Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

Being "vertically-challenged" so to speak (I am 5'1), I really love the invention of high heels. Not only do they add inches to my height, they also increase my confidence.
One problem: they are extremely painful!
Recently, I bought a pair of cute, brown-and-white wedge heels, perfect for summer. So far, I have worn them four times, and each time, I brought along an extra pair of shoes (and used them, by the way). The shoes are great for looking cute, but I can only wear them in a maximum of two stores before I switch.
Today, my mom and I ran errands. I wore the shoes and I could not make them last longer than two stores. Now I have blisters on all of my toes as a souvenir.
One of the many questions guys ask of all heel-wearing girls is, "Why do you wear those things?" The answer is: for beauty only. We never claimed they were comfy, but we wear them anyway. And despite my pain, I know I will wear those shoes again...but maybe only if I'm going to be sitting down!

Friday, June 12, 2009

"It's My Life!"

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary purse. Handle, front pocket, everything that is typical of a handbag. Except this is my favorite handbag, the one I use nearly Coach purse.
I got it nearly six months ago (for Christmas) and it was by far the best present I've ever received. It's my first and (currently) only designer handbag and I guard it with my life. Though I didn't have to pay a dime for it, I still want to have it for years to come, and a replacement isn't cheap. My mom got it online for a little less money than it would have cost in the store, but she reminds me that if it gets lost or stolen, I have to replace it myself. Not necessarily an investment I can make right now, considering I don't have a job.
Nevertheless, I continue to use it all the time, storing most of my "life" in it: my wallet (with credit card and driver's license, as well as various gift cards, most of them expired or used up), my cell phone, my iPod, three flavors of lip gloss, makeup, sunglasses, contacts, a hairbrush and a mirror, along with various other things I stow in there temporarily.
I love this thing, and I hope I can enjoy it for a long, long time!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Cute Pick Of The Month: June

It's nearly summer, so it's time for loose, breezy clothing that's also fun and colorful. This particular outfit that I picked out for this month shows off just enough skin to keep cool on hot days but is still cute and not too revealing.
I started off with a V-neck tank top from American Eagle. It is white and has vines of colorful flowers cascading down the front and back.
I paired it with a cardigan I bought from Hollister a few months ago. It is coral-colored and complements the tank top.
Because the tank top is so long, I decided to use capri leggings instead of jeans. The tank top almost functions as a minidress, but is still modest because of the black lace-trimmed leggings.
This adorable ensemble shows that with a little bit of color-matching know-how, you can really make a statement piece stand out. Instead of just wearing the tank with a pair of Bermuda shorts or jeans, I decided to play it up with two pieces that really add to the whole outfit.
Don't be afraid; be bold with color but make sure the whole outfit works together.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

70% Off Flip-Flops? Count Me In!

So yesterday I went to the mall for a quick little shopping spree. Okay, so I only bought two items but I still got a little thrill from it.
First, I checked out Aeropostale because my sister needed a new swimsuit. Because I am saving up my money for a few things, I wasn't planning on buying anything at Aero. I was browsing around the store, and finding all kinds of cute things that were unfortunately above my budget for the trip, when I happened upon a pair of flip-flops in the very back of the store.
One thing you should know about me is that I am very addicted to flip-flops; I probably own about a dozen pairs or so and I wear them nearly every day in the summer. This particular specimen had silver straps and silver decoration on the footbed. They were very cute, and there was one pair left in my size so I checked the price tag: $17.99. I was about to put them back, disheartened, when I noticed a little red sign above the flip-flops that read "70% off ticketed price". I quickly did some math in my head, and realized that they would only cost about $6!
I waited for my sister to pick out the right swimsuit and then headed for the cash register, cheap but cute flip-flops in hand. In the end, they ended up only costing $5.80, including tax. I definitely scored a good deal and still had enough money to buy an adorable tank top from American Eagle!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dishin' On A&F

Okay so what's the deal with Abercrombie & Fitch anyway? Don't get me wrong--I shop there as much as possible (i.e. maybe 2 times per year because the closest store is over 50 miles away, plus it's pretty expensive) but there is a fierce loyalty that seems to go hand-in-hand with Abercrombie shoppers. Some refuse to shop at A&F's "little sister", Hollister, because they feel like the clothes there are cheaply made.
In reality, much of the apparel found at Abercrombie & Fitch stores is nearly identical to the clothes at Hollister, except that Hollister's prices, on average, are up to $20 less. Take for example, A&F's Christine polo ($50) and Hollister's Point Vicente polo ($30). They come in similar shades, are both made of almost the same materials and are otherwise indistinguishable...except for their logos. Is a little moose in the upper lefthand corner worth $20 more than a seagull in the exact same spot? In my opinion, definitely not.
I don't mind buying something from Abercrombie and Fitch if it is unique from anything found at Hollister, but I refuse to waste my money on something that is virtually the same. I would rather buy the Point Vicente polo, and spend the 20 bucks I saved on a cute tank top or flip-flops.

Don't be afraid to shout it out...leave your comments about this post! You can agree with me, disagree or not take a stance, it doesn't matter to me. I just want to know what people think about this "controversial" issue.