Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OOTD: Cast Away

Royal blue striped wideneck tee (HCo., summer 2011); navy blue culotte shorts (A&F, summer 2011); charm bracelets (AE)

Fireball necklace (AE, winter 2009)

Bracelets from top to bottom: pearl-and-chain charm bracelet (AE, summer 2010), fireball charm bracelet (AE, spring 2010), heart charm bracelet (AE, spring 2010)

3-D glasses from Toy Story 3 (lenses removed)

I never used to be into stripes. I used to hate them, actually, and avoid them like I avoid eggs. I thought they weren't flattering, but now I have a few striped pieces that I love and that look great on me. This tee is one of them. The color is very bold, but pairs very nicely with a pair of navy culottes. I felt totally nautical wearing it! The addition of the glasses was just a fun touch, as was all the different photo effects. I love playing around with the color of photos to give them a completely different feel.

Do you like the nautical trend?

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Boho Beat

Being back on campus, I've been able to get more outfit inspiration from all the students around me. Naturally, most of them are very underdressed (compared to me), but there are a select few that have stood out.

I've mentioned before that my style is a mix of preppy and girly with a little dash of hippie mixed in there. This year, I think the boho trend is still going strong (the 70s are back!) and I'd love to include more hippie-inspired pieces in my closet.

A few of my favorite trends right now are flashy pendants (such as this one--I actually bought this online and I can't wait to wear it!), fringe booties (I'm deciding between pewter and chestnut), oversize poncho-style sweaters and leather jackets (faux, of course).

The Boho Beat

I can't wait to show off my newly hippie-esque wardrobe on the streets of my campus this fall!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lust Looks of [September]

As much as I dread leaving summer behind for classrooms, long treks to and from lectures and homework, I love fall. It certainly doesn't quite feel like fall here yet--it's still in the low-to-mid 90s--but I know yellow leaves and cooler temps are just around the corner. Here are three looks perfect for fall and all that it brings!


School-Girl Cool

(From left to right): Bay Shore lace tee (in navy, HCO., $34.50), Rolling Hills polka dot skirt (in blue, HCo., $39.50), Classic SoCal socks (in navy dot, HCo., $10.85), ALDO Cwik oxford (in grey, zappos.com, $50)


Bright & Sporty

Classic Beach Flip Flops (in light green, GH, $10), Banded Sweatpants (in pink, GH, $25), Yoga Bra (in blue, GH, $19.50 or 2 for $25), Potts Point tank (in green, GH, $10)


Preppy Princess

Bass Reid leather heeled oxfords (in oxblood leather, zappos.com, $78.95), Sarah cardi (in blue, A&F, $98, Flagship Exclusive), Kylie dress (in navy, A&F, $128, Flagship Exclusive)

What are you lusting after for this September?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Lust List: Autumn

As sad as I am that summer's nearly over, I'm also extremely excited for fall to arrive. I'm already beginning to stock up on essentials that can transition between late summer and early fall. I'm also on the lookout for stand-out autumn pieces.

The Lust List: Autumn
[From left to right]: ALDO Pirnie Bootie in grey (zappos.com); Coach Poppy Sequins Poppy Cinch purse in dark amethyst (coach.com); AEO Owl Pendant (ae.com and American Eagle stores); Hollister Orange County dress in burgundy (hollisterco.com and Hollister stores)

I really love the owl pendant for its bold quirkiness. I'm getting into jewel tones for this season, especially ruby and plum. And I've been wanting booties since last fall!

What pieces are you lusting after for autumn?

Monday, August 15, 2011

OOTD: Rainbow Bright

Coral cropped cardigan (HCo., spring 2009); hot pink babydoll tank (A&F, summer 2010); multi plaid skirt (HCo., summer 2010)

White pearl-and-charm necklace (AE)

Mixed bracelets (coral and pink beaded bracelets, Aero; metal charm bracelets, AE)

Gold and pearl Love two-finger ring (Forever 21, NEW)
 I love color, especially when it comes to my clothes. My closet is full of [most] colors in all different shades and I even have a few multicolored items. However, I usually shy away from very colorful outfits. If I'm going to wear, for instance, a lime green tank top, I'll probably pair it with some denim or khaki shorts so it can stand out more. But I'm starting to play around with color more and loving the results. I usually wear this miniskirt with a light pink tank, and while that looks okay, this new combo is more "Wow"! The coral cardi and bright pink tank play off each other nicely and show off the less noticeable colors in the skirt. I decided to pair the outfit with an understated necklace and tons of bracelets (also in shades of coral and pink). My new ring also works well with this ensemble. I'm starting to really like standing out and making a bold, colorful statement!

Do you like to play with color?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dog Days of Summer [Shopping]

Little did I know after my last haul just two weeks ago that I'd have another one so soon. As much as I love clothes and I adore shopping, I'm not a compulsive shopper. Most of the times I'm at the mall, I'm window shopping. Haul shopping is not in my budget...usually. But because I was graciously gifted with some birthday money, I thought a little more shopping was in order. Another haul? Why not!


Bay Shore lace knit layer in dark grey (HCo., $34.50); Tecolote Canyon twill shorts in navy (HCo., $15)
I've been eyeing this lace tee since July, and I was determined to buy it. On my last haul, I didn't see it, but luckily the store had plenty of these. I had no lace in my closet prior to this purchase and I'm so glad I bought it because it will add a girly element to just about everything, including my boy fit crop jeans. It is definitely see-through, though, so if you buy it, make sure to wear a black bra or a colorful cami underneath. It comes in grey, white and navy.

Beach Street striped tee in blue stripe (HCo., $20); Tecolote Canyon twill shorts in navy (HCo., $15)
I wasn't planning on buying this, but when I saw it near the back of the store in this pretty royal blue color, I couldn't resist. It was also fairly cheap, at just $20. It fits right at my hips, so it'll be perfect to wear with shorts and minis. It comes in navy stripe, dark grey stripe (I may have to snap this one up, too) and solid colors (navy, blue, heather grey and dark grey). I'm starting to really like stripes, especially thin stripes.

Malibu plain button-down in blue plaid (HCo.,$49.50); Tecolote Canyon twill shorts in navy (HCo., $15)
 Apparently, I'm really into royal blue! It's honestly not an overload, though, because I don't think I owned anything in this shade prior to yesterday! This shirt was actually half price at the store, so it was a real steal. It's a pretty thick knit, so it'll probably work better in fall than right now, but it also looks great with twill shorts. It comes in 9 other shades, so you can get your plaid fix easily!


Sheer floral cami in navy (A&F Kids); dark denim cuffed shorts (A&F Kids)
 I found this in the clearance section for only $19! It's very cute and definitely my style. The XL fits well and it'll look perfect with shorts now and skinny jeans and a cardi in fall and winter. I love the kids store because I can usually find something that fits me for a lot less than a similar item at A&F.


Gold and pearl Love two finger ring (Forever 21, $4.80); mixed bracelets (Aero and AE)
 Yesterday was my first foray into Forever 21 (yes, I know, I'm so behind!) and I've gotta say, I was pretty impressed. I liked a lot of their pink, lacy tops but I just ended up buying this two finger ring. I think it's pretty adorable, even though I don't usually wear gold jewelry. But I think mixing metals is okay, so this should work fine!

What did you buy in your latest haul?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Outfit Highlight: July 29-August 5

This past week has been pretty low-key, aside from a clothes-shopping trip and picking up some things for this school year (a planner, plastic dishes and some food). Even though I wasn't busy, I still took the time (as usual!) to pick out some great outfits.

Top Left: navy crochet knit poncho sweater (Hollister, summer 2010), navy cami (HCo., fall 2008), red/white/blue plaid twill shorts (Abercrombie & Fitch, spring 2011), silver satin bow headband (Target, fall 2010), mixed bracelets

Top Right: lime green striped off-shoulder tee (American Eagle, summer 2011), dark denim cuffed shorts (Abercrombie Kids, summer 2011), shell necklace (AE, spring 2010), mixed bracelets

Bottom Left: cropped denim jacket [worn around shoulders] (Charlotte Russe, summer 2011), coral bandeau bra (VS PINK), floral-trimmed navy dress (HCo., summer 2009)

Bottom Right: cream crochet knit hooded poncho sweater (HCo., fall 2009), dark brown lacy cami (A&F Kids, winter 2009), khaki twill shorts (HCo., summer 2011), brown blingy bracelet (AE, fall 2009)

I wore a lot of shorts this week, but I've been really into twill shorts lately (I have 6 pairs!) and I wanted to switch things up since I tend to wear dresses a LOT!

What is one piece you've had for a long time and still wear often?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

In My Closet: Addicted to Floral?

Abercrombie & Fitch multi-colored floral tank (spring 2010, similar here), American Eagle shell necklace, mixed bracelets, A&F Rylie navy culotte shorts (summer 2011, $19.90 here)
I think I've started to OD a little bit on the florals. Sure, I love 'em--they're pretty, girly and completely unique from piece to piece--but still. Out of all the patterns currently in my closet (stripes, polka dots, plaid), florals are the most abundant. I'm not quite sure why, but it seems like I'm just drawn to florals and end up buying them more than other patterns. Now that I've realized I have a "problem", I'm staying away from the florals in favor of stripes (both vertical and horizontal) and solids. I don't have a lot of solid pieces in my closet, but I know that they make up the basis of a great outfit. I'd love to buy some really flashy jewelry (such as a jewel-embellished owl necklace at American Eagle) but since most of my clothes are patterned, they would take away from the "wow factor" of the necklace. During my most recent shopping trip, I think I did a great job of staying away from florals and prints in general. Everything I bought is neutral enough to be able to wear with almost anything, and that's definitely something I've been needing for awhile!

(More examples of my extreme floral love below)

Hollister blue/white floral tank dress (spring 2011, similar here)

Hollister lime green babydoll tank (spring 2010), VS PINK coral bandeau bra (summer 2011), Gilly Hicks light blue floral skirt (summer 2010, similar here), American Eagle pink polka dot headband  

Hollister light green floral dress (spring 2011, similar here), American Eagle pink crystal necklace, mixed bracelets 

Abercrombie & Fitch yellow belted floral dress (summer 2011, similar here), American Eagle pink suede and leather T-strap sandals (spring 2011)

Are you obsessed with a certain pattern?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tale of 5 Handbags

If you own or have ever owned a designer bag, you'll know that attachment you feel to a high-end purse. When you first get it, you'll usually handle it with a lot of care, to make sure it doesn't get dirty or lost. You might get a lot of compliments about it at first. As time goes on, and maybe you acquire more purses, you might forget about your first bag a little bit, but it'll never be totally neglected. I think a lot of females have this kind of experience with their first (or tenth!) designer bag.

I got my first designer purse on Christmas of 2008. My mom had gotten her first one a few months earlier and decided it was time that I could have my own. I had no idea that I was getting one, so I was really excited. It was a Coach hobo-style purse, with many different colorful Coach patterned patches.

The next Christmas, I got the Fossil Hathaway Glazed Tote in brown. Even though I love bright and patterned bags, neutrals are always a necessity and I love how simply stylish this tote is. It can hold a lot, too!

A few weeks later, my mom's friend bought a lot of clearanced designer bags from Dillard's and was going to give them to some of her friends. When I found out she had an orange one, I asked my mom to get it for me. I ended up getting the Gianni Bini orange leather hobo bag. The color is so fresh and works in all seasons, and I love the zipper detailing on the body of the purse and the handle.

For my 18th birthday last year, my sister gave me a pink Steve Madden bag. Pink is my absolute favorite color, and since I have so many pink things in my closet, it goes with a lot. It's also very huge (which I like) so I can fit school stuff in there. It worked perfectly on campus last year.

This year for my birthday, I really wanted a Coach backpack. I originally was drooling over the gold sequined one, but when I realized it was going for at least $400 on eBay (!) I decided to find a cheaper one. When I discovered the Coach Poppy Daisy Graffiti backpack, I instantly put it on my wishlist. It was even cuter than the sequined one. This was the only designer bag I got that I wasn't totally surprised by, because a week or so before my birthday, my dad asked me to pick out a specific one, since each backpack had a slightly different pattern. Even though it was a surprise, I still love it a lot.

Honestly, if I had to pick a favorite designer, I think I'd go with Coach. I love their signature hang tags and they have so many different bold designs that I fall in love with every season. But I love my other bags, too :)

What was the first designer bag you ever got? Favorite designer?