Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snowy Day and Lots of Clothes

Hi everyone! Hope your second-to-last day of 2010 is going well. I'm still very excited ater my shopping spree yesterday--I can't wait to wear all my new purchases, as well as the gifts I got for Christmas.
As promised, here are the pictures of my new clothes. Sorry that I'm not actually wearing them, I've been very busy today and with all the snow that's been falling for a few hours, I'm feeling like today's a lazy stay-inside day. I was out all morning running errands and now I'm just relaxing inside and watching the snow fall. It's the first real snow that the Front Range (of Colorado) has gotten all season, so it's pretty big!

My shopping bags

Bearpaw Eva boots in grey mist (Christmas)

Close up of boots

Hollister cardigan & Abercrombie tank (shopping)

A&F Benni cardigan (shopping)

A&F Julia pajama pants (shopping)
Close up of pjs

AE cardigan (last year) and AE ribbon tank (shopping)
Close up of tank

A&F Abigail Cardigan in light pink (Christmas)

AE Slouchy Jeans (shopping)

I also got a pair of metallic tights and a necklace from AE for Christmas but didn't post the pics because it was taking a long time anyway.
Have a very happy New Year's Eve and good luck with any post-Christmas shopping!

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