Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Wardrobe Essentials

Unlike the stereotypic college girl, I actually put a little effort into what I'm wearing. No, make that a lot of effort! But to me, it's totally worth it. Yes, I have to endure the stares of sweats-and-Ugg-clad girls but I like showing off my sense of style to the world...or at least to my campus.
So here's my list of a few 'essentials' I've found to be necessary for me in my college journey so far:
  • Tights--Oh, yeah, these are one of my favorite wardrobe staples, especially since I'm someone who doesn't like to say goodbye to my skirts when the snow starts to fall. With so many colors, textures and styles to choose from, you can stock up (without forking over a lot of cash) and get a lot of looks! Currently, I have a pair of brown striped ankle leggings (thicker than tights), light grey sweater tights, dark brown tights and white pointelle tights. I've found these colors to be most versatile, but I wouldn't complain if I had a few more pairs ;)
  • A great bag. I have 5 of them, almost all designer, but that doesn't mean you can't get a good-quality purse that's inexpensive! Make sure yours has plenty of pockets for your cell phone and other essentials, plus enough room for a wallet, sunglasses, makeup and anything else you might stash in there.
  • Jackets. Before last year, I only really had one cute one--a brown bomber coat from American Eagle. I love that coat, especially the faux-fur-lined hood. But then around last Christmas, my mom bought me a raspberry Thinsulate-lined wool jacket from Delias that I also really love. And boy was I surprised over Thanksgiving when my sister gave me her navy puffer coat from Aeropostale that she didn't want anymore! So now I've got three great jackets that work with almost any outfit. And in Colorado, you definitely need jackets when winter comes knocking!
  • Bracelets. Let's just say I have an obsession with jewelry, especially bracelets. I get all of mine from American Eagle, because they have the cutest stuff at great prices--usually buy one get one 50% off! And I don't settle for just one type of bracelet...I've got everything from bangles (my sister got me hooked!) to blingy leather ones. I just love to stack them up and make a statement.
  • Sunglasses. A great pair can transform you from an average girl to a movie star look-alike. If you live somewhere very sunny like I do they're a must just to keep your eyes safe, but they can still be very chic.
  • Jeans. Who can live without jeans? For the most versatility, try different styles of jeans, from skinnies to bootcuts to boyfriends. American Eagle and Abercrombie Kids have a great selection of jeans that are good quality at affordable prices--Abercrombie Kids is great for those of us who are more petite and can't find jeans that aren't too long in most stores, while AE will fit almost any body.
My Wardrobe Essentials
What are your 'essentials'?

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  1. couldn't agree with you more; I'm the same on my college campus; I would rather make a style statement than wear sweatpants around!