Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cozy Accessories

Cozy AccessoriesI love all the cold weather clothes--from coats to boots to tights to scarves. I really love days that are cool and cloudy because then I can get all cozy with my accessories! Here are a few of my faves:
  • AE Suede Fringe Moc ($34.50)--Moccasins are so comfy and stylish, too. They add a boho touch to any look and these are great because they're lined with faux fur.
  • AE Striped Trapper Hat ($29.50)--These are a classic style, but the stripes add a cute touch. Plus, the hat's versatile enough that you can even incorporate it into your outfit!
  • AE Cable Knit Loop Scarf ($34.50)--What better way to keep warm in a snowstorm than with a scarf? This one also works as an accessory, so you don't have to take it off once you go inside.
  • AE Cable Knit Convertible Gloves ($19.50)--These are perfect for when you want to be able to use your fingers (such as for texting) but still stay warm. You can flip the mitten part over and stay perfectly cozy.
  • AE Solid Leggings ($15.50)--Leggings are great for layering under skirts, dresses and even jeans on really cold days. I love the variety of colors these come in, from vintage eggplant to heather grey.
  • AE Cozy Cable Knit Tights ($12.50)--I love anything cable knit, and tights are my go-to on days that I want to wear my denim minis but it's cold outside. They look great paired with boots.
  • AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50)--These look almost identical to Uggs but are much, much cheaper. And they're be perfect with skinnies, jeggings, leggings and tights. You'll wear these all fall and winter!
  • AE Fair Isle Clog ($34.50)--Fair Isle is a classic winter pattern, and what better way to wear it than on comfy clogs?
Stay warm this fall and winter with the cutest accessories!

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