Saturday, September 18, 2010

How To Dress...Pretty Chic

Are you more likely to be called a tomboy than a girly-girl? Do you normally wear sweats, tees, jeans and tennis shoes but want to dress more feminine? Then check out these tips on how to switch up your style!
  1. Orange is the new pink! Okay, so not just orange but all bright, sunny colors like red and yellow can be substituted for pink if your not ready to go that girly.
  2. Lace + floral = perfect! Nailing the style is as simple as that, really. You can mix florals, too, as long as they share colors in the same family and are of different proportions. Lace is always great too, and is a simple way to add chicness.
  3. Pretty ChicTailored is better! If you don't wanna look like one of the guys, make sure you wear more fitted pieces. I'm not saying skin-tight, just skip anything super-baggy.
Being a very girly dresser myself, I had fun with this and chose an outfit I would just love to have!

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