Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In My Closet: Playing the [Lace] Card

Burgundy cardigan (HCo., winter 2011); burgundy plaid tunic (A&F Kids, hand-me-down); dark grey lace shorts (A&F Kids, NEW); grey polka dot tights (Target, fall 2011)

Despite being a self-proclaimed girly girl, I didn't have any lace in my closet prior to this fall! I was always a little intimidated by it, not to mention I thought it either looked too "grandma-ish" or too "babyish". Luckily, I've changed my mind, and now I'm a lace lover.

Hot pink cropped cardigan (A&F, winter 2010); navy lace tank with pinstripe waist tie (A&F Kids, NEW); dark wash slim boot jeans (AE, winter 2010)

Light pink cardigan (A&F, winter 2011); dark grey lace-front tee (HCo., fall 2011); owl pendant (AE, fall 2011); brown woven leather belt (A&F, spring 2011); burgundy twill shorts (A&F, summer 2010); grey polka dot tights (Target, fall 2011)

Do you love lace?

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