Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OOTD: Cast Away

Royal blue striped wideneck tee (HCo., summer 2011); navy blue culotte shorts (A&F, summer 2011); charm bracelets (AE)

Fireball necklace (AE, winter 2009)

Bracelets from top to bottom: pearl-and-chain charm bracelet (AE, summer 2010), fireball charm bracelet (AE, spring 2010), heart charm bracelet (AE, spring 2010)

3-D glasses from Toy Story 3 (lenses removed)

I never used to be into stripes. I used to hate them, actually, and avoid them like I avoid eggs. I thought they weren't flattering, but now I have a few striped pieces that I love and that look great on me. This tee is one of them. The color is very bold, but pairs very nicely with a pair of navy culottes. I felt totally nautical wearing it! The addition of the glasses was just a fun touch, as was all the different photo effects. I love playing around with the color of photos to give them a completely different feel.

Do you like the nautical trend?

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