Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Mythbusters

If you've ever wondered "Can I actually wear two patterns together?" or "Is it really so bad to wear white after Labor Day?", then you've come to the right place! Thanks to the fabulous TLC show What Not to Wear, find out what you actually can wear that you may have thought was style taboo.
  1. Black & Blue: Yes, they are very similar but that doesn't mean they're off-limits. Try pairing a bolder or lighter shade of blue with black to stand out, or accessorize with some hints of red or pink.
  2. Gold & Silver: Most people prefer one over the other when it comes to jewelry, but if you see a gold necklace you just gotta have, will it totally clash with your silver bangles? No way! A better way to wear the two metals together is to wear necklaces or bracelets that combine the two in one, for a more cohesive look.
  3. Horizontal Stripes Add Weight: Even though it sorta makes sense that horizontal lines would make you look wider, most people don't actually see this difference in others. But if you are self-conscious about a certain area of your body, skip the stripes there or minimize them by wearing a jacket or blazer.
  4. If You're Tall, Skip The Heels: Heels elongate your legs and make even a simple outfit look classy. So maybe you're tall and have a long torso but shorter legs--wear heels! Or you want to add some edge to a simple tee and jeans--wear heels! But don't slouch, that just makes you look sloppy.
  5. NEVER Mix Prints: This is an old rule that's gone out of fashion. In fact, mixing and matching prints has an accidental-chic look to it that's becoming very popular as vintage clothing is coming back into vogue. If you try this though, make sure to color-coordinate, pick one small print and one large (so they don't overwhelm each other and you) and be confident in your outfit choice. If you like the way you look, chances are others will, too!
  6. Sparkle Is A Nighttime Thing: For this one, you've gotta be realistic about where you're headed during the day. If you've got a big meeting, don't wear a sparkly miniskirt with a blazer, hoping the niceness of the blazer will distract everyone from the bling-age. For work, stick to simple pieces with just a hint of sparkle or beading...even some sequined flats are appropriate. If you've got a great night planned with friends, you can be a little more bold but stay casual so you don't look trashy.
  7. If You're Short, You Can't Wear Long Dresses: Just because you're on the small side doesn't mean you have to pass over that cute maxidress! You still want to make yourself look longer, though, so wear some wedge heels and pick a dress that's not too bold so it doesn't overwhelm your frame. And stand up straight!
  8. Two Bolds Are Too Bold: Vibrant hues don't necessarily clash if you know how to wear them right. Bright accessories are a great way to bring in some color, and if you want to wear a lime green top with some orange shoes, go for it, but make sure your bottoms are more neutral to tone down the look.
  9. Never Wear White After Labor Day (Or Before Memorial Day): Why has white been relegated to summer-only status? True, you should steer clear of white linen pants and anything else lightweight, but why not try more weather-appropriate forms of white such as boots, bags and coats?
There you have it--a list of many fashion-don'ts that are actually fashion-do's. So go out there and have fun with your outfits and don't be afraid to not play by the rules--as long as you look chic and have confidence, you'll look fabulous!

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