Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Surprises

Thanksgiving Surprises
Sorry I haven't posted in a while--I was enjoying spending time with my family over the nine days I had off for Thanksgiving break. Now that I'm back alone in my dorm and school resumes tomorrow for the last three weeks of my first semester of college (!), I thought I'd get back to blogging.
I actually got quite a few wearable gifts over the break, which was a nice surprise. The Friday my mom and sister picked me up, we went to the Park Meadows mall on the way home. I bought the Seascape cardigan from Hollister in dark pink ($39.50). It's a simple style, but I love sweater and it's such a bright color. The little jewel in the center of each button and the ruffle detailing on the pockets are cute touches, too.
A few days later, my mom went shopping on her own (for my sister's upcoming birthday and Christmas, of course) and brought me back two things: the AE Striped Trapper Hat (multi, $29.50) and a pair of light grey sweater tights from Target. I've been needing grey tights for quite a while, not to mention another winter hat to match all my coats, so I was really thankful!
Since we're moving to a new house in a couple of weeks, we've been boxing up everything and selling or tossing everything we don't need anymore. My sister was getting rid of a navy blue puffer jacket she'd gotten from Aeropostale a few years ago, so I snapped it up. You can always use another jacket, right?
On Black Friday, I didn't do any shopping per se, besides going with my dad on a few errands including a Whole Foods stop. It's definitely my favorite grocery store, so I didn't mind going to other stores, as long as I could pick out a few WF treats and grab a free sample or two. My dad also took me to Starbucks, which was great, too.
Yesterday I spent most of the day out with my mom. We stopped by our new house to take some measurements, then went to Lowe's and Sears to check out the fridges. My mom had a hair appointment, but we had some time left over, so we grabbed some delicious gelato. Then I read through Vogue at the salon while she got her hair done and afterwards we stopped at Kohl's. I needed some gloves to go with my new hat, so I got a pair of cream-colored knit mittens that were super-warm. My mom also bought me a pair of grey bootie slippers, since my old slippers had fallen apart. After our day out, we drove home and then back out again to have dinner with the whole family at Pei Wei. Back at home, I surprised my sister with an early birthday gift: a Hollister holiday t-shirt. My mom got me one too (Promenade Park in green, $15.50). It was a great day!
Even though I'm back at school now, with Christmas break a little less than 3 weeks away, I'm hoping the weeks will fly by and I'll get to see my family and my new house (and actually spend a month there!). In the meantime, I'll enjoy my little presents and play all my Christmas music. Happy holidays, everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday Heads-Up

Black Friday is one of the best days for bargain-savvy shoppers--and also one of the craziest! You'll want a little heads-up before you head out into the crowded malls the day after Thanksgiving, so here's a small update on which stores have great deals on the Big Day and all weekend long!
At Hollister, you can take 30% off everything in the entire store until noon on Friday--the catch is that your purchase must be at the actual store, not online. The best part is, the 30% off also includes clearance-priced merchandise, so you could score some great deals. If you prefer online shopping, make sure to spend at least $75 so you can get free shipping from now until Tuesday!
American Eagle has offered great deals on the weekends since October. On Thanksgiving only, you can get free shipping and an additional 25% off when you use the discount code found on their Facebook page (make sure you fan them if you haven't already to get in on some good discounts). All women's sweaters are $5-$30 off their original price, so make sure you check them out. Looks like you'll be doing your shopping a day early!
Abercrombie & Fitch has a similar deal, going on now through Black Friday--you get 20% off and free shipping over $100! Again, you'll need their Facebook discount code to take advantage of this offer.
Gilly Hicks is helping you stay cozy this holiday season with $20 hoodies and sweats in-stores only on Friday before noon. Unfortunately, if one of their stores isn't in your area (they only have 16 stores in the U.S.) you won't be able to get in on this, but if you join their email list, you'll find out about the Secret Sale that happens every Monday--every week it's something new, from 20% off everything online to pajamas, t-shirts or jeans on clearance from noon to 8 pm only. So the deals last all season long!
Are you planning on hitting the stores this Black Friday, or waiting for any Cyber Monday deals?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Add a Little Shine to Your Holidays

That great LBD or new red cardigan will look great this holiday season...but don't forget the accessories! The holidays are the perfect time to add a little sparkle and shine to your look and accessories are the best way to do this.

HAIR: Make even the simplest hairdo look stunning with a cute headband or sparkly barrettes. A curly updo looks great with a few tiny rhinestone clips pinned in and a half-up style pairs well with a big shiny clip to hold it all up. Even a pin-straight, down look can be taken up a notch by adding in a thin headband adorned with a big bow. You'll look just like a present!

JEWELRY: Of course you know that jewelry's meant to stand out, but Christmas and New Year's are the perfect excuse to break out your most extravagant necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. One of my favorites in stores right now is the AE Rhinestone Statement Necklace ($22.50) from American Eagle. Don't be afraid to go bold and show off your wild side with all kinds of jewelry. If you're a little nervous, try something sparkly that's on the smaller side or wear a simple bracelet with big gems. Almost anything goes, so have fun!

MAKEUP: The December/January issue of Seventeen magazine (currently on newsstands) has some great tips to pump up your look for parties this season. For a simple take, try a metallic eyeshadow, such as CoverGirl's Platina (a silvery grey) and Golden Sunrise (a coppery gold), with black eyeliner and mascara. To show off your lips, pick a berry-colored lipstain--it has all the intensity of lipstick but won't fade or rub off when you eat and drink (CoverGirl's Outlast Lipstain is a great option, with tons of colors). For a more poppin' look, glue little jewels on the corners of your eyes (use the glue that comes with false lashes). Everyone's eyes will be on you!

Don't be content to fade into the background at parties this year--sparkle and shine with some simple accessories!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tights with Everything: Part 2

Tights with Everything: Part 2As a self-professed tights-lover, I'm excited to try new ways to wear tights. They work with almost anything (note: don't wear them with tops that hit below your hips--they aren't pants!), show off your legs during colder months and can dress up a simple outfit. Here are a few more ways to wear your tights!

SHOPPING: Who doesn't love spending a day (and possibly the entire contents of your wallet) out at the mall? It's so much fun getting together with a few friends and hitting the stores--the best part is they can be your personal fashion assistant and tell you what looks great on you! You want to look super-chic but you don't want to wear something too complicated, so you can easily slip into and out of stuff in the dressing room. Try a cute Fair Isle sweater (perfect for the holiday season, especially Black Friday shopping) over some cozy white tights and some sparkly flats. Try: AE Light & Lofty Fair Isle Long Sweater (Maine navy, $54.95), AE Cozy Cable Knit Tights (cream, $12.50) and AE Sequin Ballet Flat (pewter, $29.50).

AIRPORT: You don't have to look sloppy when you travel this holiday season. Wear something unexpected--a slouchy cardigan over a plaid shirt (for added warmth in the cold plane) and a simple dress, paired with a scarf, tights (with a pop of color) and some boots that will add some height but are easy to slip on and off. Try: AE Boyfriend Cardigan (hood grey, $29.95), AE Plaid Poplin Shirt (orange, $29.95), AE Silky Sequin Dress (online only, grey, $44.50), AE Light & Lofty Scarf (light heather grey parchment, $24.50), AE Thermal Leggings (red, $24.50) and AE Suede Slouchy Boot ($69.50, taupe).

It's time to get your tights out of the drawer and try something new!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Mythbusters

If you've ever wondered "Can I actually wear two patterns together?" or "Is it really so bad to wear white after Labor Day?", then you've come to the right place! Thanks to the fabulous TLC show What Not to Wear, find out what you actually can wear that you may have thought was style taboo.
  1. Black & Blue: Yes, they are very similar but that doesn't mean they're off-limits. Try pairing a bolder or lighter shade of blue with black to stand out, or accessorize with some hints of red or pink.
  2. Gold & Silver: Most people prefer one over the other when it comes to jewelry, but if you see a gold necklace you just gotta have, will it totally clash with your silver bangles? No way! A better way to wear the two metals together is to wear necklaces or bracelets that combine the two in one, for a more cohesive look.
  3. Horizontal Stripes Add Weight: Even though it sorta makes sense that horizontal lines would make you look wider, most people don't actually see this difference in others. But if you are self-conscious about a certain area of your body, skip the stripes there or minimize them by wearing a jacket or blazer.
  4. If You're Tall, Skip The Heels: Heels elongate your legs and make even a simple outfit look classy. So maybe you're tall and have a long torso but shorter legs--wear heels! Or you want to add some edge to a simple tee and jeans--wear heels! But don't slouch, that just makes you look sloppy.
  5. NEVER Mix Prints: This is an old rule that's gone out of fashion. In fact, mixing and matching prints has an accidental-chic look to it that's becoming very popular as vintage clothing is coming back into vogue. If you try this though, make sure to color-coordinate, pick one small print and one large (so they don't overwhelm each other and you) and be confident in your outfit choice. If you like the way you look, chances are others will, too!
  6. Sparkle Is A Nighttime Thing: For this one, you've gotta be realistic about where you're headed during the day. If you've got a big meeting, don't wear a sparkly miniskirt with a blazer, hoping the niceness of the blazer will distract everyone from the bling-age. For work, stick to simple pieces with just a hint of sparkle or beading...even some sequined flats are appropriate. If you've got a great night planned with friends, you can be a little more bold but stay casual so you don't look trashy.
  7. If You're Short, You Can't Wear Long Dresses: Just because you're on the small side doesn't mean you have to pass over that cute maxidress! You still want to make yourself look longer, though, so wear some wedge heels and pick a dress that's not too bold so it doesn't overwhelm your frame. And stand up straight!
  8. Two Bolds Are Too Bold: Vibrant hues don't necessarily clash if you know how to wear them right. Bright accessories are a great way to bring in some color, and if you want to wear a lime green top with some orange shoes, go for it, but make sure your bottoms are more neutral to tone down the look.
  9. Never Wear White After Labor Day (Or Before Memorial Day): Why has white been relegated to summer-only status? True, you should steer clear of white linen pants and anything else lightweight, but why not try more weather-appropriate forms of white such as boots, bags and coats?
There you have it--a list of many fashion-don'ts that are actually fashion-do's. So go out there and have fun with your outfits and don't be afraid to not play by the rules--as long as you look chic and have confidence, you'll look fabulous!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tights with Everything: Part 1

Tights with Everything: Part 1I am obsessed with tights! To me, they are perfect for fall and winter days under miniskirts (denim and knit), dresses, long sweaters and even shorts. They come in so many colors, patterns and textures that you'll never get bored--try pairing them with something unexpected! Here are a few ideas for how to wear your tights.

PARTY: So you were invited to a holiday party, and you're not sure what to wear. You want to stand out from the rest of the crowd in their festive dresses, so why not try a pair of tights with some sparkly shorts? The sparkle definitely makes the outfit party-appropriate and the tights add a hint of elegance. Throw on a bright red cardigan, a printed tank and some red-hot shoes and you'll be ready to party! Try: AE Solid Tights (black, $12.50), AE Sequin Party Shorts (online only, $49.50), AE Classic Cardigan (mulberry, $39.50), AE Printed Tank ($24.50) and AE Suede Ballet Flat (mauve glow, $24.95).

CLASS: Just another boring day at school...liven it up with a simply cute outfit! A long, cable-knit sweater looks perfect over a pair of sparkly tights and some boots really wrap up the ensemble. Add in some cute accessories and everyone will be asking where you get your clothes! Try: AE Cable Knit Long Sweater (light stone heather, $59.50), AE Metallic Mesh Tights (navy, $15.50), AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot (grey, $39.50), AE Rhinestone Bracelet ($15.50) and AE Rhinestone Heart Necklace ($15.50).

Check back for even more tights ideas!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Add Some Color into Your Life

Add Some Color into Your LifeLip gloss is one of my major must-haves. I love how it adds a touch of shine to any look and it's so simple to put on whenever you need a pick-me-up. I always make sure I have a few tubes available in my purse wherever I go. Here are some of my favorites!

BATH & BODY WORKS: They're probably best known for their wonderful lotions, but they've got a great selection of lip glosses, too. I love their Liplicious brand and the C.O. Bigelow Mentha varieties are also quite popular. Right now, they've got some great seasonal flavors to put you in the holiday spirit. Try Twisted Peppermint (so refreshing), Winter Candy Apple (such a classic holiday scent) and Vanilla Bean Noel (smells just like Christmas cookies); the best part is, you can get the same scents in the lotions!

GILLY HICKS: It's actually a great place to shop for clothes and makeup, as they've got bronzer, eyeshadow, blush and all sorts of goodies for your lips. They've got plenty of mouth-watering flavors, from banana bread to kiwi, crunchy apple to lemon drop and more. The hardest part will be picking out which one you want! Luckily, they are currently offering a 2 for $12 deal on all their lip glosses.

HOLLISTER: For any even sweeter deal on lip gloss, check out HCo.--their lip glosses are 3 for $12! Theirs come in all kinds of colors and matching flavors, such as mint frost, cantaloupe, cinnamon stick and mint mojito. Yum!

So the next time you need to add a little color and flavor into your life, pick up some new lip glosses!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall/Winter Lusts

Check out my slideshow of all the things I like in stores right now!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!Today was the first snow of the season, and I couldn't be more thrilled! The first snow always feels so uplifting--the brisk cold air and beauty of the snow just make me feel so happy and alive. I know I'll get tired of it come February, but snow just feels so right this time of year. Sticking with that theme, I started scouring my favorite stores, looking for snow-inspired pieces. Here's what I found:

AMERICAN EAGLE: Fair Isle is a dead giveaway that the sweater or accessory will be wintery. AE has a lot of Fair Isle stuff this season, but my favorites are the AE Light & Lofty Fair Isle Long Sweater--perfect for the holidays ($59.50), the AE Fair Isle Clog--who would think to put this classic print on a clog ($34.50) and the AE Fair Isle Crew Socks--simple but warm ($6.50). For other snowy picks, I love the AE Snowbunny Trapper Hat--it just looks so fun and the faux fur is a nice touch ($34.50) and the AE Snowflake Toggle Sweater--check out the back for a wintery print ($79.50).

HOLLISTER: Hollister doesn't have as many things that scream winter as AE does, but I LOVE two of their sweaters: Abalone Cove--classic cardigan style with snowflake and heart patterns ($44.50) and Ramona--who can resist handknit ($130). Even though the Ramona sweater is kinda expensive, I'm definitely putting it on my Christmas wishlist (or maybe hunting it down once it goes on clearance after the holidays).

ABERCROMBIE KIDS: The Pamela sweater ($44.50) is just too cute to pass up, with its moose embroidery. Definitely get this sweater if you still fit in kids sizes (especially if you want to avoid paying $54 more for a similar sweater at A&F).

Winter is upon us...bring on the winter-inspired clothing!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Perfect Pair

A Perfect PairIf you miss the days when it was warm enough to wear dresses, you're not alone! In Colorado, it really has started to feel like winter! Before this week, we hadn't really had fall-like weather or the typical Halloween snow so everything felt a little weird. I'm definitely enjoying the cooler temps and possible snow but I still miss my sundresses.
That's why I'm wanting to invest in a sweaterdress or two to pair with tights and boots. I've never owned a sweaterdress before but since they seem to be so popular now, I feel like it's definitely time to buy one.
Hollister's Laguna Niguel dress ($59.50) is a new arrival, replacing the previous Balboa Island dress ($29.90) which is still in the clearance section. However, I like the newer one better, because it isn't striped and seems to have a looser knit, which is more flattering. I would pair the dark heather grey version with a pair of brightly-colored leggings, such as the AE Thermal Leggings in red. If I wear a neutral color, especially a darker one, I like to pair it with bold accessories and colors so I don't look blah.
Abercrombie & Fitch's Michelle dress ($68) is striped, but I still like it a lot, especially in burgundy. With a patterned dress, stick to solid tights, such as the AE Metallic Mesh Tights in navy ($15.50). These will add a hint of sparkle to your look, which is very chic.
I prefer dresses that aren't really flared, or wide, at the bottom, so Abercrombie Kids' Caroline dress ($59.50) won me over with its more fitted shape. The cream color would look totally cute belted with a brown woven leather belt and a pair of brown tights...which I can't seem to find anywhere! Luckily, I still have a pair from Target that I got last year so hopefully those don't wear out.
What tights/leggings are you wearing with your sweaterdress?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Changes

Some of you may have noticed that my other fashion blog, Petite Chic[k] is no longer on Blogger. That's because I imported it into Apparel Addiction, to make things more streamlined. So all my posts and your comments from Petite Chic[k] are still available, but they're now on this blog. I will still post things about petite fashion, as well as my usual Apparel Addiction posts, so don't worry! I just didn't have time to write 2 fashion blogs, and many times, the posts on both were similar. I hope you aren't too upset about this change and keep reading!

Accessorize Your Holidays

Accessorize Your HolidaysWith only a little more than 2 weeks left until Thanksgiving, I am definitely getting into the holiday spirit. I get to go home in 11 days, after a long 3 weeks and 2 weekends spent on campus so I will enjoy the comforts of home and family, which are especially sweet this time of year. And since the weather is finally cooling down here in silly Colorado, I'm looking forward to stocking up on wintertime accessories to make those chilly days not so chilly.

AMERICAN EAGLE: I've never owned a trapper hat, but I've always thought that they're really cute. AE now offers 9 different trapper hats, in all kinds of patterns and colors. My favorite is the AE Snowbunny Trapper Hat in classic navy heather ($34.50). It's made out of a chunky knit wool so it looks handmade and the faux fur trim and lining adds a rugged, cozy touch. I also really like their convertible knit gloves, especially the AE Striped Convertible Gloves ($24.50). The colorful stripes just brighten up a gloomy winter day.

HOLLISTER: 'Tis the season for scarves! With all the colors, shapes, sizes, patterns and varieties out there, it can be hard to pick just one. A very adorable one is the Classic Winter Scarf ($39.50). It's a basic navy and burgundy wool blend scarf with a knit image of Sam Diego, Hollister's cartoony seagull, in a Santa hat. Now how can you pass that up? If you're planning on hitting the mall this Black Friday, you'll need a great bag to hold all your necessary items. The Classic Beach Tote in navy floral ($29.50) has plenty of room for your wallet, cell phone and makeup bag and the beautiful floral pattern will stand out in a crowd.

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Socks are a definite must-have to keep your toes warm. But have you ever thought about making your socks stand out? A&F's got you covered warmth and style-wise with their selection of socks. My favorite is the Cozy Winter Socks in pink heart ($16). The Vintage Winter Scarf in cream plaid ($38) won't just keep your neck warm, it'll also look good with any outfit. You won't even have to take it off when you get inside because everyone will think it's just a fashion statement!

GILLY HICKS: How do you keep your feet warm at home? Slippers, of course! GH's Cozy Slippers ($39.50) are leather with faux fur lining and a polka-dotted bow detail. How cute is that? If you're looking for a classic winter hat with a twist, look no further than the Knit Winter Hat in green ($24.50). It has rugby-style stripes in navy and lime with a pom-pom on top. The best part is that it's got a scarf to match!

Don't settle for boring accessories this holiday season...brighten up those snowy days with a cute scarf, hat, gloves, socks, tote or slippers!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Early Christmas Presents: Part 4

Early Christmas Presents: Part 4Hollister is the place to go year-round to get surf-inspired, SoCal clothing. Unlike Abercrombie & Fitch (nothing against you, A&F!), Hollister is a little more laid-back and the prices definitely reflect that; most things are $20-$70 cheaper at HCo. That's not to say that the quality is worse, though, Hollister is just drawing in a younger demographic that usually has less money to spend.

Looking for a unique sweater that'll keep you warm on Christmas and beyond? The Ramona sweater ($130) may be just what you're looking for! It has all-over knit vintage patterns, fits a little looser than most of their sweaters (that's why it's called Sexy Ease Fit) and is actually handknit which is why it's a little pricey. But it's still a great buy.
If you're totally over your old, ratty pjs, try Hollister's! Their Rockpile shorts ($15.50) won't break the bank and come in 5 super-cute patterns perfect for the holidays.
Add some shine to your accessories with a Vintage Cali Belt ($29.50). This one has a silvery strand weaving through the brown, so you'll definitely stand out whether you pair this belt with jeans or a dress.
Want a funny holiday-inspired graphic tee to wear to school? The Promenade Park tee ($15.50) has you covered, with 6 different colors each with a very different, comical and cute Christmas graphic. You'll really get into the holiday spirit with this shirt because a dollar from each purchase goes to preserve beaches. So you'll be giving, and getting!
Love plaid shirts? So do I! The hardest part for me is picking the color that I want, and with the Arch Bay shirt ($30), there are even more options! My favorites are the green plaid, the navy plaid and the light navy plaid, but feel free to choose whichever color you love best!
A simple sweater with a stand-out detail...that's the Scripps Pier sweater ($59.50) for ya! It comes in dark pink, navy and dark grey and each one features a large knit seagull in a pop color. And it's a classic scoopneck style that will go with almost anything, so you'll get a lot of wear out of this!
I've always loved the look of trapper hats, but never found one that was cute enough for me. The Vintage SoCal Knit Cap in red ($29.50) is very stylish though with its knit heart and logo embellishments. And you've gotta love the pom-poms!
If you want to extend the life of your miniskirts by wearing them into winter, you'll need a good pair of leggings. The Awesome Butt Jersey Leggings ($12) are simple but warm, and come in navy and three shades of grey to match just about anything you have.
Shop at Hollister this holiday season and you won't be disappointed! Look for free shipping and other discounts throughout the season and happy Cali Christmas!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Fall

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Fall
Some of my favorites just in time for the cooler weather!
This is such a strange thing for me to be saying that I hardly believe it myself, but it's finally starting to feel like fall in Colorado! If any of you out there are from CO or know anything about the state, you'll know that it's pretty bipolar, weather-wise. Summer is usually pretty warm and dry, winter is generally snowy and cold but there are some very nice, sunny days. Spring and fall, though, are a toss-up. It can snow one day, and be 75 degrees the next. This fall in particular has felt much more like summer, with a few cooler days mixed in. But I've really been longing for colder days so I can finally transition completely to my fall and winter wardrobe.
This week definitely marks a change to cool weather. This weekend is unseasonably warm, with temps in the mid-70s, but after it's over, things start to cool down. Which is great, because I can finally count on being able to wear sweaters, jeans, hoodies, clogs, tights and boots on a regular basis.
With the cool-down, it'll also start to feel much more like the holiday season. Most Halloweens here are either very cold, very snowy, or both. This year, only the mountains have gotten snow so far! I'm really anxious for Thanksgiving, New Year's, and of course Christmas, so having colder weather and possibly snow will help it feel more like the holidays rather than summer.
I'll also be able to wear outerwear again, which I love. A coat or a scarf can really make an outfit. I love Hollister's PC Highway jacket ($150)--the plaid is very rugged-chic. For a more fun look, I'd try the Ormond Beach jacket ($60)--it comes in so many bright colors that I'd have a hard time picking just one! For accessories, I've just gotta have the Classic Winter Scarf from HCo. ($34.50)--my favorite is the infinity-style bear and Fair Isle print in navy. The Vintage SoCal Knit Cap in red ($24.50
) is a simply cute style.
I'm ready to move on from the fun and sun of summer and enjoy the gifts that fall and winter have to bring!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Early Christmas Presents: Part 3

Early Christmas Presents: Part 3Gilly Hicks used to be a store better known for their cute bras and undies. All that has changed within the past year, as they added clothing to their lineup of lingerie. Since they are a "little sister" brand under Abercrombie & Fitch (just like Hollister), their clothes and their website have a similar feel, with a Down Under edge to it.

Are hoodies your go-to piece on cloudy, cold days? GH has a great selection of them, from hoodless sweatshirts, to button-down hoodies, to pullover ones and even styles with faux-sherpa or faux-fur. My personal favorite is the Collaroy zip-up ($59.50) in red. It's got a faux-sherpa-lined body and a faux-fur-trimmed hood, making it super-cozy for even the chilliest of days.
Like A&F's jeggings but don't want to shell out big bucks for them? Gilly has a great variety, from super-dark to vintage to grey washes, and they're all $30! What a deal!
If you live in a warmer climate, or like to pair your skirts with tights, try the Sorlie plaid skirt ($39.50). The colors are toned down enough for the season, but are still playful.
If you're anything like me, you love it when your accessories match. This store's got you covered: hats and scarves that totally go together! I like the Knit Winter Hat in pink stripe ($24.50) paired with the Preppy Winter Scarf in pink ($34.50).
They've got all kinds of plaid shirts, from tunic-style to classic button-down. Try the Kingsgrove shirt ($39.50)--it comes in 5 seasonal shades, has a waist-tie and a ruffly placket.
Looking for a cute tee with a wintery graphic? You've come to the right place. The Golden Grove tee ($16) features Cedric (their adorable koala logo) in all kinds of poses, from skiing to ice-skating.
Don't forget pjs...Gilly Hicks has them, too! Their Bare Island sleep pants ($29.50) are perfect for cuddling up next to the fireplace or wearing on Christmas morning.
Every Monday, they have a Secret Sale, where one type of item (tees, sweaters, accessories, undies, etc.) is on clearance for one day only online. Make sure to sign up for their emails so you can get in on this. Oh, and GH only has 16 stores across the U.S. so if none of them are near you, don't sweat it--you can always order their adorable stuff online. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dresses...In Winter?

Dresses...In Winter?
Two very different (but both cute) dress looks!
Given my affinity for tights, boots and miniskirts, it's no wonder I'm lusting after the perfect winter dress. I'm such a girly-girl, and I really dreaded putting my summer dresses in storage a few weeks back. Luckily, I've still got plenty of skirts to wear throughout these next few months. But still no dress. Here are a few I'd love to get!
The AE Sequin T-Shirt Dress ($49.95, online only) is a simple cut with cute sequin detailing. It's a great dress for the holiday season because of it's sparkle, and it looks great over bright-colored tights (like the AE Thermal Leggings in purple, $24.50). And the open back adds a flirty touch.
For a more elegant look, try the AE Sweetheart Party Dress ($39.95, online only). I like it best in the deep bordeaux color because it's so holiday-like. Dress it up with gold heels, a leopard-print wrap (like the AE Faux Fur Leopard Coat, $89.95) and a clutch for a holiday party or dress it down with cream-colored tights and simple flats (like the AE Suede Ballet Flat in mauve glow, $24.95).
Abercrombie Kids' Elsie Sweater Dress ($49.50) in light brown would look amazing with my stripe brown leggings I bought from AE a few yea
rs ago and my dark brown Bearpaw boots. I've really been having a hard time finding a sweaterdress that isn't striped so this one is perfect.
If you're looking for the perfect dress for that special holiday event, or just to look cute on a chilly day, these stores have you covered!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Early Christmas Presents: Part 2

Early Christmas Presents: Part 2
American Eagle is a great place to go to stock up on basics, like sweaters and jeans, for pretty low prices. I also really love their jewelry and large selection of footwear. Check out their website for a list of their top 15 gifts and make Christmas shopping easy this year!

Cable knit sweaters are a classic, and great for cold days under a jacket. But AE updated this look with their Cable Knit Hooded Sweater ($49.50). It comes in 6 colors, including a festive red, and is perfect for layering.
For those extra-chilly days, try the AE Puffer Coat ($119.50). It features a faux fur-lined hood and durable nylon that can stand up to wind and snow.
Leather is great for handbags, but not so great when it rains or snows. Luckily, the AE Mini Messenger Bag ($24.50) has the look of leather without actually being leather, and is much cheaper. It comes in 5 colors, and since it's so inexpensive, you may be able to treat yourself to more than one!
I really love the boots that American Eagle is offering this year, especially the AE Button Warm & Fuzzy Boots ($39.50). The chestnut color is my fave, but it also comes in khaki, rich chocolate and olive so it'll easily match your wardrobe. They pair well with tights and a mini or a pair of skinnies or even cropped boyfriend pants.
Hoodies are great for days when you don't have much time to get ready or you just want a more simple look. The AE Shawl Collar Graphic Hoodie ($24.95) has really cute graphics, comes in 6 colors and looks great over jeans.
Flannel shirts are a winter update to the classic oxford shirt and usually come in bright plaid patterns. The AE Lightweight Plaid Flannel Shirt ($39.50) is thick enough so you stay warm but thin enough that you can layer it over a tank or tee.
The AE Polar Fleece Jacket ($34.95) does double-duty as a zip-up hoodie and a lightweight jacket. A choice of 8 colors means you'll easily be able to find one you love.
Looking for a looser-fitting casual sweater? You've come to the right place--try the AE Light & Lofty Dolman Sweater ($39.95) for a hand-knit look that's very unique.
Start shopping now and take advantage of their free shipping offers and other discounts. Happy holidays!