Sunday, September 19, 2010

How To Dress...Trendy Tomboy

Trendy TomboyIf you're a self-professed "high-maintenance girl" like me, then you may have wondered what you'd look like if you decided to--gasp!--not really care about what you wear for a day. Okay, so you'd never actually do that, but why not try a more sporty, laidback style?
  1. It's all about being comfortable! Sure, you can't actually wear pajamas to class, but why not rock a pair of high-quality, super-cute cropped sweats from a store like Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch? They come in tons of colors and aren't just comfy--they're also classy.
  2. Skip the heels! Tomboys don't wear stilettos, so if you're trying to recreate this look, forget them for the day. Try a pair of stylish and simple ballet flats or moccasins. (P.S. Your feet will thank you!)
  3. The beauty of simplicity! Leave all the bangles and hoop earrings at home...wear a cute and cozy scarf and maybe a stand-out pair of socks.
I'm in college now, so a lot of people just wear sweats or jeans and tees to class. Not me! But I would totally try out this stylish and comfy outfit.

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