Monday, August 15, 2011

OOTD: Rainbow Bright

Coral cropped cardigan (HCo., spring 2009); hot pink babydoll tank (A&F, summer 2010); multi plaid skirt (HCo., summer 2010)

White pearl-and-charm necklace (AE)

Mixed bracelets (coral and pink beaded bracelets, Aero; metal charm bracelets, AE)

Gold and pearl Love two-finger ring (Forever 21, NEW)
 I love color, especially when it comes to my clothes. My closet is full of [most] colors in all different shades and I even have a few multicolored items. However, I usually shy away from very colorful outfits. If I'm going to wear, for instance, a lime green tank top, I'll probably pair it with some denim or khaki shorts so it can stand out more. But I'm starting to play around with color more and loving the results. I usually wear this miniskirt with a light pink tank, and while that looks okay, this new combo is more "Wow"! The coral cardi and bright pink tank play off each other nicely and show off the less noticeable colors in the skirt. I decided to pair the outfit with an understated necklace and tons of bracelets (also in shades of coral and pink). My new ring also works well with this ensemble. I'm starting to really like standing out and making a bold, colorful statement!

Do you like to play with color?

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