Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

Being "vertically-challenged" so to speak (I am 5'1), I really love the invention of high heels. Not only do they add inches to my height, they also increase my confidence.
One problem: they are extremely painful!
Recently, I bought a pair of cute, brown-and-white wedge heels, perfect for summer. So far, I have worn them four times, and each time, I brought along an extra pair of shoes (and used them, by the way). The shoes are great for looking cute, but I can only wear them in a maximum of two stores before I switch.
Today, my mom and I ran errands. I wore the shoes and I could not make them last longer than two stores. Now I have blisters on all of my toes as a souvenir.
One of the many questions guys ask of all heel-wearing girls is, "Why do you wear those things?" The answer is: for beauty only. We never claimed they were comfy, but we wear them anyway. And despite my pain, I know I will wear those shoes again...but maybe only if I'm going to be sitting down!


  1. I know this may sound a little weird, but there are now heels made by Crocs. I mean have you ever worn Crocs? They are so comfy, so I suggest you try Crocs' heels.

  2. I've actually tried them on once at Dillard's. I've gotta admit, they were comfy but kinda dorky, which is the main complaint of Crocs-haters. Not that I necessarily hate Crocs, I just don't own any currently and I don't think I will buy any soon.

  3. Same here! I absolutely hate Crocs! But hey, I thought it was worth mentioning. I totally LOVE wedge heels, though. And the new trend, moccasins! But I ain't no pumps chica! What about you?