Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Perfect Pair

A Perfect PairIf you miss the days when it was warm enough to wear dresses, you're not alone! In Colorado, it really has started to feel like winter! Before this week, we hadn't really had fall-like weather or the typical Halloween snow so everything felt a little weird. I'm definitely enjoying the cooler temps and possible snow but I still miss my sundresses.
That's why I'm wanting to invest in a sweaterdress or two to pair with tights and boots. I've never owned a sweaterdress before but since they seem to be so popular now, I feel like it's definitely time to buy one.
Hollister's Laguna Niguel dress ($59.50) is a new arrival, replacing the previous Balboa Island dress ($29.90) which is still in the clearance section. However, I like the newer one better, because it isn't striped and seems to have a looser knit, which is more flattering. I would pair the dark heather grey version with a pair of brightly-colored leggings, such as the AE Thermal Leggings in red. If I wear a neutral color, especially a darker one, I like to pair it with bold accessories and colors so I don't look blah.
Abercrombie & Fitch's Michelle dress ($68) is striped, but I still like it a lot, especially in burgundy. With a patterned dress, stick to solid tights, such as the AE Metallic Mesh Tights in navy ($15.50). These will add a hint of sparkle to your look, which is very chic.
I prefer dresses that aren't really flared, or wide, at the bottom, so Abercrombie Kids' Caroline dress ($59.50) won me over with its more fitted shape. The cream color would look totally cute belted with a brown woven leather belt and a pair of brown tights...which I can't seem to find anywhere! Luckily, I still have a pair from Target that I got last year so hopefully those don't wear out.
What tights/leggings are you wearing with your sweaterdress?

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