Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Petite Issues

Why is it so hard to find jeans that fit?
Overall, I like being petite. Back in middle school and high school, I hated it because I felt so much shorter than everyone else. I've always been one of the smallest in my classes and all the jokes got old fast. People never thought I was my age even though I was always dressed well--when I was a freshman in high school people thought I still belonged in middle school! It was also hard seeing my little sister (who's 3 and a half years younger than me) start to tower above me. She's now 5'5, while I'm stuck at a measly 5'1! For a little while, we used to be able to wear each other's clothes--that was when I was a freshman and sophomore and she was a fifth and sixth-grader! Now we still have a similar taste in clothing, but can't trade. But here in college, I'm trying to embrace my smallness. People don't automatically assume you're younger just because you look like it, and it's nice to see other petite girls around campus.
Now my only problem is finding clothes that fit, in particular, jeans. I'm still wearing juniors sizes, and usually a size 0. I don't know what size I'll be once I transition into adult stores, but the problem I'm having now is usually with the length of the jeans. I have a pair of jeans I got this past January from American Eagle in a size 00 Regular and they fit pretty well. A month or so ago, I went to America Eagle to get some more jeans and I tried on a size 0 Short. Well, they were wayyyyy too long, for starters! I would have had to have gotten them majorly tailored for me not to trip over them. Also, I've noticed the trend in juniors jeans at least is going towards more fitted, jegging-like jeans. So even flares and boot-cuts are fitting more like skinnies in the thigh. I'm not a big fan of skinnies, so I'm really disappointed in the jean selection. I've been thinking of trying petite adult jeans, but again, I don't know what size I'd be.
But then I saw the AE Vintage Flare Jean and I fell in love. It's like a blast from the past: bell-bottom-like jeans that aren't too fitted. I read the reviews and people said they loved them. Then I checked the sizing and realized that the jeans only come in a regular inseam! What?! And some of the petite reviewers said that yes, they were too long and wished they would come in a short inseam too. Not to mention all the taller ladies out there, who would like a long or extra-long inseam. Yes, I know that most of the female population falls somewhere around the 5'4-5'6 range but still. In my opinion, 5'1 is not that short, and I should be able to easily find jeans that fit. My legs aren't particularly short, I can usually wear a 29-30" inseam, but this regular inseam is at least 2" longer than that, so the jeans are a no-go for me.
Have any of you out there had problems finding jeans that fit? Feel free to leave your comments, complaints, etc. Oh, and if any of you know what pants size I'd be in petites (adults), that would be great to know too! I wear a size 0 in juniors. Thanks!

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