Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-Christmas Shopping Spree!

I know I'm slightly crazy for going shopping just 5 days before Christmas, but that's exactly what I was doing yesterday with my sister. However, we already got all of our shopping done for friends and family so this was just a little shopping trip just for us.

My sis really wanted to go to Hollister since they had a pair of pants there she wanted. When we got there, we found out that everything in the store was 30% off--what a deal! I wasn't planning on buying anything from there, but I looked around just in case. Nothing really grabbed me, but when my sister headed for the pants she liked (the Fallbrook twill pants, $27.65), I decided to check them out, too. I kinda liked them in stone, so I took them to the dressing room in size 0 short (the smallest size HCo. carries). They actually fit pretty well, snug but not too tight, just the right length and I liked the color. I took pics in the dressing room to show how they fit--sorry about the bad lighting! If you've ever been in a Hollister store, you'll know that they're very dark.


 So I decided to buy them. But then we went to American Eagle next...and it completely changed my mind! I finally found the flats I've been looking for forever--the AE Sequin Ballet Flat ($19.50, pewter). Since they were $10 off the original price, I couldn't resist buying them, especially since they were actually in a size 6! When I tried them on with tights, they fit perfectly. I also found a pearl and metal chain bracelet for $12.50 and a chain and jewel necklace for $6.95, and since they were having their buy one get one 50% off jewelry sale, I only paid about $30 for all three items! That's a great steal, considering that if I had bought them all full-price, it would have cost me over $61!
But I decided that I didn't really need the pants that much, even though they were 30% off. So I returned them but hopefully I'll be able to find them again at a lower price after Christmas.

Have you ever bought anything and then decided to immediately return it because you found something even better? I hope it doesn't happen to me again, because I'm still waiting for the money to be credited back to my card. Have a merry Christmas, everyone, and good luck with any last-minute shopping!

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