Monday, October 4, 2010

Teacher's Pet

A simple school-girl outfit for any age!
Think back to elementary school, when you actually enjoyed waking up and going to school everyday (or maybe not), recess was the highlight of your day and your hardest decision was deciding whether you'd trade your friend your pudding for her chocolate chip cookie. Oh, how I miss those times, especially now that I'm spending most of my weekends studying and catching up on homework from the week (that's college for ya). Even if you're way too old to pass for a grade-schooler, you can still reminisce about those simpler days with this all-grown-up "school-girl" outfit.
I love Hollister's Wheeler Point cardi ($39.50) in dark pink. It's one of my current "lust items", and hopefully I'll be buying it in a week or two. But it makes a perfect base for this outfit. It's just a cute, basic sweater in a very girly shade--perfect for an elementary-school girl. Pair it with a basic light pink tank (try El Matador, $11.89) and it's good to go.
Gilly Hicks' Scotland Island skirt ($39.50) in dark pink is also very school-girl. It's a fun, bold navy-and-magenta plaid that would make any prep school proud.
Now it's time for my favorite part--the accessories. Try some bright pink socks, such as GH's adorable knee-highs (no longer available). Or go for a simple pair of ballet flats in navy or pink (unless there's too much pink for your taste). Don't forget the quintessential glasses--American Eagle's Readers Glasses ($15.50) will instantly perk up your look and make you look smarter!
So the next time you wish you could go back to your fifth grade class, put on an outfit like this one and remember the good old days!

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