Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Outfit Highlight: July 29-August 5

This past week has been pretty low-key, aside from a clothes-shopping trip and picking up some things for this school year (a planner, plastic dishes and some food). Even though I wasn't busy, I still took the time (as usual!) to pick out some great outfits.

Top Left: navy crochet knit poncho sweater (Hollister, summer 2010), navy cami (HCo., fall 2008), red/white/blue plaid twill shorts (Abercrombie & Fitch, spring 2011), silver satin bow headband (Target, fall 2010), mixed bracelets

Top Right: lime green striped off-shoulder tee (American Eagle, summer 2011), dark denim cuffed shorts (Abercrombie Kids, summer 2011), shell necklace (AE, spring 2010), mixed bracelets

Bottom Left: cropped denim jacket [worn around shoulders] (Charlotte Russe, summer 2011), coral bandeau bra (VS PINK), floral-trimmed navy dress (HCo., summer 2009)

Bottom Right: cream crochet knit hooded poncho sweater (HCo., fall 2009), dark brown lacy cami (A&F Kids, winter 2009), khaki twill shorts (HCo., summer 2011), brown blingy bracelet (AE, fall 2009)

I wore a lot of shorts this week, but I've been really into twill shorts lately (I have 6 pairs!) and I wanted to switch things up since I tend to wear dresses a LOT!

What is one piece you've had for a long time and still wear often?

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