Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tale of 5 Handbags

If you own or have ever owned a designer bag, you'll know that attachment you feel to a high-end purse. When you first get it, you'll usually handle it with a lot of care, to make sure it doesn't get dirty or lost. You might get a lot of compliments about it at first. As time goes on, and maybe you acquire more purses, you might forget about your first bag a little bit, but it'll never be totally neglected. I think a lot of females have this kind of experience with their first (or tenth!) designer bag.

I got my first designer purse on Christmas of 2008. My mom had gotten her first one a few months earlier and decided it was time that I could have my own. I had no idea that I was getting one, so I was really excited. It was a Coach hobo-style purse, with many different colorful Coach patterned patches.

The next Christmas, I got the Fossil Hathaway Glazed Tote in brown. Even though I love bright and patterned bags, neutrals are always a necessity and I love how simply stylish this tote is. It can hold a lot, too!

A few weeks later, my mom's friend bought a lot of clearanced designer bags from Dillard's and was going to give them to some of her friends. When I found out she had an orange one, I asked my mom to get it for me. I ended up getting the Gianni Bini orange leather hobo bag. The color is so fresh and works in all seasons, and I love the zipper detailing on the body of the purse and the handle.

For my 18th birthday last year, my sister gave me a pink Steve Madden bag. Pink is my absolute favorite color, and since I have so many pink things in my closet, it goes with a lot. It's also very huge (which I like) so I can fit school stuff in there. It worked perfectly on campus last year.

This year for my birthday, I really wanted a Coach backpack. I originally was drooling over the gold sequined one, but when I realized it was going for at least $400 on eBay (!) I decided to find a cheaper one. When I discovered the Coach Poppy Daisy Graffiti backpack, I instantly put it on my wishlist. It was even cuter than the sequined one. This was the only designer bag I got that I wasn't totally surprised by, because a week or so before my birthday, my dad asked me to pick out a specific one, since each backpack had a slightly different pattern. Even though it was a surprise, I still love it a lot.

Honestly, if I had to pick a favorite designer, I think I'd go with Coach. I love their signature hang tags and they have so many different bold designs that I fall in love with every season. But I love my other bags, too :)

What was the first designer bag you ever got? Favorite designer?

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