Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Dress...Breezy Boho

Do you wanna be the kind of girl who looks like she knows her indie films and goes to random concerts at cool, out-of-the-way venues? Or maybe an artiste who frequents an underground-style coffee house and has been to poetry slams? Maybe you just want to look the part...that's where these boho style tips come in!
  1. Layers, layers, layers! Don't be afraid to put together a bunch of pieces for a look that's your own. Make sure the layers are different lengths, and try playing with texture.
  2. Refined = wrong! Don't wear that string of pearls or that 14-karat gold bracelet your grandma gave you. Stick with jewelry that's made out of leather and cloth, with some silver or gold accents--handmade is even better.
  3. Breezy BohoYour hair is an accessory! If you have naturally-wavy hair, make it look beautifully undone by scrunching it with a salt water spray. If it's straight, rock some messy braids. If you've got curls, make them looser by running a large-barrel curling iron through it. The hair's gotta match the vibe of the clothes!
When I'm feeling carefree, I'd love to try an outfit like this one.

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