Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweaters For Petites

Not every article of clothing flatters everyone. If you know even a little bit about fashion, then you already know this--however, it's still important to keep in mind, especially in a world filled with skimpy tops and baggy jeans.
A petite body can be extremely difficult to shop for (this I know--I'm only 5'1 and wear a size 0/XS typically). Others may be jealous and think, "How hard can it be to shop for tiny clothes?" Believe me, it's usually easy to find the's much harder to get the right fit. Petites have to be wary about the length of pants, the cut of dresses and skirts, the proportion of accessories...I could go on and on. The point is, every body type has its own fashion dilemmas, but luckily, these can be solved with a little know-how. This post is about finding the right sweater if you're on the shorter or smaller side.
One great style for petites is the poncho. I like the AE Rugby Stripe Poncho ($39.95). The material is not too bulky and the horizontal stripes create curves, a plus for many petites. I also just like how it's very casual, with a nautical feel, which is still 'in' for fall.
Another option is the cardigan. These never go out of style, so you can afford to splurge on a nicer one, such as the Hailey sweater ($150) at Abercrombie & Fitch, which is 100% cashmere. Cardigans last forever and look great over everything from dresses to tanks and even tees. Try to avoid the boyfriend styles, unless they are tighter-fitting--you don't want a sweater that's loose and long (one or the other is fine, though!)
Also look into more drapey styles, like Hollister's Ormond Beach ($27.93). Make sure it comes with a belt, or you use one of your own, to carve out a waist.
What kinds of sweaters will you be wearing this fall?

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