Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perfect Shoes for Small Feet

Perfect Shoes for Small Feet
Moccasins can be the perfect shoes for small feet!
For most petite ladies out there, you probably have trouble from time to time finding shoes that fit. I know I do. I wear a size 6 in most shoes, and while most stores carry this size, they are usually all out or fit weird. My feet are very narrow, so it's very hard for me to find shoes (especially boots and moccasins) that don't slide right off my feet because they're too wide. Most of my flip-flops are also a little too big on me, making it harder to walk. And on the high-heels that I own, I had to make extra holes because the ankle strap was too big on me. So I know how hard it can be to find shoes that fit tiny feet.
But this past weekend, on an afternoon trip to American Eagle with my little sister and mom, I found the moccasins I've been lusting after (AE Suede Fringe Moc, $34.50, in honey tan). Not only that, but they were in my size! Eager to see if they would actually fit, I slipped them on and to my surprise, they fit perfectly, even without socks! These are very narrow shoes, so if your feet are a bit wider, you may have to go up a size, but they were perfect on my very narrow feet.
My mom convinced me to buy some socks to wear under it (only with jeans, of course) so I got the AE Marbled Crew Socks ($6.50, in navy). When I got home, I tried the mocs with the socks (hahaha I'm a poet and didn't know it) and they still fit great.
I was a little disappointed, because I was also wanting to buy the AE Warm & Fuzzy Boot ($39.50) in grey. Unfortunately, the smallest size they had was a 7, and my feet were swimming in those. I even asked one of the employees to check the back room, but they were all out of 6's. So I'll have to check out other American Eagle stores to find those beloved boots.
But I was happy about my purchase, especially since I had a 20% coupon. The socks, as it turned out, were $5 at that store, so I walked out of there with mocs and socks for under $35!
So check out your local American Eagle Outfitters store, or their website, for some great shoes for smaller feet.

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