Monday, October 18, 2010

Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected
A simply cute outfit (all I need now is the
tank top and ballet flats!)
If you've been reading some of my posts lately, you'll know that I've been hunting down the perfect jeans. I only have 3 or 4 pairs in my closet and I was looking for a couple more but I was having the hardest time finding ones that weren't all spandex-y or too low-rise or way too long in the length.
I got to spend some much-needed time with my family this past weekend, as it was Homecoming and family weekend on my campus, and on Friday afternoon my mom, sister and I hit up the local mall to buy a few things. Unfortunately, the stores there didn't have the best selection, so I only ended up buying the Boat Canyon zip-up hoodie in dark red ($29.89) from Hollister. But it was fine, since I don't have much red in my closet and the hoodie was on clearance.
Then later, my mom told me she had a surprise for me: she had ordered me a pair of jeans online from Abercrombie Kids! I was ecstatic, since I'd been talking about trying to get some jeans from there lately. The closest store is almost an hour away from our house, so it would have been kind of a pain to go to the store, especially since I'm in college now so my mom wouldn't want to waste a whole day driving. So she ordered a size 14 for me, hoping it would fit and wouldn't be too long.
The next day, I checked my dorm mail and sure enough, there it was! When we got back to our hotel that night, I tried them on. I didn't expect them to fit snugly, since most of my jeans don't, but these definitely did. But they weren't so snug that they didn't fit at all and my parents and sister thought I looked great in them. Plus, they're only slightly too long without shoes. Yay, I had actually found a pair that were great (by the way, they're the Mackenzie Flare in rinse, now $23.70). They have just enough stretch in them to make them comfortable and not stiff but not so much that I feel like I'm wearing jeggings. I love how flared they are, too--not extreme, like bell-bottoms but definitely more than boot-cuts. The color is amazing too--it's so dark and rich-looking.
I guess the lesson to be learned here is that there's a great pair of jeans out there for everyone, you may just have to step outside your comfort zone and try a new store or new style, whether it be light wash or skinnies or boyfriend fit. Next time I need a new pair of jeans, I will definitely be hitting up Abercrombie Kids...I'm not even ashamed of the kids label!

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