Monday, October 18, 2010

Dress Your Body Right!

Seventeen is a magazine with great fashion tips for teen girls from high school to college. My favorite issue every year is The Body Issue, and its all about how to dress your particular body type right. I love it because it's so hard to find fashion tricks and ideas for petites like me, but Seventeen definitely nails it on the head. Here are a few tips for looking your very best when you're petite.
  • Dress Your Body Right!Sweaterdresses look amazing on you! If you've always wished you could be a little curvier, stop dreaming and try on a sweaterdress. This new trend is great for smaller frames because it clings to the curves you do have, plus they're perfect for girls who like to wear dresses all year long, but can't because of the cold weather...but now you can!
  • Try a flowy tank with a cropped jacket. Most cropped pieces look amazing on petites, because you don't want to overwhelm your frame. Now pair your favorite loose tank with a cropped jacket or sweater and you'll look even better!
  • The shorter the better when it comes to skirts. Obviously, you know to stay away from maxi dresses and such, but make sure your skirts hit at least above your knee. Avoid the too-short minis though so you still look classy.
  • Skinny + ripped = perfect! You can pull off baggier boyfriend styles, but the best jeans for you are skinnies or at least jeans that hug your curves. Add in a few rips and tears and maybe a lighter wash (it'll fill you out) and you'll instantly look taller, even without heels.
  • Sparkles go a long way. Don't overwhelm your body with too much bling--try pairing a simple slouchy sweater with a standout pair of sparkly tailored shorts in a neutral color.
Do you have any petite style tips you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments!

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