Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweat Fever!

Okay, let me just say right away that I'm not a sweats person. I love cute pullover and zip-up hoodies from my favorite stores, as long as they're decorated in some way, but I never, ever wear sweatpants except to bed. But recently, I've fallen in love with some of the sweats at Hollister and Abercrombie Kids.
I really like the Awesome Butt Boot pants ($39.50) at HCo. They have a great slim fit that doesn't look sloppy at all, and come in great colors. My faves are the pink or dark grey--both are super-versatile and can be dressed up with a cute plaid top or dressed down with a graphic tee. I also love the Awesome Butt Yoga Pant ($29.50) in burgundy or blue. Lots of girls wear these type of pants to class and they look put-together.

Sweat Fever!
Two different approaches to sweatpants

The styles at Abercrombie Kids are great, too. I know I'm a freshman in college, and the store is geared to kids ages 8-14, but the sizing overlaps into the smaller juniors sizes so I can save money but still get the Abercrombie label and look. The Cute Butt Banded sweats ($29.89) are adorable--I love the casual rolled-up look. The Cute Butt Boyfriend ones ($29.89) are also great and I'm really into the whole boyfriend/boyfit look right now so they'd totally work. I'd go with pink in the boyfriend and navy in the banded.
I'm looking forward to buying a really cute pair of sweats and making them look like I actually put some work into my outfit!

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