it's snowing), and I just love the adorable Vintage Embellished Flip Flops with jewels ($39.50). The jewels make them look more expensive than they actually are. Finally, I love love love the La Jolla jacket ($99.50). Granted, it's not genuine leather but it really looks like the real thing, and I like the detailing.

That's all for now, but check back soon for a post about my favorite things at Abercrombie and Gilly Hicks!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer's Not Over Yet!

As we get towards the end of August, many people have to head back to school (or like me, have already plunged head-first into the first week or so of classes) and it makes people reminisce back to the lazy days of summer, when there was nothing to do but go on a family vacation, or relax by the pool or picnic in the park. There may not be much time for that anymore, but the calendar (and the weather) still says it's summer--where I am, it's been pretty hot lately--so why not squeeze the last drop out of the season by wearing summery clothes?
I like Hollister's Seascape dress in pink floral ($44.50). The bright pattern just screams "summer" but it's still a great transition piece for fall layered with a denim jacket.
Shorts are a must for hot days, but many pairs don't look nice enough for school or a lunch with the girls. So get into the AE Trouser Denim Shorties ($34.50). They have all the polished details of your favorite trouser jeans, only they're better for summer days. Try pairing them with a nice oxford-style shirt with a colorful twist, such as the AE Striped Boyfriend Shirt ($39.50).
If you have a girly style, then Gilly Hicks' Hunter Park shirt ($34.50) is for you! With two floral patterns, two striped patterns and one solid pattern, you can mix and match these and have a different look each day with the same style of shirt. The smocked hem is a nice touch, and the shirt looks great with denim minis or even capris for cooler days.
A&F's Heritage Tote ($48) can transport all your books and essentials in style. The striped pattern (either navy or green) has a very nautical, beachy feel.
Instead of dreading back-to-school, make the most of it with clothes that remind you of your great summer!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anchorwoman Fashion

Even though I'm in love with all things fashion and clothes-related, I'm majoring in broadcast journalism, because I like to write, report and deliver the news. However, if you ever watch your local news or the Today Show, you'll see that it's not hard for an anchorwoman to have a great sense of style.
While most have to wear something at least somewhat professional, they can mix it up with great accessories or a pop of color. I like Natalie Morales's (from the Today Show) white trench coat, simple bucket hat and edgy necklace (see picture). She looks serious about her job, but also that she's not afraid to have a little bit of fun.
For a look similar to Natalie's, try the AE Military Shirt Jacket in khaki ($49.50), the AE Color Fedora in navy ($11.95) and the AE Multichain Necklace ($19.50).
If you're considering a career in the broadcast journalism field, check out what your favorite local or national anchorwoman is wearing...and take notes!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get In On The Trend: Jeggings

If you're at all aware of fashion trends, you'll know a big one has recently caught fire across the U.S.--jeggings!
The hybrid jean-leggings are gaining in popularity, similar to their sister trend, skinny jeans, that are still very popular. Many buy them simply because of their comfyness (they're less constricting and stiff than typical jeans), or maybe because they like the look of super-skinnies. Either way, this new jeans trend is definitely one to get in on, especially if you're petite.
I myself have not yet gotten in on the trend. I don't really like skinnies much, and I'm not sure I'd like how jeggings feel, but I'm willing to try them. They're great for petites, because you can easily scrunch up the bottoms if they're too long, and the stretchy fabric will create curves you never knew you had.
Try Hollister's HCo. Jegging in Destroyed Dark Wash ($29.89) for a unique destructed look that you won't find with regular leggings. Or try American Eagle's Jegging in Worn Dark ($39.50, buy one get one 50% off!) for a more polished look.
No matter your style, body or budget, you can pull off jeggings!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fort Collins Fashionista

Today was move-in day at CSU and I'm happy to say that I'm all moved in (minus a few minor things). Now the fun really begins!
I probably brought way too many clothes, but the plus side is that the closet is actually pretty roomy, so it fits all the clothes I brought, plus shoes, handbags and jewelry. I refuse to be seen without at least a necklace or my signature stack of bracelets. Today was no different, even though I got pretty hot and sweaty moving in. I wore a simple outfit of a navy blue babydoll tank from Hollister, a pair of aqua bermuda sweats from Hollister (cuter than they sound, I swear, plus I had to be super-casual--thanks Mom!) and simple silver flip-flops, but I amped it up with a cute high side ponytail and a sparkly silver necklace from American Eagle.
Later on, we had to change into the forest-green CSU tees they gave us for a green-out at the pep rally and I also changed shorts, into my AE Dark Destructed Boyfit Shorts (no longer available). I also changed my hair into two loose braids for a casual-chic look.
I can't wait til classes start on Monday, so I can show off my sense of style and maybe get a little inspiration myself.
I'm proud to be a CSU Ram!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cool for College

Tomorrow is my first day at my college campus (I'm attending Colorado State University, a few hours from my house). I can't wait to be inspired by all the fashion I might see there, and I hope to be a style inspiration to others, too. But most of all, I wanted to share some of my favorite things for college, clothes that I (mostly) happen to be bringing with me!
College is super-casual, but I don't wanna look sloppy so I'm bringing along my AE Boy Fit Crop Jean in the medium super worn wash ($24.95). The rips and tears make the crops more casual, but I plan on making them more polished by wearing them with a floral babydoll tank top (I have plenty from Hollister!)
For those cooler days, I'll want to stay warm while walking around campus. Abercrombie & Fitch's Cass pullover hoodie ($39.89) paired with their Maura knit shorts ($19.89) will be perfect for windy Colorado afternoons. I have the hoodie in pink (the football logo is very collegiate) and the shorts in burgundy.
When I want to look really cute, I'll wear Hollister's La Mesa short sleeve sweater ($17.43) in navy with a lacy cami (try the San Onofre tank in turquoise, $9.89) and a patterned skirt, such as the Avalon skirt in red ($29.89).
If you're heading off to college soon, don't forget the essentials: stylish flip-flops, comfy flats, sunglasses, a cute tote, great jeans, plenty of tanks and camis and hoodies for cooler days or nighttime. And don't forget to be fashionable--you'll wanna stand out from the crowd of t-shirt and sweats-wearing students!

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 More Fall Trends to Try

If you haven't checked out my previous post about fall trends, then check it out (7 Fall Trends to Try) and see what's new for the upcoming fashion season. Here are four more trends to try!

1. Rich Tones--It's all about pretty jewel tones this autumn! Try shades of burgundy to emerald to royal purple and see what works best for you. Check out the AE Gemstone Ring (a beautifully simple sapphire stone set in a silver ring--$15.50), Abercrombie's Maura knit shorts (the burgundy color is so polished--$19.89) and Gilly Hicks' Beecroft tee (the red is such a standout ruby shade--$9.89).

2. Refined Bags--Get a bag that has great detailing, from luxe-looking closures to custom hardware. A&F has the bags you desire, from the Parker handbag (it comes in four versatile colors and has a useful, yet stylish front pocket--$320) to the Lila tote (it's cinched top allows for easy access--$340) to the Grady foldover clutch (it's studding detail looks edgy for a night out--$220).

3. Feminine Shapes--Don't settle for pieces that are shapeless! Show off your curves (or create some) in a dress, top or skirt that has a defined waist, such as Hollister's New Jetty knit sweater (the stripes draw attention too your shape and the built-in belt carves a waistline--$27.93), the AE Denim Studded Bustier Dress (the gathered waist and corset-like fit are great for curvless girls, as well as curvier ones--$29.50) and A&F's Josey skirt (the plaid pattern is flirty and the contrast waistband calls attention to your waist--$50).

4. Lace--It has a sexy, rock-n-roll girl vibe yet it's still ladylike. Abercrombie's Charissa skirt is one good option (the stripes add appeal, and the eyelet hem is adorable--$50), as well as HCo.'s Manhattan Beach tank top (the lace trim at the neckline is subtle but sexy--$24.50) and GH's Britt sleep dress (it's floral lace design is unexpected and fun for bedtime--$29.50).

This fall, get in on the latest trends!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Add Some Sparkle To Your Look!

If you want to amp up your style even more, try some standout jewelry! It seems simple enough, choosing accessories that appeal to you, but if you're petite, you should also consider the scale of the pieces you're buying.
Don't get anything too big or too long, because it will overwhelm your frame. If you really like a bigger piece, you can still buy it, but keep the rest of your accessories smaller so they're more in proportion to you.
However, smaller jewelry doesn't have to be delicate and super-girly. Try American Eagle's AE Multichain Necklace ($19.50)--it's only 16 inches long, so it won't hang too low, and it has the perfect edgy-glam look to pump up your style. For bracelets, get the AE Colorful Bead Bracelet ($15.50)--it won't just show off your small wrists, but it will fit them too! A great ring option is the AE Smokey Cocktail Ring ($15.50)--it's big enough to be showy but not so big that it looks ridiculous on you. The AE Peace Drop Earrings ($12.50) are a good choice--they're dangly but not too bulky.
The next time you're out shopping, pick out the perfect jewelry for your petite frame--go small, but don't be afraid to take a chance on something unexpected.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pajama Party!

Looking for the perfect pjs that will get you noticed at the next sleepover or in your dorm? Then look no further than Gilly Hicks!
For cooler nights, try The Basin pajama pants ($29.50). They come in several patterns, from navy floral to navy Cedric logo (GH's adorable koala logo) and the drawstring waist will help keep them up.
During the super-hot "dog days" of summer, wear the St. Ives sleep shorts ($15.50). The ruffly trim and cute patterns will make you stand out.
For something a little out of the ordinary, check out the Britt dress ($29.50). It's flirty floral lace is adorable, and the material is lightweight enough for sweltering nights.
To stay cozy and covered up, get the Broken Bay robe ($49.50). I like how the style is very collegiate, but it's simple and cute.
Instead of settling for oversize sleep shirts and gym shorts, why not look pretty while you sleep?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dress Your Body!

With body con dresses (think bandage dresses) increasing in popularity, it's a great time to get in on the trend...especially if you're petite.
Body con dresses are basically body-hugging dresses. They are usually made of cotton or modal and include some kind of spandex so they are form-fitting. Many celebrities can be seen working the red carpet in different varieties of body con dresses.
It may seem intimidating to try a body con dress (I know it was for me!) I'm not a curvy girl at all, but I prefer my clothes slightly flowy to show off my small frame. However, when I got my first body con dress yesterday (Gilly Hicks' Pretty Beach dress in navy dot, no longer available), I realized that tighter styles actually work well on petite bodies. They show off a small bust, and hug what little curves you may have to make you look more feminine. Instead of A-line dresses, body con dresses don't hide your tiny frame; they showcase it. And the style even works on curvier petites--just try a body con dress with a body shaper underneath to streamline but not hide your curves.

Some great body con dresses to try include Gilly Hicks' Pretty Beach dress in navy or pink floral ($19.90). The print is sweet and girly and it has plenty of stretch in it. Abercrombie & Fitch's Hailey strapless dress ($24.89) comes in tons of bright shades and the pockets help fill you out even more. Hollister's County Line dress ($29.50) is cut in a simple tank style, but the floral design looks cute.
This fall, try a body con dress--I guarantee you'll love it!

My body con dress!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lusting for Leather

Since I don't have a job (outside of odd chores around the house), I don't usually have much money on hand. Of course, that doesn't stop me from checking out my favorite clothing sites on a daily basis (,, and just to drool over all the adorable clothes.
Lately, I've discovered one piece at Hollister that I know I just gotta have! It's the La Jolla leather jacket for $99.50. Okay, okay, I admit it's faux leather, but it's the best I can get on my budget, plus it's super cute. Hollister's authentic leather jacket costs $200 more, and in my opinion, doesn't look as chic.
The La Jolla jacket is a deep brown color, with a high mock neck collar and a ribbed hem detail. The best part is, it would look great with almost anything. Try it with a dress, such as the Santa Margarita dress ($39.50) in pink stripe, or the strapless Santa Margarita dress ($39.50) in olive floral.
It would also be perfect with a cardigan, like the Moonlight Beach sweater ($44.50) in navy, paired with the Embarcadero tank ($17.50), the Vintage Beach woven belt ($29.50) and the Tamarack cuffed denim shorts ($19.89).
There are so many possibilities that I can't wait to get mine and try it with everything!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Epic Only Bargains!

Even if you can't make it to The Big Apple anytime soon, you can still check out Hollister's "Epic Only" collection online...and score some great deals!
I love the La Mesa sweater ($24.90). I was actually considering buying it soon when I go to return another sweater that didn't fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. It has a classic deep v-neck, cute braided cinch ties with beading and loose short sleeves. It's perfect for fall, and super-cheap!
Or try the Trestles Beach dress ($18.90). The top is a simple tank style, with a strap bow detail, and the skirt has a bright red plaid pattern. Get it while it lasts!
For an uber-adorable hoodie, get the Belleflower zip-up ($39.50). The red color is very vibrant, and the gray version goes with anything.

The best 'flops'? Check out the Vintage Flip Flops ($39.50) with dot print bow embellishment. It's basic enough to go with skirts or jeans, but still looks stylish.
This fall, mix up with wardrobe with some really Epic pieces!

Stock Up On Shorts For Fall

Shorts aren't just a summer thing anymore...especially for petites. In Seventeen's September 2010 issue (now on newsstands), the article "Make Your Body Look Amazing!" explains that the best fall piece for petites is fall shorts.
What exactly are fall shorts? Pretty much any dark, solid-colored shorts that don't scream summer (steer clear of neon shades, big floral prints and the like). They can be cotton, wool, modal but stay away from linen shorts, which are more summery. They can be boy short length (just above mid-thigh) or shorter but make sure they look polished.
Try A&F's Kaylin shorts ($38)--the muted colors look very chic for autumn, and the pleats will help fill out your small frame.
Hollister's Bay Shore twill shorts ($15.89) have a classic look that's great for summer and fall. Plus, it's shorter and slimmer fit will make your legs look super long.
For a great denim option, go for American Eagle's AE Boy Fit Dark Denim Shorts ($39.50). The dark wash makes them nice enough for dinner out, but the destroyed style makes them casual, too.
When the weather cools down even more, switch up your style by pairing twill or wool shorts with tights to keep you warm and looking great!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More than Just Underwear...

"The Cheeky cousin of Abercrombie & Fitch" is not just about bras and panties anymore. Sure, Gilly Hicks has got plenty of those to rival Aerie (American Eagle's lingerie brand) and Victoria's Secret PINK, but they now also offer tons of clothing, from denim shorts to dresses.
The prices at GH are similar to those at Hollister, and the styles are typical of an A&F brand. Right now, none of their pieces costs more than $49.50, so it's a great deal. Unfortunately, there are only 15 stores in 9 states, so more than likely, you'll have to order online, but standard shipping rates start at only $8!
If you're into sweatshirts, try their Kiama hoodless sweatshirt ($24.89). It comes in 8 bright colors that look great with everything from jeans to miniskirts. Or if you prefer hoodies, Hewlett Street ($24.89) is a good pullover option.
Like dresses? Then you'll love Lake Haven ($49.50). It features a tank-style top, smocked waist and attached skirt in 4 patterns. The Pretty Beach dress ($19.90) is a more classic style, with cute prints.
If you're a fan of the jeggings, GH has a wide selection, varying in price from $12.90 to $39.50.
Trying to find a cheap but good quality lip gloss? Check out the clearance section for last season's scents and get them for only $1.90 each!
So visit and get shopping!

Sunday, August 1, 2010 the Fall?!

And you thought you'd have to stash your favorite pair of shorts when the calendar changed to September, right? But as long as it's not snowing, or 30 below, you can still wear shorts through the fall, with a few minor tweaks.
One great way to stretch the wear-time of your fave pair is to wear them with a sweatshirt. Try the Maura shorts ($19.89) from Abercrombie & Fitch with the Cass pullover hoodie ($39.89), or the Rebecca hoodless pullover ($39.89). Both sweatshirts come in a wide variety of colors that you can mix and match with the basic colors of the shorts for a nice, classic, college-like look.
For a more laid-back approach, check out Hollister's San Clemente athletic shorts ($19.50), paired with a brightly colored graphic tee, such as the Surfers Knoll t-shirt ($19.50), which is available in 6 neon colors.
For a cute, casual date look, go for some dark wash boy fit shorts, such as the AE Boy Fit Dark Denim Shorts ($34.95). The subtle destruction looks like you didn't try too hard, but the elegant dark wash makes you look nice enough for dinner out. Try 'em with the AE Classic Blazer ($59.50) and the AE Lace Embroidered Tank ($24.50) for a very put-together feel, or with the AE Plaid Favorite Shirt ($39.50) for a cool vibe.
No matter which way you choose to wear them, shorts are a great, unexpected piece for fall.