Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Better WATCH Out!

You Better WATCH Out!I have never been a huge fan of watches--if I need to know the time, I'll just check my cell phone or a nearby clock. But I've come to realize that watches, while being practical, can also function as jewelry.
I prefer an analog watch to a digital one because I think analog ones look more polished. One of my favorites is AE's White Watch ($24.50). The sleek design will go with anything, and the color will pop against bright-colored shirts.
If you do like digital watches better (I have to admit, they usually have cool extras that analogs don't have), try one that doesn't look like you borrowed it from your dad! The AE Pink Watch ($24.50) is a girly color and features silver detailing so you can look cute and know the time at the same--erm--time!
For a watch that could be mistaken for a bracelet, check out the AE Butterfly Watch ($29.50). It's gold-plated metal, so it will hold up for a long time, and just has a classic look, along with a butterfly etching on the watch face.
You better watch out--because a watch could be coming your way on Christmas day!

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