Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Rainbow Connection [of Outerwear]

The Rainbow Connection [of Outerwear]

Why can't winter be colorful? Lately, a lot of retailers are offering shoppers an array of options when it comes to outerwear, especially when it comes to colors. Almost every color of the rainbow, in many shades and hues, can be found and easily worn. Wearing a bright orange or yellow jacket, for instance, might seem too scary and extreme, but both look great when paired with khaki pants or dark wash skinnies. Purple leather gloves can amp up a dreary cold day look. Scarves in royal blue and hot pink make adorable accessories that go with almost anything.

So this winter, don't let your accessories and outerwear be blah and colorless--stand out in a rainbow of shades!

What's your favorite bright color?

Friday, October 21, 2011

OOTD: Prepalicious

Cream knit wool cardi (HCo., *NEW*); burgundy plaid tunic (A&F Kids, hand-me-down); navy culottes (A&F, summer 2011); navy sparkle tights (AE, Christmas 2010); silver satin bow headband (Target, fall 2010)

"It Starts With Me" nail polish (Nicole by OPI, bronzy-pink); "Give Me the 1st Dance" nail polish [on index finger] (Nicole by OPI, silver)

Silver jewel-studded braided ring (AE, fall 2010)

Royal blue/pink glasses (summer 2011)

Haven't you heard--nerds are in! Sometimes, you just gotta let your inner geek shine through. Today I did just that with this outfit. Okay, I think it's pretty cute and preppy, but it's kinda school-girl ish, which makes me feel like I'm a "nerdy" straight-A student. But who says straight-A can't be chic? I added in plenty of accessories, from my favorite headband to a wrist full of bangles, and the sparkly tights are always a good addition. The glasses add to the whole "school girl cool" look that I was going for with this outfit. It was so cold today (which I loved, btw) so I paired the tunic and shorts/tights with my brand new sweater I got on Sunday. It's simple but cute, and I've been needing something warm and in this shade for quite some time. It pairs nicely with the whole outfit and makes me feel okay with being a preppy "nerd"!

Do you like the geek chic or school girl cool trend?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OOTD: Shades of Grey [& Red]

Feelin' grey

Grey knit duster cardi (A&F, winter 2011); grey lace-fron tee (HCo., fall 2011); silver sparkly fireball necklace (AE, winter 2009); coral red culotte shorts (A&F, fall 2011); light grey sweater tights (Target, winter 2010)
 What's your favorite neutral? A lot of people will probably say black for its elegance or some kind of brown/tan for its ruggedness but for me, it's grey. Say what? I know grey seems boring, blah and downright depressing to a lot of people, but it's not like you have to go around in an all-grey ensemble. Neutrals are for mixing and matching, after all. So I decided to put my never-before-worn coral culottes (I ordered them probably a month ago but hadn't gotten the opportunity to wear them) to good use and pair them with a few grey items. The shorts themselves are very vibrant in color, and I thought they could easily be toned down with a nice neutral. I think grey goes very well with coral--it lessens the impact without making the shorts seem average. It allows them to stand out, in a tasteful way. I also mixed and matched the shades of grey I used. The lace tee is a very dark charcoal, the sweater is a medium heather grey and the tights are a light almost-blue grey. I also wore my Bearpaw boots, which are about the same shade as the sweater. I know it may seem weird to be wearing all these different hues and with a very bright color, but it works because the outfit is grounded in one neutral tone.

Closeup of lace tee (to show detail)

How do you "punch up" your favorite neutral shade?

Friday, October 7, 2011

OOTD: [Fall] in Love

Orange off-shoulder sweatshirt (HCo., from sister); owl pendant (AE, fall 2011); brown twill shorts (A&F, fall 2011); brown opaque tights (winter 2010)

"Love" two-finger ring (Forever 21, summer 2011)

Emma 10" Sheepskin Boots in chocolate (Bearpaw, Christmas 2009)

"It Starts With Me" nail polish (Nicole by OPI, bronzy-pink); "Give Me the 1st Dance" nail polish (Nicole by OPI, silver)

Fall is finally here, I can feel it in the air and see it in the 10-day weather forecast! Today was the first day in quite awhile that it was below 70 degrees and it felt perfect!

I was able to wear my brown tights for the first time since spring...and also my neglected Bearpaw boots. Once you start wearing those, you know it's fall. I kept my outfit mostly neutral (brown) but added in a pop of color with my slouchy sweatshirt and beloved owl pendant. I love spice shades in autumn, and pairing them with neutrals (especially shades of brown) always looks put together.

What is one thing that always says "fall" to you?