Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not-So-Straight Jackets

Why not try some jackets like these this fall?
Who doesn't love a good jacket? It can amp up your look and keep you warm as the temperature cools. It's the ultimate accessory and a great layer to have around in case it gets a little chilly. But how can you take your jacket to the next level?
To add polish to a simple work outfit, throw on a blazer. The AE Boyfriend Blazer ($59.95) is a classic cut that works over an embellished tee and some dark-wash skinnies.
Leather jackets can scream "tough girl" but tone it down with a girly dress underneath. I like HCo.'s La Jolla jacket ($99.50) paired with the Santa Margarita dress ($14.95) in red floral for a flirty look.
Need a place to put all your stuff on a night out but don't want to lug around a huge handbag? Or just like the military style? Try Abercrombie's Adin jacket ($98) in khaki or grey and you'll be ready for a casual date.
Add sparkle to your every day wear with Hollister's Mission Beach denim jacket ($59.50). The floral brooch embellishment works as bling--no jewelry required. Wear it over a plaid button-down for a cute contrast.
If you prefer a sweater to a typical jacket, then you'll love the AE Embellished Boucle Jacket ($79.50). Sure, it's a little pricey for a 100% cotton sweater/jacket but the adorable details are worth it.
Of course, fall won't be here forever and soon enough, there'll be days cold enough that you might want to stay home. But with the Marlie puffer coat ($150) from A&F, you'll want to go out and show off your new jacket, which comes in 10 colors--from the basic brown to the stand-out orange.
What's your favorite jacket for fall?

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