Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Fall

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Fall
Some of my favorites just in time for the cooler weather!
This is such a strange thing for me to be saying that I hardly believe it myself, but it's finally starting to feel like fall in Colorado! If any of you out there are from CO or know anything about the state, you'll know that it's pretty bipolar, weather-wise. Summer is usually pretty warm and dry, winter is generally snowy and cold but there are some very nice, sunny days. Spring and fall, though, are a toss-up. It can snow one day, and be 75 degrees the next. This fall in particular has felt much more like summer, with a few cooler days mixed in. But I've really been longing for colder days so I can finally transition completely to my fall and winter wardrobe.
This week definitely marks a change to cool weather. This weekend is unseasonably warm, with temps in the mid-70s, but after it's over, things start to cool down. Which is great, because I can finally count on being able to wear sweaters, jeans, hoodies, clogs, tights and boots on a regular basis.
With the cool-down, it'll also start to feel much more like the holiday season. Most Halloweens here are either very cold, very snowy, or both. This year, only the mountains have gotten snow so far! I'm really anxious for Thanksgiving, New Year's, and of course Christmas, so having colder weather and possibly snow will help it feel more like the holidays rather than summer.
I'll also be able to wear outerwear again, which I love. A coat or a scarf can really make an outfit. I love Hollister's PC Highway jacket ($150)--the plaid is very rugged-chic. For a more fun look, I'd try the Ormond Beach jacket ($60)--it comes in so many bright colors that I'd have a hard time picking just one! For accessories, I've just gotta have the Classic Winter Scarf from HCo. ($34.50)--my favorite is the infinity-style bear and Fair Isle print in navy. The Vintage SoCal Knit Cap in red ($24.50
) is a simply cute style.
I'm ready to move on from the fun and sun of summer and enjoy the gifts that fall and winter have to bring!

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