Saturday, July 16, 2011

OOTD: Preppy Princess

Abercrombie Kids pink lace ruffle tank (similar here), American Eagle pink/orange plaid square scarf, Hollister twill khaki shorts (similar here), mixed bracelets

New haircut and color

Side view

Considering some of my favorite stores include Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister, you might assume that I have a very preppy style. However, I think I'd classify my style as a mix between girly, preppy and boho. I'm not one to wear polos with khakis, but I have a few "preppy" pieces in my closet. These twill shorts are a relatively new addition. I don't think I've ever owned khaki shorts, so it was definitely time to include some in my wardrobe. I love that they're dressier than denim, but just as versatile. Today, I decided to take them in a girly direction, pairing them with a ruffly pink tank and a pink plaid scarf. I usually wear necklaces, but I'd love to add more patterned scarfs into my life. They're a fun statement accessory. This outfit works perfectly for both casual and nicer events. The tank is from Abercrombie Kids, which may seem a little silly, but they have similar items to A&F at a fraction of the price, and often their pieces fit a little better. I'm a "straight-up-and-down" girl so kids clothes definitely suit my frame better. My only complaint about this tank is that it's a little long to wear with these shorts, but I'm petite so I'm used to things being too big. I also have longer legs than torso, so I'm on the lookout for shorter tops to wear with my short shorts.

How do you wear twill shorts? If you're a petite, where do you shop for tops (so they're not too long and loose)?

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  1. i like twill shorts! especially in bright colors. your new cut & color is way cute! im trying to figure out what i want to do for my hair appt this week!