Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Round-Up Part 2

Yesterday was the big shopping day and I can definitely say that I spent the most I ever have in one day! Not to mention my arms hurt from carrying 5 bags but it was a great day.
My parents, sister and I went to Park Meadows in Denver and boy was it crowded! I thought by December 29th the after-Christmas crowds would have died down a little but it was crazier than ever.
We hit up Hollister first--was that a mistake or what! The store isn't very big and it was packed to the gills with teenage girls, guys and some moms all trying to spend their gift cards. I got shoved a few times and had to do a little gentle nudging myself. Everything in the store was 40% off, which probably explained the crowds. I didn't even consider buying anything I had to try on since the line for the dressing rooms was a mile long! I did manage to find one of the things I had planned on buying, the Royal Palms Beach sweater ($29.70) in burgundy. I don't really have anything this color and I liked its easy fit.
Next, it was on to American Eagle. My sister and I both got a $50 gift card to AE, plus $10 off any purchase of $35 or more so we had to check them out. At first I didn't really see anything that caught my eye, but then I saw some jeans towards the front that I kinda liked. They're the new Slouchy fit, which is totally my style. I prefer looser-fitting jeans over skinnies and these looked too cute to pass up. I wish I had found them in the authentic dark destroyed wash but the pair I got are more polished. I still had some money to spend on my gift card, so I checked out the clearance rack. That store was pretty busy, too, so it was hard to find anything cute in my size on the rack. But I happened to find a purple and navy polka-dotted cami that looked pretty cute and in my size. The XS part of the rack was pretty limited so I was lucky to find it. It'll look great under a navy cardigan. My sister liked it so much that she got it, too, in a size small. After all my purchases, plus the $10 off, I ended up with $10 left on my gift card!
My parents went to Eddie Bauer to spend their gift cards and after my mom bought her stuff, we went to Abercrombie & Fitch. I hadn't spent very much money so far, and since we rarely get to go to A&F, I was determined to find a lot of stuff. They were also offering 40% off the entire store which is a steal, considering A&F's usual prices. I was looking for the Kali sleep shorts ($19.60) in navy and I saw them a few times on the mannequins, but none were wearing XS. I bought the Julia pj pants ($24) in navy moose instead and I actually like them even more. Not content to just buy one thing, I also got the Benni sweater ($40.80) in heather grey. I couldn't pass this up because 1) I don't have very much grey in my closet, 2) I love sweaters with an easy open fit and 3) It was much cheaper than its original price of $68. I ended up spending a little under $70 at A&F.
But I wasn't done shopping quite yet. I needed a tank top of some sort to go under both sweaters I had bought. I wanted something pink and with some detailing since the sweaters I got aren't decorated. I hadn't found the perfect thing until we went to Abercrombie Kids next door. I'm lucky enough that I can fit in both juniors and some kids sizes so I can save money sometimes. I really liked the ruffly pink tank I saw at A&F, but it was almost $30. I saw a similar version at Abercrombie (Evette tank, $17.15, in dark pink) so I bought it in a size XL. Surprisingly, it only ended up costing me about $15, which I was very thankful for.
We ventured on to Bath & Body Works next so I could buy some lip gloss. If you haven't been there recently, a lot of their merch is on sale right now because they're trying to bring in all their spring stuff so stock up while you can. I ended up buying a Summer Vanillas lemon lip gloss for only 3 bucks!
I was super-tired after a long day of shopping but it was totally worth it to get all the great stuff I did, not to mention for a great price! Even braving the crowds was worth it. I'll post some pics of my new stuff very soon!
Did you do any after-Christmas shopping yet? How did it go?

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