Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shop 'Til You Drop

Just yesterday, I went on a shopping spree of sorts to a large, upscale mall about 45 minutes from where I live. Because it's not super-close, I go there maybe two or three times per year, but I always enjoy myself (partly because I love to shop but also because I know that I won't get to go there again for several months). This particular mall is much larger than either of the two malls in the city I live in, and has much more expensive clothing. However, the only store this mall has that the other malls don't is Abercrombie & Fitch. So every time I go, I always check out A&F, mostly focusing on the items in the very back of the store (aka clearance items), because most of their clothing is so expensive!
But yesterday, I just couldn't pass up one particular piece that was full price ($40), even though it was located in the back. It's a brown babydoll-style top with a white floral pattern, sweetheart neckline and tiered ruffle hem. I knew right away that this was the perfect top for me. My mom even commented "That just screams you!" So even though I have complained about the outrageous prices at A&F (see "Dishin' On A&F), I had to buy that tank top.
Not only that, but I also splurged on an orange babydoll top (Westwood, $24.50, Hollister), an abstract floral-patterned skirt (Little Harbor, $19.90, Hollister) and a multi-metal-and-pearl necklace from American Eagle ($15.50). Yes, it was a productive day in the shopping world!


  1. (Well, technically, you got the brown floral baby doll and necklace yesterday and the other things the day before.) Hey, I got some very chic items for back-to-school as well!

  2. Not gonna happen! LOL But your new stuff all sounds perfect for back-to-school