Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best-Dressed Petite Celebs

When you hear the words "petite celebrities", what image comes into your head? Tiny women dressed to the nines in perfectly-tailored outfits? Or a teenage girl who only wears baggy clothes that hide her frame? Or maybe adult females who end up looking like little girls because that's all that fits them? Like normal petite women, petite celebrities have just as hard a time finding clothes that look great, so sometimes, the tabloids portray them as "fashion disasters" when they don't look as fabulous as they usually do. Everyone has their 'off' days--when they don't look put-together, but these petite celebrities look amazing in almost anything!
Drew Barrymore filming Going The Distance in NYCALMA Awards Nominations for 200924th Annual Imagen Awards Amanda Seyfried on location for Letters to Juliet in Bryant Park.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic: Fashion Reality Or Sad Hollywood Portrayal?

Even though "Confessions of a Shopaholic" burst onto the big screen in February of this year, fashion-obsessed people all over are still watching it for the first time.
So just a heads-up if you haven't seen it--I wouldn't recommend it. "Oh sure," you say, "It's all about clothes so I just have to watch it!" But a lot of it isn't very realistic.
Rebecca Bloomwood, the warm-hearted main character (played by the lovable-but-often-portrays-crazy-characters Isla Fisher) is literally addicted to shopping. She doesn't just check out the local boutiques once a month...she seems to rack up debt with every passing day. So much so that her new job at a savings magazine (can you say irony?) can't pay for her expenses and a debt collector is constantly following her around. Even though this movie is meant to be a comedy, we as the viewers can still see that 'Becky' needs some professional help.
Here's where the weirdness comes in. Everytime Becky sees something in a store window she loves but is wondering if she should buy, the mannequins become personified and easily convince her that she deserves those Prada pumps. I don't know about you, but this screams "Help this woman!" Sure, it's a movie, but couldn't a grown woman at least defend herself a little better in front of pieces of molded plastic wearing ridiculously expensive clothing?
The thing is, even though we know we should feel sorry for Becky because she is so obsessed with shopping and it practically ruins her life, but the movie is so random that we can't. It doesn't focus enough on the clothes, which is what draws most viewers to the movie, and instead moves quickly from one scene to the next, never allowing us to get to know the main characters and have an opinion about them.
Some of the outfits are a little over the top (exhibit A: a pink bridesmaid dress and a dalmation-style faux fur wrap) but this is New York, of course, the land of unattainable, downright strange fashion.
And that's what makes me glad I live in suburbia, where I can easily find relatively-affordable clothes that I love. Not to mention I don't have to keep a credit card encased in a block of ice...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Frugal Fashionista's August 'Steal'

Starting this month, I will be blogging once monthly about a fashion bargain I have found. I may not have necessarily bought it, but I am passing my knowledge onto you so you can save big and look great.
This month, I hunted down a great sale: the All Aero Sale. Camis and tanks are bogo (buy one get one free), sleepwear is $7, graphic tees are $10 and jeans are $20, in addition to Aeropostale's usual great prices.
With all these great deals, you're sure to get tons of new threads...without making your wallet threadbare!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Epic, Dude!

With Hollister already stealing customers from its "older sister" Abercrombie & Fitch, it could only be a matter of time before they started moving in on the East Coast, where customers typically prefer runway fashion or A&F's higher-priced brands, such as Ruehl No. 925.
And it looks like the impossible has been done. Hollister Co. opened one of its first stores on the East Coast, located in SoHo, on July 16.
But this isn't just any Hollister store. It's Epic, and I mean that literally. It is five levels of SoCal style, featuring live video feeds of Huntington Beach Pier. The store even has a separate website (, with an Epic Story, screensavers, postcards and more. Sounds to me like Cali in the middle of NYC. Not a bad concept, Abercrombie.
But...will Epic live up to its--erm--Epic hype?

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Cute Pick Of The Month: August

With fall just around the corner (yes, it's sad, I know), I decided to put together an outfit that is a preview of things to come, with a little blast of summer mixed in.On top is a burgundy sweater I bought last fall from Hollister. This is a great pick, because it is in an autumn-like color and style (3/4-length sleeves and not too heavy). Also, with the economy in the shape that it is, you may not be able to afford all the latest styles so "shopping" through your closet may be your best bet for some staple items.
Underneath that, I layered a dark grey lace-trimmed cami, which ties in the sweater with the skirt. It is cute, cheap (around $10 for 3--what a steal!) and another basic, which you can wear with almost anything.
I paired those with an adorable floral skirt from Hollister. Besides the shoes and necklace, this was the only piece I bought this year. Be smart and stock up on cheap essentials, and only splurge on a great statement piece. Don't be afraid to bargain-hunt either--I found this skirt in the clearance section for only $19.90!
Finally, the accessories. I decided to go with a cute pair of brown heels from Famous Footwear (that I can pair with nearly everything), a multi-chain necklace from American Eagle and my signature stack of bracelets from American Eagle and Aeropostale.
With all these money-and-style-saavy tips in mind, go out there and shop, shop, shop!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shop 'Til You Drop

Just yesterday, I went on a shopping spree of sorts to a large, upscale mall about 45 minutes from where I live. Because it's not super-close, I go there maybe two or three times per year, but I always enjoy myself (partly because I love to shop but also because I know that I won't get to go there again for several months). This particular mall is much larger than either of the two malls in the city I live in, and has much more expensive clothing. However, the only store this mall has that the other malls don't is Abercrombie & Fitch. So every time I go, I always check out A&F, mostly focusing on the items in the very back of the store (aka clearance items), because most of their clothing is so expensive!
But yesterday, I just couldn't pass up one particular piece that was full price ($40), even though it was located in the back. It's a brown babydoll-style top with a white floral pattern, sweetheart neckline and tiered ruffle hem. I knew right away that this was the perfect top for me. My mom even commented "That just screams you!" So even though I have complained about the outrageous prices at A&F (see "Dishin' On A&F), I had to buy that tank top.
Not only that, but I also splurged on an orange babydoll top (Westwood, $24.50, Hollister), an abstract floral-patterned skirt (Little Harbor, $19.90, Hollister) and a multi-metal-and-pearl necklace from American Eagle ($15.50). Yes, it was a productive day in the shopping world!