Sunday, October 31, 2010

Petite Pick of November

Sweater, cami and skirt
Happy Halloween, everyone! While I'm not doing anything particularly fun this Halloween evening (unless you count studying for an exam, which I don't), my weekend has certainly been jam-packed. I got to come home this weekend because my little sister was getting confirmed at our church, so Saturday evening and Sunday morning were booked. Friday evening was nice because my mom, sister and I got to check out a new restaurant (new for us) called Mad Greens--it's like a gourmet salad place, and it's really good. After the 2 1/2 hour drive home, we carved pumpkins! Last night, I also got to watch some classic Disney Halloween videos with my parents and today for lunch/dinner we went to P.F. Chang's to celebrate my sister's Confirmation. So it was a good weekend.
But anyways, the point of this post is to showcase one of the outfits I wore this weekend, one that I think is great for petites. It was what I wore on Saturday to the Confirmation banquet.
I love short-sleeved, easy-fitting sweaters. I own four from Hollister, and they're perfect for a petite frame. They show off your small arms and drape loosely, but not too loosely, creating curves while highlighting your body. This one was a navy blue one I bought from Hollister a few months ago, with a deep V-neck and cute pink and navy side ties. Underneath is a basic white lacy cami from Aeropostale. On bottom is a burgundy and navy floral skirt from Hollister. The great part about it is it's thinly knit but not see-through and the dark pattern looks great for all seasons. The skirt is also the perfect length for petites. I paired it with a pair of cream-colored pointelle tights from American Eagle--tights are great for when you want to wear a cute mini but it's a little too chilly outside--and a pair of tan boots. For jewelry, I stuck with a simple sparkly necklace, a set of silver and white bangles and a silver sparkly ring, all from AE. I wore my hair in relaxed curls (I had curled my hair the previous morning, slept on it overnight and just brushed them out a little the next day) and had neutral makeup.
The best part is, I actually took a picture of my outfit for the first time in a while so you can actually see somewhat how the outfit looks. I think it's great for any petites who want a simple but nice outfit for special events during the chillier months.
Hopefully I will get back in the habit of taking pictures of my outfit and including them in my posts--after all, a picture's worth a thousand words.
Have a great Halloween, and get ready for November! 

My boots (sorry about the clutter!)
Skirt and tights

Friday, October 29, 2010

Early Christmas Presents: Part 1

Early Christmas Presents: Part 1Who doesn't love to treat themselves to a little shopping spree after a long, hard week? I know I do, and while I rarely have enough money to do it, it's still a lot of fun.
It's not even Halloween yet, but stores are already introducing their Christmas collections. This just has me super-excited for the holiday season--I can't wait to start playing Christmas songs and seeing the first snow. Today's post is about the new arrivals at Abercrombie & Fitch...check out later posts in days to come featuring American Eagle, Gilly Hicks and Hollister.

I love anything that's lined with sherpa--it's just so cozy-warm! A&F's Pamela jacket ($88) combines the typical logo zip-up hoodie with faux-sherpa to create a very cute layer for the upcoming cold months.
Plaid shirts aren't just for lumberjacks--they're a good contrasting layer under a bomber jacket or cardigan. The Natasha shirt ($58) is a great tunic style with a waist drawstring, plunging V-neck and ruffle trim that comes in 5 festive shades that look good yearlong.
Even though it's starting to get cooler in Colorado (though we've had some days close to 80 degrees lately, which is almost unheard of!), I still like wearing skirts. The Carley skirt ($58) has a classic floral pattern complemented by a giant ribbon tie around the waist. The colors and pattern don't scream summer either, which is great. I could see myself wearing it with a pair of white tights and some boots or ballet flats.
Boxer shorts and bedtime are a classic combination. What's even better--boxer shorts that are a perfect gift for the holidays! The Kali boxers ($28) feature either an adorable moose with Christmas lights wrapped around its antlers or a simple plaid pattern.
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of sweatshirts that are hoodless and zipperless. Instead, they have a high mock neck collar and buttons. This is a great update to the classic hoodie. Try the Victoria sweatshirt ($70).
Fair Isle is the perfect print for winter. The Taryn cardi ($58) has winter patterns and is great for layering.
What's winter without a great jacket? Take advantage of A&F's price break on their stylish belted puffer coat (Harley, now $150). It comes in 6 neutral shades so you can wear it over anything.
Of course, you always need a few basic layers to go under everything. But they can still be adorable--like the Kaylin tee ($30). Each color has its onw unique holiday-themed graphic, from a moose wearing a winter hat to an assortment of cold-weather drinks.
Start your holiday shopping now to get a head-start on all the great things in stores. And pick up a thing or two for yourself while you're at it :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have You Made Your Wishlist Yet?

Shopping sprees are great, but you know what's even better? A shopping spree that you don't have to pay for! Of course, I'm not advocating shoplifting here, I'm talking about winning a store gift this case, American Eagle's Wish for Winter Sweeps. You can win a $1000 AE or Aerie gift card just by creating or updating your holiday wishlist on their website. 8 others will win $500 gift cards.
All you have to do is sign in with your email address and AE password (or sign up for emails and discounts on their website) and start shopping! You don't have to actually buy anything, just look around and add things to your wishlist. You can even prioritize the list and add comments.
I've started my AE wishlist, and while it currently only has 3 items in it, I'll definitely be adding more...and wishing to win the gift card!

Epic Clothes

Epic Clothes
Some of my Epic Only faves!
If you're as much of a fan of Hollister as I am, you'll know that a little over a year ago, they opened their first flagship store in NYC, called the Epic store. With 4 floors of Hollister clothing, it's a dream come true from HCo. lovers. Besides the items you'll find online and at your local store, the Epic flagship also offers some pieces that are exclusive to that location...or are they?
You can actually find and buy these Epic Only clothes on the Hollister website, which is great for those of us who aren't able to go to New York anytime soon. The Epic stuff always looks a little bit different than the rest, with some sort of special detailing, such as sequins or a unique color, that sets it apart.
Sometimes, I'm all psyched when I see a very cute sweater or hoodie or skirt, only to realize that it's Epic Only, so I'd have to buy it online. However, shipping isn't too bad--$8 for items under $50--so if you really like an item that's Epic Only, it's not too painful to pay for S&H.
One of my favorite Epic Only items this season is the Dixon Lake sweater ($79.50) in burgundy. I love sweaters with short, loose sleeves and I like how this one has HCo.'s Sexy Ease Fit, which means that it fits a little looser than usual. This is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist :)
I also like the Little Harbor pullover hoodie ($39.50) in yellow or dark green. This hoodie comes in 16 colors, 4 of them Epic Only, which is unfortunate, because in my opinion, the Epic Only colors are the cutest.
The Oceanside crop pants ($39.50) are super-cute too, in grey or navy. But online, the sizes are limited, so you may not be able to find your size anymore.
The Manhattan Beach coat ($160) in navy plaid is the perfect jacket for cold winters. Get it while you can, though--many of the sizes are already backordered!
Check out the Hollister website for these and even more cute Epic Only items. And make sure you take advantage of their occasional free shipping over $75 deals!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perfect Shoes for Small Feet

Perfect Shoes for Small Feet
Moccasins can be the perfect shoes for small feet!
For most petite ladies out there, you probably have trouble from time to time finding shoes that fit. I know I do. I wear a size 6 in most shoes, and while most stores carry this size, they are usually all out or fit weird. My feet are very narrow, so it's very hard for me to find shoes (especially boots and moccasins) that don't slide right off my feet because they're too wide. Most of my flip-flops are also a little too big on me, making it harder to walk. And on the high-heels that I own, I had to make extra holes because the ankle strap was too big on me. So I know how hard it can be to find shoes that fit tiny feet.
But this past weekend, on an afternoon trip to American Eagle with my little sister and mom, I found the moccasins I've been lusting after (AE Suede Fringe Moc, $34.50, in honey tan). Not only that, but they were in my size! Eager to see if they would actually fit, I slipped them on and to my surprise, they fit perfectly, even without socks! These are very narrow shoes, so if your feet are a bit wider, you may have to go up a size, but they were perfect on my very narrow feet.
My mom convinced me to buy some socks to wear under it (only with jeans, of course) so I got the AE Marbled Crew Socks ($6.50, in navy). When I got home, I tried the mocs with the socks (hahaha I'm a poet and didn't know it) and they still fit great.
I was a little disappointed, because I was also wanting to buy the AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50) in grey. Unfortunately, the smallest size they had was a 7, and my feet were swimming in those. I even asked one of the employees to check the back room, but they were all out of 6's. So I'll have to check out other American Eagle stores to find those beloved boots.
But I was happy about my purchase, especially since I had a 20% coupon. The socks, as it turned out, were $5 at that store, so I walked out of there with mocs and socks for under $35!
So check out your local American Eagle Outfitters store, or their website, for some great shoes for smaller feet.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cozy Accessories

Cozy AccessoriesI love all the cold weather clothes--from coats to boots to tights to scarves. I really love days that are cool and cloudy because then I can get all cozy with my accessories! Here are a few of my faves:
  • AE Suede Fringe Moc ($34.50)--Moccasins are so comfy and stylish, too. They add a boho touch to any look and these are great because they're lined with faux fur.
  • AE Striped Trapper Hat ($29.50)--These are a classic style, but the stripes add a cute touch. Plus, the hat's versatile enough that you can even incorporate it into your outfit!
  • AE Cable Knit Loop Scarf ($34.50)--What better way to keep warm in a snowstorm than with a scarf? This one also works as an accessory, so you don't have to take it off once you go inside.
  • AE Cable Knit Convertible Gloves ($19.50)--These are perfect for when you want to be able to use your fingers (such as for texting) but still stay warm. You can flip the mitten part over and stay perfectly cozy.
  • AE Solid Leggings ($15.50)--Leggings are great for layering under skirts, dresses and even jeans on really cold days. I love the variety of colors these come in, from vintage eggplant to heather grey.
  • AE Cozy Cable Knit Tights ($12.50)--I love anything cable knit, and tights are my go-to on days that I want to wear my denim minis but it's cold outside. They look great paired with boots.
  • AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50)--These look almost identical to Uggs but are much, much cheaper. And they're be perfect with skinnies, jeggings, leggings and tights. You'll wear these all fall and winter!
  • AE Fair Isle Clog ($34.50)--Fair Isle is a classic winter pattern, and what better way to wear it than on comfy clogs?
Stay warm this fall and winter with the cutest accessories!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Check Out AE's Winter Warm-Up!

The problem: winter is sooooo cold! (well, depending on where you live) The solution: lots of cozy, cute winter clothes!
AE's got that covered with their brand-new collection, Winter Warm-Up. It features their great jeans, which come in all kinds of styles and washes, from skinnies and jeggings to boot cuts and vintage flares.
Check out their Looks of the Season for 12 totally different outfits that will keep you warm and looking good this winter. My favorites are Lofty Luxe (the one in the middle), Modern Military (the one on the right) and Winter Warm-Up (the one on the right).
One plus is that right now, they are offering 8 pairs of jeans under $30 which is a great deal. I have quite a few pairs of their denim, from shorts to skirts to jeans, and I love them all. They don't fall apart easily but are much cheaper than designer denim, so if you're on a budget, I suggest you check out American Eagle. They have sizes from 00 to 18 (even sizes only) and short, regular, long and extra-long inseams so they should fit almost anyone!
If you're an AE lover like me, or are curious to see what they're all about, swing by your local store and you're guaranteed to find some great deals on some super-cute things. Oh, and every week from now until Christmas, they're offering a Favorite Gift of the Week through email so be sure to sign up if you haven't already and get ready to be gifted!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected
A simply cute outfit (all I need now is the
tank top and ballet flats!)
If you've been reading some of my posts lately, you'll know that I've been hunting down the perfect jeans. I only have 3 or 4 pairs in my closet and I was looking for a couple more but I was having the hardest time finding ones that weren't all spandex-y or too low-rise or way too long in the length.
I got to spend some much-needed time with my family this past weekend, as it was Homecoming and family weekend on my campus, and on Friday afternoon my mom, sister and I hit up the local mall to buy a few things. Unfortunately, the stores there didn't have the best selection, so I only ended up buying the Boat Canyon zip-up hoodie in dark red ($29.89) from Hollister. But it was fine, since I don't have much red in my closet and the hoodie was on clearance.
Then later, my mom told me she had a surprise for me: she had ordered me a pair of jeans online from Abercrombie Kids! I was ecstatic, since I'd been talking about trying to get some jeans from there lately. The closest store is almost an hour away from our house, so it would have been kind of a pain to go to the store, especially since I'm in college now so my mom wouldn't want to waste a whole day driving. So she ordered a size 14 for me, hoping it would fit and wouldn't be too long.
The next day, I checked my dorm mail and sure enough, there it was! When we got back to our hotel that night, I tried them on. I didn't expect them to fit snugly, since most of my jeans don't, but these definitely did. But they weren't so snug that they didn't fit at all and my parents and sister thought I looked great in them. Plus, they're only slightly too long without shoes. Yay, I had actually found a pair that were great (by the way, they're the Mackenzie Flare in rinse, now $23.70). They have just enough stretch in them to make them comfortable and not stiff but not so much that I feel like I'm wearing jeggings. I love how flared they are, too--not extreme, like bell-bottoms but definitely more than boot-cuts. The color is amazing too--it's so dark and rich-looking.
I guess the lesson to be learned here is that there's a great pair of jeans out there for everyone, you may just have to step outside your comfort zone and try a new store or new style, whether it be light wash or skinnies or boyfriend fit. Next time I need a new pair of jeans, I will definitely be hitting up Abercrombie Kids...I'm not even ashamed of the kids label!

Dress Your Body Right!

Seventeen is a magazine with great fashion tips for teen girls from high school to college. My favorite issue every year is The Body Issue, and its all about how to dress your particular body type right. I love it because it's so hard to find fashion tricks and ideas for petites like me, but Seventeen definitely nails it on the head. Here are a few tips for looking your very best when you're petite.
  • Dress Your Body Right!Sweaterdresses look amazing on you! If you've always wished you could be a little curvier, stop dreaming and try on a sweaterdress. This new trend is great for smaller frames because it clings to the curves you do have, plus they're perfect for girls who like to wear dresses all year long, but can't because of the cold weather...but now you can!
  • Try a flowy tank with a cropped jacket. Most cropped pieces look amazing on petites, because you don't want to overwhelm your frame. Now pair your favorite loose tank with a cropped jacket or sweater and you'll look even better!
  • The shorter the better when it comes to skirts. Obviously, you know to stay away from maxi dresses and such, but make sure your skirts hit at least above your knee. Avoid the too-short minis though so you still look classy.
  • Skinny + ripped = perfect! You can pull off baggier boyfriend styles, but the best jeans for you are skinnies or at least jeans that hug your curves. Add in a few rips and tears and maybe a lighter wash (it'll fill you out) and you'll instantly look taller, even without heels.
  • Sparkles go a long way. Don't overwhelm your body with too much bling--try pairing a simple slouchy sweater with a standout pair of sparkly tailored shorts in a neutral color.
Do you have any petite style tips you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend Plans

Weekend PlansThis weekend is Homecoming & family weekend at my university and I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to show my family around campus and spend some time with them. I'm so blessed to have such a close relationship with them, especially my younger sister. We have our ups and downs but for the most part, are BFFs. I also can't wait to get out of the dorms and spend the weekend in a hotel. I will definitely be hitting up the pool!
Another must-do on my list is shopping. Unfortunately, my college town isn't very close to my favorite mall so I have to settle for the local mall and possibly outlet stores near our hotel but I am so ready to shop again. I haven't been in about a month and I really need some new things for winter. Here are a few things I may be getting:
  • AE Sequin Ballet Flat ($29.50, pewter)--I just love how sparkly they are, they'd definitely make my feet stand out. Plus the sherpa lining will prevent blisters!
  • AE Suede Fringe Moc ($34.50, honey tan)--I've been lusting after American Eagle's moccasins for awhile now, and these ones are my favorite. They look warm & cozy and have cute fringe detailing.
  • AE Button Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50, chestnut)--Boots are great for Colorado winters and I'm a sucker for details, so I prefer this one over the other style without a button. I can't wait to wear them with tights and a miniskirt!
  • AE Solid Leggings ($15.50, heather grey) or AE Metallic Mesh Tights ($15.50, navy)--I'm not sure if I'd rather get leggings or tights to wear with my boots and minis...which do you think would be better?
  • Hollister Daley Ranch shirt ($39.50, navy stripe)--I love pinstripes and tunic-style shirts so this is perfect!
What are your plans for this upcoming weekend?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cardigan Crazy!

I have a new obsession--with cardigans. I just love how versatile they are (you can wear them over or under anything) and their simple but cute look. Here are a few of my favorite cardis!

Hollister: One of the best places for cardigans this season. They always have a great selection, with tons of colors and styles to fit everyone's tastes. I like Tamarack ($44.50) in navy--the bright floral pattern is so cheery. Southside ($39.50) is another great option if you like stripes and a longer, no closure style (my color pick is pink or burgundy). I also love Wheeler Springs ($39.50) in dark pink--it's such a rich color and the ruffle embellishments add a nice touch.

Aerie: This American Eagle brand may be well-known for its comfy pjs, bras and panties and fitness gear but it has a good selection of clothing, too. I really like the Fair Isle Cardi ($69.50)--I've wanted to get in on the Fair Isle trend for a while and this is just the perfect piece for cold winter days. The Open Cardi ($39.50) is more lightweight but still soft and durable--a great layering piece under jackets. The Aerie Cardigan ($59.50) has a loose knit texture but plenty of warmth. My only issue with the Aerie cardigans is that they don't come in many colors other than the basics (grey, brown, black, white).

Abercrombie & Fitch: A&F also has great cardis, though theirs are definitely pricier. Elaine ($68) is super-cute with its tonal ruffle details--best in burgundy, pink and dark heather grey. Marisa ($68) is unique, with its no closure style and built-in hood. I wish it came in more colors. Bella ($58) is another cute style--the bow embellishment on the pockets is adorable.

What's your favorite cardigan?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Stores For Petites

If you have a hard time finding clothes that fit you perfectly at adult or even teen stores, it's time to check out some kid's place. No, that doesn't mean you have to dress like you're in fourth grade but you can score some great deals on basics that will fit and flatter!
My favorite kid's store is Abercrombie Kids. Thier sizes are meant for the typical 8-14 year olds, but smaller ladies can definitely fit into their larger sizes. If you like A&F jeans but hate the prices, check out Abercrombie for similar styles at half the price. If you're a little under 5 feet tall and have a 22.5 to 24 inch waist, you'll probably fit into a 12 regular or 12 slim. If you're between 5' and 5'3 with a 24-26 inch waist, you can fit into a 14R, 14S, 16R or 16S. And none of their jeans have anything childish about them; they're just slightly smaller, cheaper versions of A&F's classic styles. If you've got small feet, they have that covered, too: all their flip-flops are currently on clearance and with sizes ranging from S (5/6) to XL (8/9), you're sure to find the perfect pair for you. They've also got great outerwear that's easier on your wallet than at Abercrombie & Fitch. Their Taryn faux leather jacket ($99.50) looks like the real thing but won't cost you an arm and a leg. Stick with the large and x-large sizes because you don't want tops that are too tight in the bust area.
Anothe great store is 77Kids, one of American Eagle's brands. Sometimes, AE runs a little big in the bottoms--I have a few pair of denim crops, shorts and jeans that all fit in a size 00 (some are even too big!) Plus, their short inseam may not be short enough for those of you under 5' or with shorter legs. 77Kids has similar jeans (they even have jeggings!), though some you may want to avoid, since they have sparkles or bright pink stitching. The skinny jeans aren't quite as skinny as AE's though, but that may suit you just fine. Stick with just the jeans here, because most of the other pieces are obviously for kids.
Don't be afraid to shop kids clothing--it'll save you money and may fit you better!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shoe Crazy!

Shoe Crazy!
Go shoe-crazy this season at American Eagle: they
 have 25 different
pairs of winter-ready shoes!
I'm not the kind of girl who loves to go shoe-shopping, who'd rather buy a new pair of wedges than a new cardigan. I'm more into clothes and accessories than shoes--not that I don't like shoes or don't put much thought into them, I'm just not crazy about them. But with all the brand new cold-weather shoes available at American Eagle, I fell in love with a few pairs.
I'm typically not a ballet flat fan, simply because I'm too impatient to break them in so they give me blisters. But the AE Velvet Ballet Flat ($29.50) may have solved that problem once and for all: they're lined with sherpa, which should prevent blisters and keep my feet toasty even in the snow. Plus, they look luxe but aren't actually expensive. They're definitely on my buy list.
I love moccasins. I know I've said it before, but they're just great comfortable casual shoes that add a boho/Navajo vibe to any outfit. I still like the AE Grosgrain Ribbon Moc ($29.95) in dark tan but now American Eagle has two new mocs that I like even more. The AE Suede Fringe Moc ($34.50) definitely has a 'native' look--I love 'em in anthracite. I also really like the AE Suede Moc ($34.50) in rich chocolate. The best part about both pairs is they have the sherpa lining which is perfect for Colorado winters.
Last year, I bought the AE Cable Knit Clog ($34.50) in grey. It was my first experience with a clog and I can't wait to wear them again. This year, they have them again in case you missed them the first time around, in grey, charcoal heather grey and taupe (the dark brown is no longer available this year, sadly). This year, I really like their brand new AE Striped Cable Knit Clog ($34.50). The stripe pattern adds to their cuteness and again, the sherpa lining is great.
I can't forget about the boots! American Eagle currently offers 6 styles of winter boots, so you should be able to find at least one pair that suits you. I personally love the AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50) in grey--they look like Uggs but are much cheaper--and the AE Button Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50) in chestnut--a cute take on the basic winter boot.
No matter how cold it gets, you can still make a statement with your footwear!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zip It, Button It, Belt It!

Get a head start on jacket season by checking out these new trends in outerwear!
  1. Zip It, Button It, Belt It!CLASSIC--The trench never goes out of style, but there are definitely ways to update it. Try a new neutral shade, such as olive, or even a bright color. Look for pockets, zippers and other detailing that add interest. The AE Classic Trench ($79.50) has an almost military feel. Abercrombie & Fitch's Jessica trench ($200) has tons of zippers, pockets and buckles for an edgy look.
  2. PARKA--This can easily be dressed up or down, and the best part is, it will definitely keep you warm. Look for jackets with a faux fur hood or lining. A&F's Adin parka ($98) is a simple, utilitarian version. Hollister's Bay Park parka ($160) has a bright contrast lining and faux fur trim at the collar and cuffs.
  3. UNIQUE--Tired of the same old jacket? Try something brand new! Look for a denim jacket with cool patches, a varsity-style jacket or a polar fleece hoodie. HCo.'s Boomer Beach denim jacket ($69.50, Epic Only) has vintage-looking patches. Abercrombie's Mia jacket ($140) looks exactly like those varsity jackets from high school. The AE Polar Fleece Jacket ($39.50) comes in 8 colors and is a steal for outerwear.
  4. PUFFER--These just look so fun and they keep you so warm! Go for bright shades to stand out and detailing such a faux fur-lined hood or a built-in belt. Hollister's Ormond Beach puffer coat ($79.89) comes in 10 great shades, from yellow to turquoise and is cut in a simple style that's not too bulky. A&F's Larissa puffer coat ($200) has fewer color choices but has a stylish waist tie and a faux fur hood.
  5. SHEARLING--So luxe! Look for unexpected styles, such as denim shearling and don't be afraid to go'll save you money but still look like the real deal. The AE Rugged Bomber Jacket ($129.50) is a classic bomber with warm, faux lining. Abercrombie & Fitch's Kirstie jacket ($180) comes in a cute buffalo check plaid and features faux sherpa lining at the mock collar. Hollister's Lake Hodges denim jacket ($89.50) is a refreshing take on the usual shearling jacket.
With so many styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your budget, body and fashion sense!

My Petite Issues

Why is it so hard to find jeans that fit?
Overall, I like being petite. Back in middle school and high school, I hated it because I felt so much shorter than everyone else. I've always been one of the smallest in my classes and all the jokes got old fast. People never thought I was my age even though I was always dressed well--when I was a freshman in high school people thought I still belonged in middle school! It was also hard seeing my little sister (who's 3 and a half years younger than me) start to tower above me. She's now 5'5, while I'm stuck at a measly 5'1! For a little while, we used to be able to wear each other's clothes--that was when I was a freshman and sophomore and she was a fifth and sixth-grader! Now we still have a similar taste in clothing, but can't trade. But here in college, I'm trying to embrace my smallness. People don't automatically assume you're younger just because you look like it, and it's nice to see other petite girls around campus.
Now my only problem is finding clothes that fit, in particular, jeans. I'm still wearing juniors sizes, and usually a size 0. I don't know what size I'll be once I transition into adult stores, but the problem I'm having now is usually with the length of the jeans. I have a pair of jeans I got this past January from American Eagle in a size 00 Regular and they fit pretty well. A month or so ago, I went to America Eagle to get some more jeans and I tried on a size 0 Short. Well, they were wayyyyy too long, for starters! I would have had to have gotten them majorly tailored for me not to trip over them. Also, I've noticed the trend in juniors jeans at least is going towards more fitted, jegging-like jeans. So even flares and boot-cuts are fitting more like skinnies in the thigh. I'm not a big fan of skinnies, so I'm really disappointed in the jean selection. I've been thinking of trying petite adult jeans, but again, I don't know what size I'd be.
But then I saw the AE Vintage Flare Jean and I fell in love. It's like a blast from the past: bell-bottom-like jeans that aren't too fitted. I read the reviews and people said they loved them. Then I checked the sizing and realized that the jeans only come in a regular inseam! What?! And some of the petite reviewers said that yes, they were too long and wished they would come in a short inseam too. Not to mention all the taller ladies out there, who would like a long or extra-long inseam. Yes, I know that most of the female population falls somewhere around the 5'4-5'6 range but still. In my opinion, 5'1 is not that short, and I should be able to easily find jeans that fit. My legs aren't particularly short, I can usually wear a 29-30" inseam, but this regular inseam is at least 2" longer than that, so the jeans are a no-go for me.
Have any of you out there had problems finding jeans that fit? Feel free to leave your comments, complaints, etc. Oh, and if any of you know what pants size I'd be in petites (adults), that would be great to know too! I wear a size 0 in juniors. Thanks!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Teacher's Pet

A simple school-girl outfit for any age!
Think back to elementary school, when you actually enjoyed waking up and going to school everyday (or maybe not), recess was the highlight of your day and your hardest decision was deciding whether you'd trade your friend your pudding for her chocolate chip cookie. Oh, how I miss those times, especially now that I'm spending most of my weekends studying and catching up on homework from the week (that's college for ya). Even if you're way too old to pass for a grade-schooler, you can still reminisce about those simpler days with this all-grown-up "school-girl" outfit.
I love Hollister's Wheeler Point cardi ($39.50) in dark pink. It's one of my current "lust items", and hopefully I'll be buying it in a week or two. But it makes a perfect base for this outfit. It's just a cute, basic sweater in a very girly shade--perfect for an elementary-school girl. Pair it with a basic light pink tank (try El Matador, $11.89) and it's good to go.
Gilly Hicks' Scotland Island skirt ($39.50) in dark pink is also very school-girl. It's a fun, bold navy-and-magenta plaid that would make any prep school proud.
Now it's time for my favorite part--the accessories. Try some bright pink socks, such as GH's adorable knee-highs (no longer available). Or go for a simple pair of ballet flats in navy or pink (unless there's too much pink for your taste). Don't forget the quintessential glasses--American Eagle's Readers Glasses ($15.50) will instantly perk up your look and make you look smarter!
So the next time you wish you could go back to your fifth grade class, put on an outfit like this one and remember the good old days!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Save $$, Stay Stylish!

It's one of the worst feelings in the world: finding a piece you absolutely can't live without and then looking at the price tag and...realizing you probably can't afford it. It can be really sad having to put that handbag back on the shelf or the sweater back on the rack because it's out of your price range. But you can get the same look...for less!
First off, the Ugg Coquette slipper. At first glance, it's cute--high quality sheepskin and a stylish plush collar, not to mention how warm and cozy they are. But they're $100. For almost half the price ($54), you can get the Bearpaw Loki slipper, which is just as (if not more) cute. The hickory suede color is my personal fave--the shade is just so rich-looking. These are also lined with sheepskin, and while they lack the Ugg name, they look nearly identical and hold up just as well. Why not spend that $46 dollars on something else?
Abercrombie &Fitch is one of my favorite stores. I would buy more things there if I could...but I can't, because they are too expensive for a college student like me (even when my parents chip in!) So I mostly have a few cheaper A&F items or ones that were clearanced. But Hollister, while expensive to some, is a much better option for me. Take the Hailey sweater ($150) from A&F. I don't think I would ever spend that much on a sweater until I'm an adult with a full-time job. Sure, it's pretty and it's 100% cashmere, but I can't afford to shell that much cash out for one piece. But HCo.'s El Morro sweater ($39.50) is much cheaper, and looks almost identical. It's a cotton/viscose/angora blend but I appreciate the price tag. I could spend that $110 on so much more!
I also appreciate how much Hollister saves me on coats and totes. The Classic Cali Tote ($19.50) in olive is practically the same as the Vintage Tote ($48) in green, except the difference in logos. Why would I pay $28 more for a tote that says 'Abercrombie'? I certainly wouldn't, when I could buy a cute top for that price difference! Hollister's Harbor Cove belted puffer jacket ($140) is a steal compared to A&F's Larissa belted puffer jacket ($200). Both coats are made of the exact same material; any smart shopper would know to go with the cheaper option. And it's not like Hollister's clothes are poorer quality, they're also a pretty well-respected brand. There are so many things you can get with that $60. And finally, the Fletcher Cove puffy vest ($59.89) is a better deal than the Addison puffy vest ($98). Similar colors, same look, better price. Save that $38 for a rainy day.
Now go out and be a savvy shopper!

Weekend Warrior Part 3

Weekend Warrior Part 3I always look forward to a weekend at home now that I'm in college. Once Friday rolls around, a lot of people are headed out of town--to go home or maybe visit friends at other colleges. I enjoy spending time with my family a couple of times a month because we always end up doing something fun, whether it's going shopping (!) or going out of town for a day trip. Here's the perfect outfit for your weekend at home, whether it's spent at a friend's place or with your family.
I always feel my best when I'm wearing a skirt. I'm not quite sure why, but I feel even girlier and prettier than usual. I also have an addiction to plaid, so Abercrombie's Josey skirt ($50) in green plaid, is the perfect weekend skirt for me. I'd pair it with Hollister's El Morro cardi ($39.50) in green and a simple navy blue tank top, like the San Onofre lacy tank ($19.50). This look is the perfect mix between casual and dressy, so it's great for walking around downtown and then grabbing lunch or a shopping spree at the mall followed by a restaurant dinner with the fam. Shoes, of course, are essential, but skip anything that's not comfortable, no matter how cute they are. Stick with a pa
ir of leather flip-flops, such as the HCo. Vintage Cali Flip Flops ($29.50). And, don't skimp on the accessories! Try a sparkly necklace, like the AE Pretty Little Necklace ($15.50) and a stack of bangles (AE Stud Bangle Set, $15.50). Now all that's left is to soak up the fun!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting Ready For Winter

I love October--it's like the gateway month into the holiday season, which I am anticipating more than ever this year. On top of that, the temperatures are starting to cool down and the smell of fall is in the air. But it's not too early to get your wardrobe ready for winter. Here are a few must-haves to add to your shopping list--bonus: they're all available in stores now, so by the time the cold weather starts to kick in, they'll be on clearance! Or you can stock up now and store them for later.

With outfits like these, you're sure to stay warm this winter!

SWEATERS: Who doesn't love a great, cozy sweater? They're so versatile and great for layering over just about anything. The only downside is that there are so many different styles this season to choose from! For an unexpected twist, try a short-sleeve sweater (AE Chunky Knit Short Sleeve Sweater, $39.50) over a basic long-sleeved tee (AE Long Sleeve V-Neck T, $19.50) for added warmth. Another option is the classic button-down cardigan (Hollister 1000 Steps Beach, $59.50, Epic only). This one in particular is great for the holidays--the cream version has little red hearts and it looks like the classic Christmas sweater, only cuter. Cardis work best over knit tanks (A&F's Tessa tank, $30--the tiered peplum hem detail makes it even better) and under jackets (try HCo.'s Lake Hodges denim jacket, $89.50, for a cozy look).

JACKETS: Speaking of jackets, you'll probably need one this winter. Where I live (in Colorado), it snows a lot but is still usually sunny, so jackets are still a must in the morning at least. Don't settle for a boring one, though, since you'll be wearing it all winter! I'd suggest buying at least two, if you can afford it, so you can switch it up depending on the outfit or your mood or the weather. For a lightweight jacket perfect for fall days, try a hoodless cotton jacket (like A&F's Gwyneth coat, $59.89). The khaki color on this one looks great over just about anything and it's durable enough to keep the wind out. On colder, snowier days, look for a coat that's a little more heavy-duty (Hollister's Ormond Beach puffer jacket, $79.89). Puffy coats are still stylish and this one comes in a wide array of colors--you may have a hard time choosing!

BOOTS: I really love my Bearpaw boots. I got them last year in chocolate and now I want the same pair in chestnut or gray. I also like some of the boots that American Eagle is offering this year, like the AE Button Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50). They just look so cozy I can't resist. I always wear my boots with tights and a miniskirt, but they also work with skinny jeans. And I still want to get the Bearpaw Loki (a suede and sheepskin mule) in chestnut. I know they're not technically boots, but I still would love to have them.

What are you wanting this winter?

Weekend Warrior Part 2

Weekend Warrior Part 2Are you headed to a party this weekend, and have no clue what to wear? Here are some tips, and a great outfit idea, to get you party-ready!
This cute outfit is sure to turn heads at any dance or dorm's even great for a friend's b-day! Try a floral dress, like Hollister's Jack Creek ($44.50) that doesn't scream summer. The muted shades on this one make it work for fall but the pattern is still fun and fresh. Layer the Wheeler Springs cardi ($39.50) in turquoise over it to keep warm on the way to and from the party--if you get hot once you're there, you can always stash it in your bag. Speaking of bags, bring along a simple tote to store your makeup, cash and cell, plus a little extra room for your sweater and heels (once the party gets going, you'll probably want to slip into more comfortable shoes). The AE Utility Tote ($39.50) in navy looks great with your outfit and has plenty of room in case you have to hold onto a friend's stuff, too. As far as shoes go, surprise everyone with a stunning pair of wedges (such as the Steve Madden Valour in teal fab, $29.99 at Famous Footwear) but keep some basic flip-flops in your tote than you can slip into later when your feet get tired (try American Eagle's Havaianas Top Metallic Flip Flop in metallic silver, $18). Accessories, of course, are a must for any outfit, but especially for a party. Look for sparkly pieces that will catch everyone's eye, such as the AE Blue Statement Necklace ($15.50) and the AE Heart Ring ($15.50). 
With your outfit all planned, go out and have some fun wherever you're headed!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Warrior Part 1

Here at college, I've been shocked to discover that many girls rarely dress up. They regularly wear sweats, gym shorts or a basic tee and jeans to class with their hair pulled up in a ponytail. For many people, comfort comes before style...but not me! I know I might be seen as 'high-maintenance' but I'm proud of that label. I don't mind waking up 2 hours before I have to leave for class to get ready. I sometimes pick out my outfits a week in advance if I know the weather forecast. I never go anywhere without my makeup done and real clothes on. Even on the weekends.
If you're not like me and have a harder time picturing yourself spending time doing your hair and choosing a cute outfit, try some of these tips for dressing on the weekends. This time, it's all about the study-and-hang-out weekend.
So you have a lazy afternoon or two ahead of you. Maybe you don't have any plans and are just gonna hang around your house with a friend or just be on Facebook all day. Or maybe you've got a killer essay that's due on Monday. Either way, you probably don't feel much like pulling on clothes other than the pjs you just slept in. You can still look like you put in some effort without really trying with this outfit: the AE Super Dark Destroyed Jegging ($49.50)--the great thing about jeggings are that they look like a polished pair of skinnies but feel more like a lived-in pair of leggings; Hollister's Ventura Beach V-neck tee ($15.50)--no matter which color you choose, the design will be adorable and you'll be speaking out for a good cause; the Boat Canyon zip-up hoodie ($29.89)--great if you get a little chilly and it looks cute, not bulky, layered over the tee; the AE Button Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50)--great for slipping into in case a friend stops by and wants to go for a walk. Don't forget the accessories! You can go simple on these, too, but make sure they stand out, like the AE Multichain Necklace ($19.50).
This weekend, step out of your cozy comfort zone and try an outfit that's cute and comfy!