Saturday, February 26, 2011

Surplus Savvy

On my drive back home from school yesterday, my mom and I stopped at our favorite mall. She had a 30% off coupon for Eddie Bauer, but of course, I was just interested in hitting up my favorite stores!
What really caught my eye were the new styles at American Eagle. For spring 2011, their theme is nautical and surplus, which are both big trends this season. Normally, I would just pass by these things without taking a second look since they're not really my style, but I actually have fallen in love with surplus!

Surplus on the runway

The muted shades of grey, olive, khaki and white are the perfect backdrop for brighter colors. Their tough-girl appeal makes them great for 'sweetening up" with floral prints and girly silhouettes.
Try a pair of frayed utility shorts (AE Utility Midi Shorts, $34.95) with a pretty tunic top (AE Floral Tunic, $39.50).
For a classic pin-up beach look, try the AE Striped String Halter Bikini Top ($24.50) and its matching bottoms ($24.50).
Want a more unexpected take on the nautical/surplus trend? Try a military-style jacket (Hollister's Monarch Beach, navy, $79.50) over a sweet polka-dotted dress (Moor Park, cream, $49.50).

Surplus Savvy
Do you like the surplus trend? How do you like to wear nautical pieces?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top 10 Spring Must-Haves

Sorry I've been gone from the blog world for so long! Second semester has been a lot more hectic than last semester and I'm just starting to get used to it.
I'm so ready for spring, aren't you? Here in FoCo (Fort Collins, Colorado) it's been feeling spring-like for the past few days and I've had the chance to break out some of my warmer-weather wear. But I really can't wait to start wearing the pastels, the bright florals and the miniskirts without tights again.
Peopl StyleWatch recently came out with their list of 10 spring must-haves for this year--and I gotta say that I'm really feeling their choices. Get ready for vibrant hues, cool textures and all kinds of accessories!
  1. BRIGHT COLORS: Pink, orange, green and blue are all in for spring 2011! Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd and wear these neon shades. Stick with simple shapes, though, so you don't look too wild.
  2. THICK HEELS: Skip the stilettos this season! These are much easier to walk in, anyways.
  3. COLORFUL STRIPES: Bold color is all the rage (see #1) so why stop at solids? Let stripes get in on the action, too. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal--all great!
  4. ENVELOPE BAGS: Ditch the oversize handbags--spring is all about streamlining. These bags let you look cute without weighing you down.
  5. SLEEVELESS JACKETS: Wear it casual or elegant, with a tank, jeans or dress! It's so versatile and fun.
  6. SEXY SNAKESKIN: It doesn't have to be real to be chic! Stick with classics, like handbags, or branch out and try it on a dress or top.
  7. MODERN WHITES: Not just for weddings anymore! And anything but blah!
  8. PEASANT BLOUSES: Anything 70s-inspired is a go. Look for a breezy top, patterned or solid, but nothing too baggy.
  9. BRIGHT GOLD: Everything's brighter this year, jewelry included. Chains are the big trend this year.
  10. FLIRTY FLORAL: What's spring without the flowers? Take them up a notch by incorporating bright colors and vintage touches.
What do you want to be seen in this spring?

Top 10 Spring Must-Haves


Saturday, February 5, 2011

PIOTD: I "Heart" You

Can you believe Valentine's Day is only a little over a week away? January seemed to go by so fast for me, which I'm really happy about. I really want it to be spring already! I'm sick of the unusually-cold temps and grey skies--Colorado is usually better than this in February!
Even though I'm single, I still like the whole idea of Valentine's Day. In fact, I like it better as a single! There's no pressure to buy the perfect present, but it's a great day to think about the other people you love in your life--friends, siblings, parents, even pets.
So that brings me to my photo inspiration of the day! A couple of weekends ago, I was running some errands with a friend of mine, and we were at SuperTarget (one of my favorite places to get groceries, not to mention a great place to score deals on clothes!). I spotted this pink heart-shaped bowl with sparkles inside and I just I love anything pink, and it's the perfect piece to brighten up any bowl of cereal! It's great for Valentine's Day, of course, or any other time.'s the perfect inspiration for all things Valentine-y...all wearable things, that is! Like the AEO Suede Ballet Flat ($34.50, in red). This flat comes in 5 other colors, and it's the perfect cute comfort shoe. Another great AE find is the White Corset Tube Dress ($39.50). Pair this with a crimson or rose cardigan for a pretty V-Day look.
For a more laid-back vibe, try A&F's Audrey cardi ($48, in pink stripe). The Elissa skirt ($58) has you covered in the 'flirty' department.
If you prefer hoodies, Hollister has plenty that are cute and comfy. Try the El Morro ($39.50, Epic Only, in pink) with a pair of dark-wash skinnies or white slouchy jeans. If you live somewhere warmer, shorts are a definite option--like the Avalon Place shorts ($34.50, in pink). These have a gorgeous floral print that dresses them up.
This V-Day, don't settle for anything less than the prettiest, floweriest...pinkest!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring Ahead!

Brrrrrr! Seems like it's cold all across the U.S. It sure is here in Colorado--it's about 0 degrees, but with the windchill it feels well below that. We usually don't get temps this cold here, so it's definitely a wake-up call! My jackets and winter accessories sure will get a lot of use this week.
That's why I'm looking forward to spring more than ever! I can't wait for 70 degree weather, budding trees, blooming flowers and the smell of warm, fresh air. I can't wait to do my homework out on the green grass and go for long walks without freezing my butt off. I can't wait to eat berries again, and sip lemonade out in the sunshine. And of course, I can't wait to wear spring clothes, either! Luckily, you don't have to wait to buy these things--they're in stores right now. Here's a highlight of a few of my favorite springy pieces.
  • ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Get ready for flowers, flowers and more flowers! A&F is big on the floral prints this season. Look for them in the usual places, such as swingy minis (like the Megan skirt, $50, or the Chloe skirt, $68) and the unexpected, such as adorned on a cardigan (Jorie sweater, $58) or on the inside of a striped tote (Preppy Beach Tote, $48).
  • AMERICAN EAGLE: After a grey winter, spice up your life with a little color. AE's just the place to find pieces in every color of the rainbow...even a few you've never seen before! Try a blue the color of the Caribbean (AE Crochet Detail Racer Tank, $19.95, in crush teal). Go for a juicy tangerine (AEO Suede Ballet Flat, $34.50, in orange). Fall in love with lavendar (AE Solid Bandeau Bikini Top and AE Solid Ruched Bikini Bottom, $24.50 each, in soft lilac). Bite into a yummy melon (AE Favorite Artist Pant, $39.50, in red). Whatever your color preference, you can't go wrong!
  • HOLLISTER: HCo.'s usual beachy vibe has been taken up a notch--now you can find tons of girly picks that flow well with the laidback options. Try a dress (Westwards, $39.50, Epic Only, in pink floral) paired under a sporty windbreaker (Fountain Valley, $79.50, in red). Or go with a ruffly cardi (Point Vicente, $49.50, in turquoise) over a plaid button-down (Brooks Street, $39.50, in pink plaid) and a pair of dark wash shorts (Shaw's Cove, $39.50).
You can still stock up on spring wear before the winter storms are over--come spring, you'll be more than ready to start wearing all your new stuff!

Spring Ahead!