Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking the Denver Runway

As a Colorado almost-native (I was born in Phoenix, AZ and lived there for almost 2 years), I have been to the capital city, Denver, many many times. My hometown of Colorado Springs is only 69 miles south of Colorado's biggest city so my family and I have made several day trips up there, whether it's to go to the airport (much, much better than the Colorado Springs airport!), some kind of attraction or the many malls (also much better). Despite what many people say, that only huge cities like NYC and LA have great fashion, Denver is also a mecca for upscale, runway-esque clothing.
Walking the Denver RunwayOne recent example of this was the Volunteers of America Holiday Fashion Show last Saturday. Unlike many fashion shows, it featured outfits that actually work for the season. Colorado can get kinda cold (and of course, snowy) in the winter so boots, skinny jeans and classy coats were the main highlights.
Also, cocktail dresses were showcased, just in time for many Christmas and New Years parties. Local boutique owners were on hand to describe the pieces they had chosen. The best part of this fashion show is that all the pieces were very down-to-earth and realistic for almost anyone.
Of course, some trends emerged from the show. A great casual outfit for winter 2010 is some skinnies or cargoes paired with a sweater. You can dress it down with suede boots (this look works great if you have to do a lot of walking outside) or make it work for a night out with a great pair of heels.
Don't think that VOA was only for the well-heeled--a cabana for eight cost $2500, while general admission tix went for only $40. So it really involved the whole fashion-obsessed community, as well as those who are curious about what fashion shows are really about. Hopefully, I can go sometime in the future!
Here is my take on the current trend of skinnies/cargoes with a sweater. One way is casual, and the other more suited for nighttime.


  1. I've never been shopping in Denver, but it seems like such a beautiful and stylish city!

  2. It is very pretty and surprisingly stylish, because most people think of Colorado as rugged!