Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Small] Mall Haul

Shopping is one of my favorite activities, but I really don't buy anything that often, maybe 6 or so times per year. Mostly, I end up getting one or two things at a time to add in to my closet but every once in a while, I have an unexpected haul. In my last haul earlier this summer, I snagged a few items for a great price and I've been able to wear them many times since. This shopping trip, I was determined to avoid anything too summery (since I won't get too many more chances to wear it) and instead find a few pieces that can transition well into fall and also work right now. I think I was pretty successful!


(sorry about the iPod photos!) multi floral tank top (A&F, 2010); Tecolote Canyon twill shorts in navy (HCo.)

When I saw that these were only $15 (originally $29.50), I snapped them up. They also have them in white and khaki, but I've got a pair of khaki shorts already and white isn't practical for me. They also have the Brooks Beach shorts for $15, which are similar but are cuffed. My sister bought the same shorts (even the same color!) earlier in the summer. Now we can be shorts twins ;)

Orange cropped hoodie (HCo., similar here); navy/orange floral button-down babydoll cami (HCo., 2008); destroyed denim miniskirt (HCo., 2010)
When I saw this cropped hoodie, I was a little confused. I had bought the exact same hoodie (but in aqua) a year ago on clearance--why was this still in stores? But when I saw the price ($7.90) I knew I couldn't pass it up. I can always use a little more orange in my closet.


April ruffled tank in pink (A&F); Deidra cuffed twill shorts in dark brown (A&F)

I had just discovered these shorts while browsing online just before I left to go shopping. I fell in love because brown is my favorite neutral and I have a new obsession with twill shorts. Plus these are cuffed, making them even better for nicer events. Also available in light grey (they didn't have my size, unfortunately), light pink (I like pink but I shy away from very colorful shorts) and white, all $20 (originally $40). These shorts will work great in the fall because of their muted color. I also found this tank for just $26.60 (30% off original price of $38) and liked how pretty it was. The color is totally different than anything in my closet, but it's very girly, which I love. This is available in light grey, drak grey (would have bought if I had had more money to spend), navy and white. I had a 20% off entire purchase card, so the two items cost just under $40. 

Do you wear shorts in the fall? Favorite neutral shade? 

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