Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Cute Pick Of The Month: July

Though July is nearly over, I wanted to show you my cute pick of the month. Because it is such a hot month, I decided to go with an adorable, yet sensible outfit that will keep you cool, even when the thermometer soars.
I started off with a plain brown babydoll-style top from Hollister, adorned with a ruffle and a matching ribbon at the bust line. Underneath that is a plain white camisole from Aeropostale and cuffed denim Bermuda shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch.
In keeping with the simple yet elegant theme of the outfit, I chose my newest shoes, from an earlier blog post. They feature a floral brown-and-white pattern and four-inch heels. Also, I incorporated my signature statement (countless bracelets) into my July pick. Don't be afraid of matching patterns with solids, as long as they have a color in common.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to School Shopping (And No, I Don't Mean Glue Sticks and Notebooks)

So summer is beginning to wind down, and what better time to think about school? Actually, most of us would rather not think about school, but what about back-to-school clothes shopping? Now that's a subject I'll talk about any day! Many retailers, such as Hollister, are starting their summer clearance sales, which can be a great place to get started. Begin with a basic lacy tank (Marina Park, $14.90) and pair with a newly-arrived plaid button down (Northside, $39.50) and chic crops (Swami's Beach, $49.50). Or, to save more money, make a complete outfit from clearanced items. Combine a super-cute skirt (Boneyard Beach, $19.90) with a laid-back tee (Picnic Beach, $16.90). With all these adorable and affordable clothes for sale at a store near you, you'll be wishing for days filled with algebra problems and gym uniforms.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are You A Recessionista?

With the economy in such a downturn, many fashion-forward teen girls feel they are forced to compromise on their clothing--they may not be able to afford things from their favorite stores anymore. This can cause them to feel as if they cannot be stylish as long as money is tight. In my opinion, this is totally not true.
I was just flying back to Colorado from Wisconsin today after a nearly two-week-long trip and I happened to pick up the latest issue of Teen Vogue at the airport so I would have something to read. I was flipping through it and (sorta) drooling over some designer pieces I won't be able to afford for quite some time when I came to an article on recession-proof fashion tips. I devoured that article and picked up some helpful advice from it.
First, you can host a 'swap' party with your friends where you all bring no-longer-worn clothes to exchange for "new" ones.
Also, don't forget to hit up consignment shops, where you may find great deals on brand name gear. Even stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall's can have steals on designer handbags and shoes. And, if all else fails, shop around your own house. Borrow your mom's cool jeans from high school and pair them with a modern top and bold jewelry.
With all these budget-conscious tips, I know you'll be a recessionista in no time!