Monday, September 27, 2010

Tearin' it Up!

Tearin' it Up!
I have an obsession with destroyed denim. Out of all the denim items in my closet right now, I'd say probably only 3 of them are not destructed in some way. But destruction really does add visual appeal to jeans, skirts and crops, as long as you steer clear of super-destroyed versions--those are totally 'out'.

JEANS: American Eagle has one of the best selections of jeans, hands-down. With 8 different styles in many shades, it's easy to find the pair that's best for you. And if you're looking for destructed denim, it's also a great place to look. Try the Super Dark Destroyed Jegging ($49.50) or the Grey Destroyed Skinny Jean ($49.50) if you prefer a tighter fit. The Dark Antique Artist Jean ($49.50) is perfect for flare-lovers and has only a few small tears so they don't look trashy. Hollister also has some great jeans, like the Destroyed Medium Wash Laguna Skinny ($59.50) but just know that you'll be paying at least $10 more for a destructed pair there.

SKIRTS: Hollister still has a wide variety of denim skirts that are all on clearance now because of the new season, so it's a perfect time to stock up. You can wear them now when it's warm and later over tights or leggings to keep you cozy. I own the Promenade Park mini ($12.45) and I love it! The destruction looks hand-done and the dark chambray lining adds to the unfinished look. For those of you who prefer a less torn-up look, try the San Elijo mini ($12.45) which features a dark rich wash and an unfinished hemline.

SHORTS: For many people, it's already too chilly to wear shorts. Where I am, it normally would be but we'
re experiencing a heat/dry wave so it's been very hot lately and I can still wear my summer stuff. Which is why I'm so glad I bought the AE Boyfit Destroyed Denim Shorts (only available in Light Destroy Wash, $39.50). Mine are super-dark, which I love, and also have some great rips and tears so I can wear them with a girly top and not feel too fancy. Gilly Hicks also has some great shorts, like the Oxford Street shorts ($15.89) which have a cut-off look and the Linley Point shorts ($15.89) that come in a unique light grey wash and have cute cuffed hems.
Do you like destroyed denim? Or do you think it looks trashy?


  1. sometimes i think that destroyed denim is trashy but most of the time i love destroyed. Though i do hate how at Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch you pay more for the destroyed items. Why? I mean theres less fabric there...anyways i do like destroyed just not the prices!

  2. Yeah that's the only thing I really hate about destroyed jeans--they cost more! I would love to try destroying my own denim but I'm worried it wouldn't turn out so good ;)