Thursday, September 30, 2010

Petite Pick of October

Sorry I haven't gotten around to doing one of these since July...and it's almost October now! So I just decided to start up my Petite Pick again for the next month.
October can be quite chilly, at least towards the end of the month, but layering is definitely key. When I leave for class in the morning, it's still a little windy and cool but by the time I come back around lunchtime and then again around 5, I'm surprised by how hot it is!
For those cold mornings when you don't want to get out of bed, throw on the AE Military Shirt Jacket ($39.95) over the adorable Ventura Beach tee ($15.50) from Hollister. Environmentalism is so in right now, and the graphics on this shirt promote that in a cute way. Later, if it warms up, you can just stow the jacket away or simply roll up the sleeves. The jacket is great for petite frames because it's not so long and huge that it overwhelms you. And the tee's V-neck will show off your small bust in a tasteful way.
As far as jeans go, keep them looking casual. Try Hollister's Oceanside Super Skinnies ($49.50) in destroyed medium wash. Skinny jeans are great at creating curves on smaller frames, and you can easily scrunch up the hems if they're too long. Try a bright belt that pulls the whole outfit together, such as the AE Colorful Bar Belt ($19.50). It will draw attention to your little waist.
Don't skimp on the accessories! An outfit as simple as this needs some cute jewelry. The AE Hearts Galore Necklace ($15.50) adds a cute, girly touch and works well with the V-neck. And the shoes, of course, are also important. Slip on the AE Suede Ballet Flat ($29.50) and you'll be good to go.
For a simple fall look perfect for school, the weekend or a casual date, try this outfit!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Can Layer!

Try some of these outfits this fall!
Thanks to People StyleWatch's October 2010 issue, here are some useful tips on the best ways to layer your clothes!
  1. Pair dressy with casual--You don't have to save the sparkles for nighttime as long as you wear them with simple jeans and a basic blazer. At American Eagle, try the AE Embellished Sweater ($39.95) with the AE Boyfriend Blazer ($59.95) and the Medium Antique Skinny Jean ($39.50) with a simple pair of flats to let the sweater stand out.
  2. Mix textures--Don't be afraid to mix and match but try to pair chunkier knits with thin ones so you don't look bulky. At Hollister, try the Tecolote Canyon button sweater (Epic Only, $59.50) with the Bluebird Beach long-sleeve layer ($14.89) and the North Jetty lace tank ($24.50) for a nice, cozy look. Try it with dark-wash straight jeans and some grey winter boots.
  3. Show off your waist--With a long, loose cardi, your shape can easily get lost! Don't look like a guy...define your waist with a belt and the whole outfit will look even more pulled together.
  4. Play with proportion--Bored of the same layers? Mix it up by layering a cropped jacket over a baby doll tank or a long and lean sweater with a cute pair of leggings and some booties. At Abercrombie & Fitch, try the Valerie cardigan ($58) over the Lucy tank ($34) and the Perfect Butt Jersey Leggings ($20) and some grey booties.
This fall and winter, you can stay warm in style because you know how to layer!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Steppin' Into Fall

Just two of the many ways to wear boots this fall!
What comes to mind when you think of fall? Is it the leaves falling, the cooler temperatures, going back to school, Halloween or maybe the Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks? For me, fall is the season for boots!
I love the new arrival boots at American Eagle. My faves would have to be the AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50) in grey or the AE Button Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50) in chestnut. Both are suede, Ugg-style boots which is why I love them so much--they have the look without the high price. The faux-fur lining is a cozy touch that works through winter. If you buy them, make sure to spray them with a spray protector before going outside, since they can get stained in the snow.
While it's still warm, try them with a flouncy mini and cute tank top--later, you can layer tights underneath or wear them with skinny jeans and a sweater.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tearin' it Up!

Tearin' it Up!
I have an obsession with destroyed denim. Out of all the denim items in my closet right now, I'd say probably only 3 of them are not destructed in some way. But destruction really does add visual appeal to jeans, skirts and crops, as long as you steer clear of super-destroyed versions--those are totally 'out'.

JEANS: American Eagle has one of the best selections of jeans, hands-down. With 8 different styles in many shades, it's easy to find the pair that's best for you. And if you're looking for destructed denim, it's also a great place to look. Try the Super Dark Destroyed Jegging ($49.50) or the Grey Destroyed Skinny Jean ($49.50) if you prefer a tighter fit. The Dark Antique Artist Jean ($49.50) is perfect for flare-lovers and has only a few small tears so they don't look trashy. Hollister also has some great jeans, like the Destroyed Medium Wash Laguna Skinny ($59.50) but just know that you'll be paying at least $10 more for a destructed pair there.

SKIRTS: Hollister still has a wide variety of denim skirts that are all on clearance now because of the new season, so it's a perfect time to stock up. You can wear them now when it's warm and later over tights or leggings to keep you cozy. I own the Promenade Park mini ($12.45) and I love it! The destruction looks hand-done and the dark chambray lining adds to the unfinished look. For those of you who prefer a less torn-up look, try the San Elijo mini ($12.45) which features a dark rich wash and an unfinished hemline.

SHORTS: For many people, it's already too chilly to wear shorts. Where I am, it normally would be but we'
re experiencing a heat/dry wave so it's been very hot lately and I can still wear my summer stuff. Which is why I'm so glad I bought the AE Boyfit Destroyed Denim Shorts (only available in Light Destroy Wash, $39.50). Mine are super-dark, which I love, and also have some great rips and tears so I can wear them with a girly top and not feel too fancy. Gilly Hicks also has some great shorts, like the Oxford Street shorts ($15.89) which have a cut-off look and the Linley Point shorts ($15.89) that come in a unique light grey wash and have cute cuffed hems.
Do you like destroyed denim? Or do you think it looks trashy?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not-So-Straight Jackets

Why not try some jackets like these this fall?
Who doesn't love a good jacket? It can amp up your look and keep you warm as the temperature cools. It's the ultimate accessory and a great layer to have around in case it gets a little chilly. But how can you take your jacket to the next level?
To add polish to a simple work outfit, throw on a blazer. The AE Boyfriend Blazer ($59.95) is a classic cut that works over an embellished tee and some dark-wash skinnies.
Leather jackets can scream "tough girl" but tone it down with a girly dress underneath. I like HCo.'s La Jolla jacket ($99.50) paired with the Santa Margarita dress ($14.95) in red floral for a flirty look.
Need a place to put all your stuff on a night out but don't want to lug around a huge handbag? Or just like the military style? Try Abercrombie's Adin jacket ($98) in khaki or grey and you'll be ready for a casual date.
Add sparkle to your every day wear with Hollister's Mission Beach denim jacket ($59.50). The floral brooch embellishment works as bling--no jewelry required. Wear it over a plaid button-down for a cute contrast.
If you prefer a sweater to a typical jacket, then you'll love the AE Embellished Boucle Jacket ($79.50). Sure, it's a little pricey for a 100% cotton sweater/jacket but the adorable details are worth it.
Of course, fall won't be here forever and soon enough, there'll be days cold enough that you might want to stay home. But with the Marlie puffer coat ($150) from A&F, you'll want to go out and show off your new jacket, which comes in 10 colors--from the basic brown to the stand-out orange.
What's your favorite jacket for fall?

Make Your Wardrobe Shine!

Two simple outfits that make you look amazing!
You don't need a big budget or piles of clothes to have a great, versatile wardrobe...all you need are a few tips and tricks to make it amazing!
  1. Ballet flats look best with skinnies. Skip the wide-leg trousers and even flare jeans with these shoes. Look for skinny jeans that flatter your figure (darker is better) and don't bunch up at the ankle for a clean look.
  2. Leather+leather=hot mess. And I don't mean this in a good way. Don't wear two leather pieces together--it's too much. A sleek leather jacket is great with a simple pair of boot-cut or skinny jeans and a cute graphic tee...even a girly dress looks chic. Leather minis are perfect paired with a tailored blazer.
  3. If your skipping the pants, make sure your shirt is long. No one wants to see all that when you're rocking leggings. So stick with long, loose layers like a knit vest or cardigan. Tucking the leggings into boots in the same color will streamline your look even more.
  4. Don't go too small when it comes to work attire. If you want to wear a nice, knee-length dress to work, go for it. But if you get cold, don't pair it with a tiny, cropped cardigan. It just takes away all the polish from your dress. Instead, wear a slightly longer sweater and belt it for a feminine shape.
  5. Full and loose are not a match made in heaven. If you like your skirts full and billowy, that's fine, but don't wear a loose top or you'll look bigger than you are. A simple fitted top paired with a classy printed skirt is great for casual or formal events. Don't forget the shoes--heels in a bright color will make you the star of the show!
There you have it, just a few tips to spruce up your wardrobe. Even if you can't afford the newest booties or that great pair of designer jeans, you can still stand out and look polished every day.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweat Fever!

Okay, let me just say right away that I'm not a sweats person. I love cute pullover and zip-up hoodies from my favorite stores, as long as they're decorated in some way, but I never, ever wear sweatpants except to bed. But recently, I've fallen in love with some of the sweats at Hollister and Abercrombie Kids.
I really like the Awesome Butt Boot pants ($39.50) at HCo. They have a great slim fit that doesn't look sloppy at all, and come in great colors. My faves are the pink or dark grey--both are super-versatile and can be dressed up with a cute plaid top or dressed down with a graphic tee. I also love the Awesome Butt Yoga Pant ($29.50) in burgundy or blue. Lots of girls wear these type of pants to class and they look put-together.

Sweat Fever!
Two different approaches to sweatpants

The styles at Abercrombie Kids are great, too. I know I'm a freshman in college, and the store is geared to kids ages 8-14, but the sizing overlaps into the smaller juniors sizes so I can save money but still get the Abercrombie label and look. The Cute Butt Banded sweats ($29.89) are adorable--I love the casual rolled-up look. The Cute Butt Boyfriend ones ($29.89) are also great and I'm really into the whole boyfriend/boyfit look right now so they'd totally work. I'd go with pink in the boyfriend and navy in the banded.
I'm looking forward to buying a really cute pair of sweats and making them look like I actually put some work into my outfit!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Dress...Breezy Boho

Do you wanna be the kind of girl who looks like she knows her indie films and goes to random concerts at cool, out-of-the-way venues? Or maybe an artiste who frequents an underground-style coffee house and has been to poetry slams? Maybe you just want to look the part...that's where these boho style tips come in!
  1. Layers, layers, layers! Don't be afraid to put together a bunch of pieces for a look that's your own. Make sure the layers are different lengths, and try playing with texture.
  2. Refined = wrong! Don't wear that string of pearls or that 14-karat gold bracelet your grandma gave you. Stick with jewelry that's made out of leather and cloth, with some silver or gold accents--handmade is even better.
  3. Breezy BohoYour hair is an accessory! If you have naturally-wavy hair, make it look beautifully undone by scrunching it with a salt water spray. If it's straight, rock some messy braids. If you've got curls, make them looser by running a large-barrel curling iron through it. The hair's gotta match the vibe of the clothes!
When I'm feeling carefree, I'd love to try an outfit like this one.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How To Dress...Preppy Cool

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to go to a private school and wear the same outfit day after day? With these tips, you can look perfectly preppy without forking over the money for prep school.
  1. Preppy CoolStick with one color scheme... If you like navy, stick with navy, and other coordinating blues. Or go for classic red, or forest green. Neutrals, like khaki and grey are always classic too.
  2. ...But mix it up with a pop of color! You don't want basic blue to look blah, so add in a touch of pink, or maybe aqua. Same goes for other colors (with red, try orange or yellow if you're really brave...with green, red is best).
  3. Fit is essential. Make sure everything you're wearing is perfectly tailored to flatter your frame. So take that blazer to the tailor shop if you must, and don't be afraid to stray from your usual size to get something that works.
This is my dream 'prep school' outfit--if only real uniforms would be this cool!

Counting Down the Top 10 Fall Must-Haves

Thanks to TLC and their wonderful fashion makeover show "What Not To Wear" (if your a fashion-fan and you've never see the show, you must watch it!), today's post is a list of the top 10 fall accessories this year.
  1. FUR--If you paid any attention to the fashion shows recently, you'll already be ahead on this one. Fur is back and bigger than ever. Of course, if you're opposed to animal cruelty or just don't want to empty your wallet for one fur-trimmed piece, you can go faux. This year, you'll see it everywhere from handbags to boots and even jewelry. (pssst...skins are in too--anything from croc to mock).
  2. PEARLS--You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I personally love them, maybe because I'm such a girly-girl but I think they add a touch of elegance to even the simplest outfit. To modernize your strands, look for styles that include edgy chains and have multiple layers. Different colors are great, too. 
  3. 60's WEAR--The popularity of the Mad Men series is only increasing, so if you're into the full-skirt and fitted shirt look, don't forget to accessorize them with elegant clutches, kitten heels and elbow-length gloves.
  4.  BROWN LEATHER BELT--Sounds simple enough, right? This year, skip the cinched high-waisted versions for ones that drape loosely around your waist. Embellishments are still in, but look for more simple styles, like the classic woven belt. It'll look great over anything, but especially flowy, boho-type tops.
  5. LEOPARD PRINT--Again with the animal obsession this year! With this trend, a little goes a long way, so it's best to wear your leopard as a handbag or maybe a pair of chic booties.
  6. CROSS-BODY BAGS--One good thing about these purses: they're easier to carry around than, say, a giant Coach handbag. But if you still need space for all your goods, invest in a larger messenger-style bag. Your back will thank you.
  7. KNEE-HIGH SOCKS--If you haven't noticed in some of my recent posts, I've been getting really interested in knee-high socks. I'm still a little apprehensive about wearing them, but on the plus side, they look great with just about anything.
  8. LOAFERS--These are just one type of shoe to pair with the above socks. Skip the dorky styles your mom used to wear in middle school and try something maybe a studded platform loafer?
  9. CAMEL--This is a great alternative neutral when you tire of black. Of course, it's a great color on the classic trench, but why not take the trend further by wearing the caramelly shade on shoes, handbags, scarves and even pants.
  10. LACE-UP BOOTS--Aaah, yes, it's almost boot season again but this time, look for ones that lace up. They don't have to look like those scuffed-up black military boots that "tough" girls wear. Try low-heeled, fur-lined or pointy-toed varieties.
There you have it--the top 10 accessories this season. Don't be afraid to try something new and branch out with one of these trends...or all of them! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Prep at Heart

Prep at Heart
A few of my favorite prep essentials to define my style? That's a really hard question for most fashionistas--it's difficult to narrow it down to just one word or phrase. I guess if I had to, I'd say I'm girly preppy. With a touch of boho mixed in. But lately, I've been really inspired by the preppy side of my style, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things.
Argyle is the classic preppy pattern. I've never owned anything argyle, or ever had a real desire to, until now. When I saw the Enmore sweater ($49.50) on the Gilly Hicks website, I fell in love. Even though it's basic navy (nothing wrong with that), it has a touch of hot pink, which I really like. I would even be willing to pay the S&H (there's no Gilly store anywhere in Colorado) because I know it would go with eveything.
Plaid, of course, is one of my favorite patterns. I own quite a few plaid shirts and skirts from Hollister but now I'm really getting into the buffalo check. The Bolsa Chica button-down ($29.50) is a bright, cheery red and would look great over a pair of dark-wash skinnies.
I also have also been interested lately in pinstripes. So I really love Hollister's Santa Margarita dress ($14.95) in pink stripe. The sweetheart neckline is cute and I just like how the color reminds me of sipping pink lemonade at a fair.
Have you noticed how socks are lately becoming more a part of an outfit rather than something you wear under shoes? I love it...and I love GH's menagerie of socks, all costing a mere $12.50. My favorites are heather grey dot, turquoise rugby and pink with a little blue bow at the top. These long socks are perfect for layering under boots or just lounging around the house in and I can't wait to get a pair of my own to play around with.
How do you do prep?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How To Dress...Trendy Tomboy

Trendy TomboyIf you're a self-professed "high-maintenance girl" like me, then you may have wondered what you'd look like if you decided to--gasp!--not really care about what you wear for a day. Okay, so you'd never actually do that, but why not try a more sporty, laidback style?
  1. It's all about being comfortable! Sure, you can't actually wear pajamas to class, but why not rock a pair of high-quality, super-cute cropped sweats from a store like Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch? They come in tons of colors and aren't just comfy--they're also classy.
  2. Skip the heels! Tomboys don't wear stilettos, so if you're trying to recreate this look, forget them for the day. Try a pair of stylish and simple ballet flats or moccasins. (P.S. Your feet will thank you!)
  3. The beauty of simplicity! Leave all the bangles and hoop earrings at home...wear a cute and cozy scarf and maybe a stand-out pair of socks.
I'm in college now, so a lot of people just wear sweats or jeans and tees to class. Not me! But I would totally try out this stylish and comfy outfit.

How To Dress...Sweet Rugged

Like my post on nature-inspired fashion ("Inspired by Nature"), today I'm going to show you how simple it is to look rugged without looking, erm, macho.
  1. Pretty in plaid! Any kind of plaid or check is great, but stick with more feminine styles that show off your shape to avoid looking boyish.
  2. Rips and leather make for an unfinished look! So buy destructed jeans, or even better, rip 'em up yourself. And don't forget leather accessories, such as a woven belt or a simple necklace.
  3. Sweet RuggedGo girly in the details! Like that pearl necklace you just bought? Go ahead and wear it--it'll make a nice contrast against all the rough-and-tough pieces. But make sure to stay simple so skip the dangly earrings, please!
I've never actually dressed rugged before, but I would love to try it for the first time in this outfit!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How To Dress...Pretty Chic

Are you more likely to be called a tomboy than a girly-girl? Do you normally wear sweats, tees, jeans and tennis shoes but want to dress more feminine? Then check out these tips on how to switch up your style!
  1. Orange is the new pink! Okay, so not just orange but all bright, sunny colors like red and yellow can be substituted for pink if your not ready to go that girly.
  2. Lace + floral = perfect! Nailing the style is as simple as that, really. You can mix florals, too, as long as they share colors in the same family and are of different proportions. Lace is always great too, and is a simple way to add chicness.
  3. Pretty ChicTailored is better! If you don't wanna look like one of the guys, make sure you wear more fitted pieces. I'm not saying skin-tight, just skip anything super-baggy.
Being a very girly dresser myself, I had fun with this and chose an outfit I would just love to have!

Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Dress...Fierce Feminine

This is the first in a series of posts about how to dress in a certain style. I've been thinking a lot lately how hard it seems to switch up your style. But with these tips, you can make a splash with your wardrobe!
Today, its all about how to dress edgy while still maintaining a girly look. Many girls find this hard to achieve, but it really is as simple as 1-2-3.
  1. It doesn't have to be all black! Really, if you're not a big fan of the color, substitute dark grey. Or add in bright colors to play off basic black.
  2. Accessories are key! As with most styles, you don't want to go too over-the-top with your actual outfit--save that for the accessories. Try studs, zippers, even giant bling!
  3. Make it your own! Get inspiration from magazines, fashion shows, even your favorite music artists, but don't forget that for your outfit to really shine, it has to be "you". So try something unexpected and see if it works...if not, at least you experimented!
Here's a fierce outfit I would love to rock!

Summer into Fall

For me, this is one of the saddest times of the year--when summer becomes fall. I love fall and everything, but there's just something so magical about summer. I love the long, warm days with nothing to do, family vacations, grilling in the backyard, the 4th of July, my's such a great season. And I love all the bright summery fashion, as well, so it's sad to say goodbye to all that for a year. One thing keeping me from dreading fall is all the great new autumn clothes my favorite stores have to offer. Check out my picks

Sweaters: I like the versatility of a simple cardigan. My favorite way to wear them is over a tank top and with a full floral mini. The AE Cardigan ($34.95) from American Eagle is on such simple cardigan that I could see myself wearing with anything. I like it in Raspberry Bubble and Aubergine. I also love Hollister's Wipeout Beach pullover sweater ($59.50). It's Epic Only, so I'd have to order it online, but I love the red version's cute seagull-and-heart graphic. I'm not usually one for stripes, but I like A&F's Vanessa button-down in pink stripe ($48). I'm in love with all things pink, and the stripes add a nautical touch.

Bottoms: This includes jeans, pants and even skirts. First up, I love the ASummer into FallE Military Skirt ($34.50). The military trend is so in right now and I've yet to own anything this style, so this would be a good starter piece. I'm not usually one to wear sweatpants, but I really like the styles they have this season at Hollister, especially the Awesome Butt Boot in dark grey or pink ($39.50). It looks great with a thin long-sleeve graphic tee or even a bright basic tank. And call me crazy, but I'm actually considering buying jeans from Abercrombie Kids! I've recently had problems finding jeans that aren't too long for me and since I'm practically child-sized, they might actually work for me. I like the Mackenzie flare in rinse ($39.50) or the Haley boot in destroyed dark wash ($59.50). Another plus with kid's jeans, even from Abercrombie, is that they're much cheaper!

Shoes: Last weekend, when I tried on the Grosgrain Ribbon Moc ($29.95) at American Eagle, I fell in love. I unfortunately didn't buy it because they didn't have the half-sizes in the store and I needed to go down to a size 5 1/2 for them to fit snugly. But I love the dark tan color, it's so pretty. I know flip-flop season is almost over, but I like to push it as much as possible. I like Hollister's Epic Flip Flops in red ($24.50). Another Epic Only item I may never buy, but it doesn't hurt to dream! I also still love the full-priced real leather sandals at A&F, especially the one with the metallic ribbon ($58). They're cute and don't scream summer, either.
So there you have it, just a few of my favorite pieces for the upcoming season. What are your fall must-haves?

P.S. I've discovered the magic of Polyvore to actually show the clothes I'm talking about. Genius!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mission Impossible: Jean Shopping!

Every girl needs jeans, right? Even though I wish I lived in a place where jeans aren't a necessity, I don't and I will definitely be needing some come October and November. A week ago, I only had two pairs left over from the winter (the rest went mysteriously AWOL) and I was dreading the jeans shopping. Why? Because, I realized as I was in the middle of the process, that the jeans this fall aren't the same or even similar to the ones this past winter!
I started out at American Eagle last Friday evening. I first fell in love with their jeans at the end of last year, when I got my first pairs from there. So I assumed it was a safe bet, and tried on a pair of dark-wash Artists and Boyfriend Fits. Boy, was I wrong! Now all of a sudden, AE's short inseam fits more like a regular (aka too long for my 5'1 frame) and every style, not just the skinnier ones, fit like jeggings, with a super-low rise and too much spandex. Yuck!
So I checked out Hollister next. It's probably my favorite store, but I had never bought or tried on jeans from there. My younger sister has a pair, and she loves them, so I thought I'd take a chance on them, too. Also another disappointment. I sized up to a size 1 short (I normally wear a size 0, sometimes even a 00 at AE, where they tend to run big), and they were even longer than the AE jeans and super-tight in the thighs. And these were supposed to be flares!
On Sunday, I was back at home and I went to the mall with my sister and mom. I was still in the hunt for great jeans, but was also looking to buy tops and such from Hollister. Surprisingly, my mom took me to the Dillard's juniors department and we actually looked at the Levi's jeans, which I had never considered. I also wanted to steer clear of skinny jeans, but I ended up bringing a pair into the dressing room, loving them more than the flare style and...ended up buying them! I got them in a 1 short, since Levi's juniors sizes run small. If you plan on buying any check out their size chart online--my normal size (a 0) is only for a 22-23 inch waist while the 1s are for a 23-24 inch waist--so you may have to size up one or two sizes to get the right waist fit. Otherwise, they're great and now I'm looking for the perfect shoes to pair with them.
Also, I got a pair of dark-wash Boy Fit crops from AE. I already had the destroyed light wash in a size 0 and my mom thought they were too big, so I got the dark-wash ones in a size 00 and they fit loose without being overly baggy. So I'd suggest going down a size, unless you really like the boy fit look. And they're only $19.95 now, so they're a great deal and go with anything!
I'm still on the lookout for great denim, so next time I might head back to AE for their skinnies, or maybe even Abercrombie Kids for a slightly looser flare style (and the shorter inseam will be great, too).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shopping Adventures!

This weekend, I got to spend some time away from my dorm and I came home. I was glad I got to spend some time with my family, and today my mom, sister and I went to the mall for a mini shopping spree.
I was way overdue for some jeans (before today, I only had 2 pairs!) and my trip to another mall on Friday wasn't so successful. I was shocked to find that most jean styles, even flares and boot cuts, are cut more like jeggings, so they're super-tight. But luckily, I went out on a limb, tried on some Levi's from Dillard's and I love 'em. They're a skinny jean style, which I never really liked before but these are great.
Next we went to American Eagle, where I found another pair of skinnies that I liked, but I didn't really want to spend a lot of my money on them, so I passed and instead got the AE Boy Fit Crop Jean in dark vintage indigo ($19.95). I also had to take advantage of their buy one get one 50% off jewelry, and I got my first set of bangles and a blingy leather bracelet.
Finally, we hit up Hollister, my favorite store. I had been looking at the Point Dume plaid tunic shirt ($39.50) in turquoise and luckily, I was able to find it at the store. I also bought the Point Loma sweatshirt ($29.89) in orange, and I really think it's a great piece to brighten up any wardrobe.
However, during the checkout process, I hit a little snag. My debit card was declined, because I was a few dollars short, but my mom ended up having to pay for the entire purchase because the cashiers didn't know why it was declined! So that was a problem, plus I couldn't get a gray cami that I needed, but all in all, it was a good day (going to Starbucks afterward didn't hurt either :D).
What's your favorite memory of a shopping trip?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweaters For Petites

Not every article of clothing flatters everyone. If you know even a little bit about fashion, then you already know this--however, it's still important to keep in mind, especially in a world filled with skimpy tops and baggy jeans.
A petite body can be extremely difficult to shop for (this I know--I'm only 5'1 and wear a size 0/XS typically). Others may be jealous and think, "How hard can it be to shop for tiny clothes?" Believe me, it's usually easy to find the's much harder to get the right fit. Petites have to be wary about the length of pants, the cut of dresses and skirts, the proportion of accessories...I could go on and on. The point is, every body type has its own fashion dilemmas, but luckily, these can be solved with a little know-how. This post is about finding the right sweater if you're on the shorter or smaller side.
One great style for petites is the poncho. I like the AE Rugby Stripe Poncho ($39.95). The material is not too bulky and the horizontal stripes create curves, a plus for many petites. I also just like how it's very casual, with a nautical feel, which is still 'in' for fall.
Another option is the cardigan. These never go out of style, so you can afford to splurge on a nicer one, such as the Hailey sweater ($150) at Abercrombie & Fitch, which is 100% cashmere. Cardigans last forever and look great over everything from dresses to tanks and even tees. Try to avoid the boyfriend styles, unless they are tighter-fitting--you don't want a sweater that's loose and long (one or the other is fine, though!)
Also look into more drapey styles, like Hollister's Ormond Beach ($27.93). Make sure it comes with a belt, or you use one of your own, to carve out a waist.
What kinds of sweaters will you be wearing this fall?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stripes are a Girl's Best Friend

I used to hate stripes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type to dis all patterns--I love a good floral, polka dot or abstract. Stripes just never used to appeal to me, I guess, because they seemed too "sporty" for this girly-girl. Well, not anymore! I love some of the striped offerings at my favorite stores and wanted to share my finds with you.
I love the AE Rugby Stripe Poncho ($44.50)--period. It comes in three great shades (my favorite is raspberry heather) and has a collegiate appeal. I would wear it over dark wash skinny jeans (AE Skinny Jean in bright indigo, $39.95) with silver ballet flats (AE Ballet Flat in light pewter, $29.50) and maybe the AE Bomber Jacket in grey ($69.50) over it.
I also love Hollister's Santa Margarita dress in pink stripe ($20.93). The color is perfect for me, since it sweetens the basic stripes. It would look amazing under the Mission Beach denim jacket ($59.50--I love the sparkly floral brooch!), and paired with a simple leather belt (woven Vintage Beach Belt, $29.50) and embellished flip-flops (Vintage Flip Flops in pink, $12.89--the bow detailing is so adorable).
At Abercrombie, I really like the Victoria sweater ($58). I like its simple design, thin cherry-red stripes and rosette applique. I would totally layer it over the Kendall tank in red ($17.89) and wear it with destructed light-wash crop jeans (Jody Crop Destroyed, $48).
Remember: stripes aren't just for referees or little kids anymore--you can make stripes work with your style!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Is The Season For Fashion: Part II

In my last post, I talked about the pieces that I'm lusting over at American Eagle and Hollister. Now it's time to divulge my faves at Abercrombie & Fitch and Gilly Hicks.

Abercrombie & Fitch--Sweatshirts are always an essential, but can often look boring. Not this one: the Rebecca hoodless sweatshirt ($39.89). I originally wanted it in the pink, but now I have a similar pink hoodie, so I prefer it in red now. It's slouchy without being sloppy and the slight fading adds to the appeal. I'm really getting into the nautical vibe, so I love the Charissa skirt ($29.89) in blue stripe. It would be perfect for a picnic on the dock, or just walking to class and I adore the eyelet lace hem. Plaid is great for fall, and of course, back-to-school means having to carry a bunch of books and other supplies around. With the Vintage Tote ($48) in red plaid, both of those goals are met. Plus it looks ruggedly-cute, which is awesome. And finally, I really like the Christa skinny cargos ($70) in khaki. While the price is a little over my budget, I really admire the military-inspired style.

Gilly Hicks--I never thought I'd say this, but I've fallen in love with a pair of socks. Seriously! The Vintage Knit Socks ($12.50) in heather grey dot look so soft and I like their childish appeal. Another must-have is the Surry Hills sleep shorts ($15.50). I like 'em best in light red (plaid pattern, since I'm a sucker for plaid) but the burgundy ones are cute, too, with their Cedric (GH's koala bear mascot) print. They would be great for warm fall nights. Now, I'm normally not a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl, but I can't help loving the Phillip Bay tee ($19.50). The koala graphic on all the colors is super-cute and I like how it looks like it was painted on. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'm gonna go with the white/blue color (the koala drinking a cocktail is too adorable). And, I also like the Scotland Island skirt ($39.50), either in dark navy or dark pink. The dark navy version is suspiciously like a dress I own from there (maybe that's why I like it so much) and the dark pink is plaid and a great color combination.

What are you drooling over this fall?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inspired by Nature

When I was little, my family was really big on camping. We always had a pop-up trailer, so not really hard-core or anything, but we still were able to get in touch with nature, and our wilder sides. My parents always dragged my little sister and me on hiking trails and as much as I dreaded it then, I miss it so much now, being stuck in the dorms, 300 miles from my family. Me and my sister always bonded over riding our bikes through the campground, building shelters in the woods, making up little plays at the campground's amphitheatre and even having my dad swing us around on the tire swing at the playground.
I've been missing camping and the outdoors a lot (sure, I walk every day to classes, but it's more suburban) so I decided to do a post about outdoor-inspired fashion.
I love anything plaid, from tops to skirts and even scarves. I also really like the boyfriend style, which is basically anything that's kinda long and loose, like a guy would wear, but much cuter. So I had to include the AE Plaid Western Boyfriend Shirt ($39.50). I love it in pink, and it would look amazing over a pair of long black leggings and tucked into some rugged boots, such as the AE Lace-Up Moto boots.
I'm a sucker for anything destructed, so I love Gilly Hicks's Narrabeen denim shorts ($19.89). The rips, tears and cuffs add to its tough appeal, and would look great with a girly tee, such as Mort Bay ($15.50) in white.
Dresses aren't usually thought of as outdoorsy, but this one definitely is--the Hollister Santa Margarita dress ($39.50) in blue plaid. It has a look that's part lumberjack, part adorable. I would totally pair it with a little denim jacket, such as Lake Hodges ($89.50). The collar and inside are lined with faux sherpa, so it looks authentically-rough.
And of course, no nature-inspired closet can be complete without a puffy vest! They're back and better than ever, especially from Abercrombie & Fitch. Try their Addison vest ($98)--it comes in a variety of bright colors and goes well with a simple striped thermal, such as the Alyssa knit shirt ($34) and a great pair of jeans, like the Emma boot ($53.70) in destroyed dark wash.
How do you mix style with the great outdoors? (P.S. The pictures above are some camping memories I have--one is as a baby and the other is when I was probably 10 or 11 with my little sister!)