Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally...Someone is Recognizing Petites!

For years, petite women have complained that their voices aren't being heard when it comes to fashion. Teens are being forced to shop at children's stores for some items, while older women struggle to find something in the petites section that doesn't look frumpy.
Now, many magazines are reaching out to smaller women, especially Seventeen. While primarily for older teens and young adults (ages 14-21, approximately), this lifestyle publication often focuses on ways to flatter a specific body type through clothing.
The November 2009 issue, known as "The Body Issue", has many great style tips and more for petites. In one section, it shows girls of different shapes and how to dress for specific shapes, ranging from pear to cone, to, yep, you guessed it, petite. Another page has basics for hourglass, tall and petite body types. A special quinceanera insert has perfect dresses for every body (including petites) and in the "my Body Peace breakthrough" article, a few petite celebs and regular girls alike share their struggles with their bodies and how they finally made peace with their shape.
So, all you smaller ladies out there...take heart! Most fashion magazines today not only feature the supermodel-like women, but also petite ones. Check out Seventeen magazine each month for more tricks and tips for your body.

50% Off At Hollister!

Times are tough, but what better way to embrace economic hardships than with shopping? I know, it seems wasteful to blow your hard-earned salary on a brand-new wardrobe, but you can take advantage of Hollister's current sale on sweaters. Normally, they cost anywhere between $39.50 to $140, but with 50% taken off many of their more-popular sweaters, you can stock up on a winter essential for half the price! The cheapest (County Line) at $15.90 is a steal, while the higher-priced Ormond Beach ($89.90) is still much cheaper than its original price of $120.
As winter blows in, bringing snow and the common cold with it, you can get a couple of sweaters for the price of one, that will keep warm and comfortable throughout the season. And that's nothing to sneeze at.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shop 'Til You Drop...Part 2

School breaks are always long-awaited and well-needed. Today, I started my second of two three-day-weekends in one month. As promised, my mom chauffeured my sister and I to the Park Meadows mall for a day of shopping.
After a nice lunch, we hit the stores. We stopped first at Abercrombie, then perused Abercrombie & Fitch for about ten minutes, buying nothing. My mom, having driven us there, dragged us to Pottery Barn, Eddie Bauer, Williams Sonoma and Crate & Barrel (some of her favorite stores there).
Of course, no shopping trip would be complete without at least a browse through Hollister. I tried on a few things, finally settling on a dark brown zip-up hoodie (Harbor Beach, $24.90). I was glad for the price, too, because a similar hoodie at A&F was over $10 more!
On a whim, we decided to check out American Eagle. I haven't gotten anything from there in at least a year, and haven't been in there in almost as long, so I was hoping to find something that really caught my eye (and didn't cost over $25!). I found a cute pair of medium brown mocs that were, unfortunately, over my budget, but then, I spotted the cutest skirt. It was the AE Corduroy Mini (now $14.95) in khaki. The versatile color, and adorable details such as its slightly destructed design, made me decide to buy it.
And so, with my two purchases in hand (or should I say, in bag) I left the mall contentedly, knowing that even though I wouldn't be back for two months or so, I had had a successful shopping trip.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top Ten Style Tips for Petites

If you've ever embarked on a shopping spree, only to find yourself overwhelmed with all the cuts, colors and patterns on the racks, you need this handy list of style tips to help you find the best clothes for your petite frame.

1. Dress head-to-toe in one color. While monochromatic may seem boring, mix it up with patterns and shades. If you're going for a slimming effect, try dark colors such as navy, plum, burgundy or emerald.
2. Wear fitted clothing. The tailor is your best friend. Also, look for garments that are semi-fitted rather than tight-fitting to achieve the best possible look!
3. Pick vertical stripes. No, they won't make you look like a referee, unless they are thick and black. You don't even need actual stripes to elongate you--seams will do the trick.
4. Choose V-neck tops over boatneck or crewneck. The latter make you look shorter.
5. Wear high heels. This is a no-brainer, obviously. Make sure to avoid strapped pairs, however.
6. Texture isn't your friend. Unless you want to appear wider, choose thinner knits.
7. Skip the huge bags. Bigger isn't always better, as gigantic handbags can overwhelm you visually.
8. Minis = no-no. If you have short legs, miniskirts don't do any favors for your figure.
9. Narrow belts are your best option to create a waist. If you already have a well-defined one, then avoid the belt completely. Otherwise, make sure they match your outfit.
10. Follow the straight and narrow...when it comes to pants. And bypass cuffs and pleats.