Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!Today was the first snow of the season, and I couldn't be more thrilled! The first snow always feels so uplifting--the brisk cold air and beauty of the snow just make me feel so happy and alive. I know I'll get tired of it come February, but snow just feels so right this time of year. Sticking with that theme, I started scouring my favorite stores, looking for snow-inspired pieces. Here's what I found:

AMERICAN EAGLE: Fair Isle is a dead giveaway that the sweater or accessory will be wintery. AE has a lot of Fair Isle stuff this season, but my favorites are the AE Light & Lofty Fair Isle Long Sweater--perfect for the holidays ($59.50), the AE Fair Isle Clog--who would think to put this classic print on a clog ($34.50) and the AE Fair Isle Crew Socks--simple but warm ($6.50). For other snowy picks, I love the AE Snowbunny Trapper Hat--it just looks so fun and the faux fur is a nice touch ($34.50) and the AE Snowflake Toggle Sweater--check out the back for a wintery print ($79.50).

HOLLISTER: Hollister doesn't have as many things that scream winter as AE does, but I LOVE two of their sweaters: Abalone Cove--classic cardigan style with snowflake and heart patterns ($44.50) and Ramona--who can resist handknit ($130). Even though the Ramona sweater is kinda expensive, I'm definitely putting it on my Christmas wishlist (or maybe hunting it down once it goes on clearance after the holidays).

ABERCROMBIE KIDS: The Pamela sweater ($44.50) is just too cute to pass up, with its moose embroidery. Definitely get this sweater if you still fit in kids sizes (especially if you want to avoid paying $54 more for a similar sweater at A&F).

Winter is upon us...bring on the winter-inspired clothing!

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