Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Epic Clothes

Epic Clothes
Some of my Epic Only faves!
If you're as much of a fan of Hollister as I am, you'll know that a little over a year ago, they opened their first flagship store in NYC, called the Epic store. With 4 floors of Hollister clothing, it's a dream come true from HCo. lovers. Besides the items you'll find online and at your local store, the Epic flagship also offers some pieces that are exclusive to that location...or are they?
You can actually find and buy these Epic Only clothes on the Hollister website, which is great for those of us who aren't able to go to New York anytime soon. The Epic stuff always looks a little bit different than the rest, with some sort of special detailing, such as sequins or a unique color, that sets it apart.
Sometimes, I'm all psyched when I see a very cute sweater or hoodie or skirt, only to realize that it's Epic Only, so I'd have to buy it online. However, shipping isn't too bad--$8 for items under $50--so if you really like an item that's Epic Only, it's not too painful to pay for S&H.
One of my favorite Epic Only items this season is the Dixon Lake sweater ($79.50) in burgundy. I love sweaters with short, loose sleeves and I like how this one has HCo.'s Sexy Ease Fit, which means that it fits a little looser than usual. This is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist :)
I also like the Little Harbor pullover hoodie ($39.50) in yellow or dark green. This hoodie comes in 16 colors, 4 of them Epic Only, which is unfortunate, because in my opinion, the Epic Only colors are the cutest.
The Oceanside crop pants ($39.50) are super-cute too, in grey or navy. But online, the sizes are limited, so you may not be able to find your size anymore.
The Manhattan Beach coat ($160) in navy plaid is the perfect jacket for cold winters. Get it while you can, though--many of the sizes are already backordered!
Check out the Hollister website for these and even more cute Epic Only items. And make sure you take advantage of their occasional free shipping over $75 deals!

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