Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Cute Pick Of The Month: June

It's nearly summer, so it's time for loose, breezy clothing that's also fun and colorful. This particular outfit that I picked out for this month shows off just enough skin to keep cool on hot days but is still cute and not too revealing.
I started off with a V-neck tank top from American Eagle. It is white and has vines of colorful flowers cascading down the front and back.
I paired it with a cardigan I bought from Hollister a few months ago. It is coral-colored and complements the tank top.
Because the tank top is so long, I decided to use capri leggings instead of jeans. The tank top almost functions as a minidress, but is still modest because of the black lace-trimmed leggings.
This adorable ensemble shows that with a little bit of color-matching know-how, you can really make a statement piece stand out. Instead of just wearing the tank with a pair of Bermuda shorts or jeans, I decided to play it up with two pieces that really add to the whole outfit.
Don't be afraid; be bold with color but make sure the whole outfit works together.


  1. Gotta love this outfit! Perfect for a nice summer day or shopping at the mall!

  2. Exactly my thoughts! I think it looks great!