Friday, October 21, 2011

OOTD: Prepalicious

Cream knit wool cardi (HCo., *NEW*); burgundy plaid tunic (A&F Kids, hand-me-down); navy culottes (A&F, summer 2011); navy sparkle tights (AE, Christmas 2010); silver satin bow headband (Target, fall 2010)

"It Starts With Me" nail polish (Nicole by OPI, bronzy-pink); "Give Me the 1st Dance" nail polish [on index finger] (Nicole by OPI, silver)

Silver jewel-studded braided ring (AE, fall 2010)

Royal blue/pink glasses (summer 2011)

Haven't you heard--nerds are in! Sometimes, you just gotta let your inner geek shine through. Today I did just that with this outfit. Okay, I think it's pretty cute and preppy, but it's kinda school-girl ish, which makes me feel like I'm a "nerdy" straight-A student. But who says straight-A can't be chic? I added in plenty of accessories, from my favorite headband to a wrist full of bangles, and the sparkly tights are always a good addition. The glasses add to the whole "school girl cool" look that I was going for with this outfit. It was so cold today (which I loved, btw) so I paired the tunic and shorts/tights with my brand new sweater I got on Sunday. It's simple but cute, and I've been needing something warm and in this shade for quite some time. It pairs nicely with the whole outfit and makes me feel okay with being a preppy "nerd"!

Do you like the geek chic or school girl cool trend?


  1. I love that you paired sparkly tights with this outfit! Sparkles make EVERYTHING better!! :)

    Cute blog! We're now following. We'd love for you to visit our blog & do the same if you'd like!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. that nail polish is SO perfect for fall :D i also love your splash of plaid; very cute.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE your outfit!!!! Wish we lived closer so we could go shopping together! I'll be following this blog for sure, I need all the advice I can get! Thinking of you Ash, hope things are going well. <3