Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cardigan Crazy!

I have a new obsession--with cardigans. I just love how versatile they are (you can wear them over or under anything) and their simple but cute look. Here are a few of my favorite cardis!

Hollister: One of the best places for cardigans this season. They always have a great selection, with tons of colors and styles to fit everyone's tastes. I like Tamarack ($44.50) in navy--the bright floral pattern is so cheery. Southside ($39.50) is another great option if you like stripes and a longer, no closure style (my color pick is pink or burgundy). I also love Wheeler Springs ($39.50) in dark pink--it's such a rich color and the ruffle embellishments add a nice touch.

Aerie: This American Eagle brand may be well-known for its comfy pjs, bras and panties and fitness gear but it has a good selection of clothing, too. I really like the Fair Isle Cardi ($69.50)--I've wanted to get in on the Fair Isle trend for a while and this is just the perfect piece for cold winter days. The Open Cardi ($39.50) is more lightweight but still soft and durable--a great layering piece under jackets. The Aerie Cardigan ($59.50) has a loose knit texture but plenty of warmth. My only issue with the Aerie cardigans is that they don't come in many colors other than the basics (grey, brown, black, white).

Abercrombie & Fitch: A&F also has great cardis, though theirs are definitely pricier. Elaine ($68) is super-cute with its tonal ruffle details--best in burgundy, pink and dark heather grey. Marisa ($68) is unique, with its no closure style and built-in hood. I wish it came in more colors. Bella ($58) is another cute style--the bow embellishment on the pockets is adorable.

What's your favorite cardigan?

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