Friday, June 11, 2010

Even More Shopping?!

Yep, it's true, I went on another shopping spree this afternoon! After a few weeks of earning money from doing chores around the house, I had saved up almost $90. Plenty of money to go shopping, I thought, so me, my sister and my mom trekked to The Citadel Mall.
First stop: Hollister (of course!). I had made up a list ahead of time of things I planned on buying, but unfortunately, none of them were at the store. But I found plenty of cute, cheap, unexpected things--the Summerland bandeau top ($6.89), a solid ruffly lime green babydoll ($9.03) and the Trestles Beach skirt ($29.89).
Second and final stop: American Eagle. I saw a loose white blouse there that would have paired perfectly with my new bandeau, but it was $40 so I passed it up for now. Instead, I bought the AE Linen Bermuda Shorts in Vintage Blue Wash ($29.50). I also begged my mom to buy me a replacement belt, so I picked out the AE Double Braid Belt ($19.95). Even though jewelry was buy one get one, I had to pass on that, as well, because I didn't have enough money!
All in all, it was a great day for great buys.

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  1. oooh I like you sense of style!:) I seriously LOVE American Eagle and Hollister and I am constently saving up money for clothes haha! You should check out my blog too, cause it's about fashion and fashion rocks!:) here's the link: